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 Marshall, Tara B., 23 ● costumer ● e. fanning
Feb 20 2018, 12:19 AM


about the author

name: Jo
age: 24
timezone: MST
pronouns: she/her
contact: Discord: Jo#4713


wanted ad: yes link
other characters: not yet


Even if Tara isn't entirely Catholic anymore, she still tries to live by some of the church's teachings, specifically to love her neighbor as herself. Tara genuinely loves people, whoever they are and wherever they come from. This has in the past led to her winding up in some rough situations, but she's tried not to be jaded. She will try to have a lot of friends, though it's very likely only a handful will be close enough to see her actual emotions. For the vast majority of her friends, she tries to be a light.


Tara tries not to have any enemies. She feels uncomfortable when she thinks someone dislikes her and physically ill when she knows someone does. (Literally. Back in tenth grade, when Ann Gray found out Michael Kirke had asked her to Homecoming even though everyone knew Ann had a crush on Michael, Tara threw up twice the day of the dance.) However, no one's perfect, and it's entirely possible she'll offend someone, even if it's by trying to seem inoffensive. (Or if someone found out she recently slept with a director. She tried to keep it quiet, but you never know...) Then, with her pregnancy and the stress from that, her nerves are going to be pretty frayed.


For the most part, Tara still has schoolgirl crushes, and while she's had them for boys and girls, it's unlikely she'll act on them now. A couple of months ago, she had a fling with a visiting director at the Firehouse Theatre, and though he's long gone, Tara recently found out she's pregnant. She's still trying to wrap her head around the idea that she might be a mom and whether or not she even wants to be a mom, so love won't be on her radar for a while.

(I do have an idea for a plot that I'll turn into a request at some point, though.)


Tara's a costume designer for the Firehouse Theatre, so anyone else who works or performs there would be a great connection to have! She's also a huge space and sci-fi nerd, so star-gazing buddies would be very welcome. Also: Catholics and ex-Catholics, as she's a sheep strayed from the flock.


full name:
Tara Bridget Marshall


March 22


costume designer

sexual orientation:


face claim:
Elle Fanning

Infinite diversity in infinite combinations


Mom always called her Stella, because she was the little star of the family. As a girl, she shone with smiles and laughter, though that wasn't much of a surprise. The Marshall family was kind and supportive, your average loving family that could have easily belonged on a sitcom if it weren't for one thing.

The Marshall family was weird af.

At least, that's how Tara's older sister would describe them, though she always used the term much more ironically than either of her younger siblings. She picked up slang from the babies of the family, and whenever she said "af" or "lit", it was always with an eyeroll. The eyerolls were never cruel and were only a little mocking, but she was always distanct, always keeping herself at some remove. That was probably why she was nicknamed Luna.

Luna was the oldest of the siblings by several years, and she might as well have been a second mother to her brother and sister. Tara certainly thought of her as one, and their brother (Sol, for his fiery temper and equally fiery affection) loved her as much as one. He couldn't have hidden his love even if he had wanted to, and they all knew he didn't want to. He never wanted to hide anything at all and couldn't be bothered to learn his older sister's subtlety.

It wasn't just the nicknames that made the Marshalls weird. Every family has nicknames like that. What was weird was how they could so easily chase their whims. The family wasn't rich, and that meant that when Dad wanted to go eclipse chasing or Mom decided they were going to go up to Rocky Mountain National Park to camp, they had to go without for a while. They wore second-hand clothes and stocked up on non-perishables during times when they had enough money saved up, and Luna was the only one to go to college, and then only because she got a full scholarship. (She always was the smart one.)

But they were happy, and wasn't that the only thing that mattered?


Tara was determined to stay happy, and that was probably why she couldn't hold down a job for very long. She tried retail for a while, and while she loved her coworkers (she even loved the managers, though a few people called her a suck-up for that), the customers were another story. She didn't want to hate them, but some of them were frustrating enough to even try her patience. She always left before she could hate anyone.

Retail was bad. Restaurants were worse. She got a couple clerical jobs, but she was never content sitting behind a desk, answering phones and emailing files. She wanted to do something that mattered. For a while she thought about going into nannying, but she knew that she was too flighty to actually work with kids, especially the kids of families who could actually afford a nanny.

She started working for the Firehouse almost by accident. A friend of a friend mentioned that they could use another stitcher, and Tara could sew. How bad could it be?

It could have been awful. Instead it was home.

Tara knew how to do hand-stitching and the basics of a sewing machine, but she learned quickly, and soon she was building costumes almost entirely on her own. She never once wanted to go onstage herself, but she did like being around the actors and actresses. They were such fun to flirt with.


Actors were fun to flirt with. Actresses were even more fun, because with a girl it was so much harder to tell whether they were flirting back or just being friendly. (It was even hard for Tara to tell whether she was flirting or just being friendly.) But directors were altogether different.

No one flirted with a director, not unless you knew them, and even then, it had to be pretty clear to everyone that you weren't remotely serious about it. Tara had heard stories about actresses whose careers had been improved but whose personal lives had been crushed because they'd slept with a director, and any bit of flirtation was a sign that you wanted to get into a director's bed.

