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welcome to the big easy, a real life site based in the vibrant city of new orleans. please register your character's first and last name using uppercase letters. the skin is best viewed in chrome with the use of an ad blocker.
new orleans, louisiana

november 20th sign up for secret santa by december 1st. send elle your e-mail.

november 15th new holiday skin!

august 30th hop in the posting contest here!!

july 15th nano and the event have been closed! congratulations to air for having the most points in the contest!

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TOURISTS | When you register, this is the usergroup you fall under. Until you are accepted, you will remain in this group!

EARTH | the rational ones. the field marshals. the masterminds. the inventors. the architects. earths display an attunement with the tangible world around them and are often described by others as being grounded and efficient.

FIRE | the idealistic ones. the teachers. the counselors. the champions. the healers. fires are naturally warm and radiant people who energize those around them while bursting with their own expression.

AIR | the artistic ones. the promoters. the crafters. the performers. the composers. airs are acutely aware of how they perceive and experience the world around them and often construct their worlds accordingly.

WATER | the protective ones. the supervisors. the inspectors. the guardians. waters are concerned with the security of themselves and those important to them. waters are careful, thorough, and dutiful.

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