So she was careful, but she hadn't been careful enough. Arthur Kipling was a visiting director from out of state. He was young and ambitious, and when he spoke about the design for the show, his eyes lit up like the Northern Lights. Tara loved him the way she had loved the saints when she was younger: from afar, so she wouldn't be captivated by glory.

But when he kissed her one night after rehearsal, she kissed him back, and before she knew it she was slipping over to his place for furtive trysts. She knew it wouldn't last forever (even a starry-eyed girl can be sensible sometimes), so she didn't cry when the show ended and he headed off after the closing night party.

She did cry when she skipped her period, and again when the pregnancy test confirmed she would have a baby. There were only two choices available to her, and neither abortion nor motherhood sounded particularly appealing.

Feb 20 2018, 12:29 AM

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Feb 20 2018, 07:23 PM

kae and tara
kaesyn bale is 20 years old. she's a sophomore at tulane and a dance major. kae was born and raised in new orleans. she comes from a middle class family. for the longest time, her mom wasn’t really supportive of what she wanted to do with her life. that was until her dad passed away in december of 2013 and everything changed. kae was much closer to her dad. he always made her feel like she could dance full-time or do anything, so it was really hard on her. as much as she loved to dance, she quit when it set in that he was gone. she told herself it was because she didn’t have the energy but it was really because she wouldn’t have the same kind of support. during summer of 2014, kae was admitted to river oaks hospital to get a handle on the depression that she'd developed. she used to take contemporary classes to keep her mom happy with the fact that she was taking hip-hop classes. aside from dance classes, kae was in the band, on the cheerleading squad and on the dance team in high school (not all at once, obviously). she's currently a member of the tulane shockwaves. kae’s made a ton of progress and has gotten back to being the hyper girl that probably should get her dosage for her adhd meds adjusted. she's not as awkward as she used to be. she still only has a handful of friends but the ones she has are golden. over the last year, she's come into her own and gotten more comfortable with who she is as a person. and that's where the less awkwardness comes in. she kind of loves people or talking to them. she’s not sure which.

so this is kae and she's my bisexual baby. though, i'm thinking these two would really hit it off as friends. kae's really outgoing and i want her to have more people on the site to interact with. i don't have an actual plot idea (because i suck and i am sorry D: ). but i do think they would make good friends! welcome to tbe, jo!

Feb 22 2018, 07:48 PM

This is Ebony and she is a twenty-two year old canadian who works as a massage therapist. she also has a strong Instagram following for her artwork and gets paid for it. She grew up wiccan with two moms who had their four for children through the same sperm donor. She moved to New Orleans in january 2013 and settled down close to her big sister. She is incredibly open minded and artistic. She is also quite odd and believes in things other people know are probably impossible. To her, nothing is impossible.


hey there jo! welcome to the site. I have ebony here who needs friends and I think they'd get along pretty well. they're both creative people which is something that they could bond over. ebony is Wiccan so that could even be an interesting dynamic with the way that tara was brought up to be strictly catholic? ebony respects all religions but it might be interesting contrast for them as well? I think maybe they could have met at the theatre - I could say ebony was volunteering to do some background sets or something??

Feb 22 2018, 09:06 PM

madeline walker
Maddie is not a native of the city. She’s originally from Madison, Wisconsin. There she was assaulted and ended up pregnant. Four months after her son was born, she did an open adoption. She’s been in contact with her biological son since he was five after she got over the mental and emotional damage from her assault but he still lives in Wisconsin. For a few years she followed her brother, craig walker, around. First to new york from 2000 to 2006, where she attended college, and then to north carolina from 2006 to 2012. She married a man named hunter carmichael. his family was wealthy but that didn’t matter to her. However after the birth of their daughter in 2011, he changed. come to find out, hunter didn’t want kids. After that they got divorced and maddie moved to new Orleans in 2012 and this time her brother was the one who followed with his wife, evelyn walker, and their kids. Maddie is very close to her family. Despite her motherly nature, is rather quiet and doesn’t ask for a lot for herself. She doesn’t have a domineering personality so she often fades back. Maddie is trying to be more outspoken and assertive but that calm domineering still overpowers everything. In 2014 she took in two foster sons who she has now adopted named quinn and Flynn. They are her sons and she is extremely protective of them. They’ve also gotten her to loosen up. Since her divorce, maddie remained single for years but in now in a serious relationship mathieu d'entremont. She doesn’t like bars or clubs so many people find her boring but she doesn’t mind. Maddie likes a quieter life over being around a lot of loud people.
heyo! firs toff i love tara. i'm so excited for her<3

secondly, i figured i'd throw my ex-catholic, young mother who had an unplanned pregnancy your way. i'm thinking maybe they went to the same church? maddie only just recently left a few months ago(maybe last summer or fall?) and it wasn't a quiet thing. she stood up for her son who came out and got a boyfriend. she also does some volunteer work at a women's clinic, which is a great way to cross paths? especially with tara struggling with this pregnancy. she could help tara and become an older friend/guide?

Feb 23 2018, 09:51 PM

madeline walker
ohhh i'm good with maddie knowing tara's older sister as well as the church connection. especially if it helps tara! i'm good with starting at the clinic. do you want to start it or me?
Feb 23 2018, 10:22 PM

madeline walker
i usually just throw it into the community services! thanks for starting it!
Mar 10 2018, 02:29 PM

retired character
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