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welcome to the big easy, a real life site based in the vibrant city of new orleans. please register your character's first and last name using uppercase letters. the skin is best viewed in chrome with the use of an ad blocker.
new orleans, louisiana

november 20th sign up for secret santa by december 1st. send elle your e-mail.

november 15th new holiday skin!

august 30th hop in the posting contest here!!

july 15th nano and the event have been closed! congratulations to air for having the most points in the contest!

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 Sort Me, post here when you're done!
sort me

post here when you're done your claims and have a plotter! there are some mandatory ones, and some which aren't!

post OUT of code!

[dohtml][LIST]<b>FACE CLAIM:</B> did you do it?  Yes or no.<br> <b>MEMBER DIRECTORY:</B> did you do it?  Yes or no.<br> <B>BIRTHDAY CLAIM:</b> did you do it? Yes or no.<br> <b>FILLED IN YOUR MEMBER PROFILE INFO?:</B> filled in all the appropriate information including linking to your application and plotter! <br>
[/LIST] [/dohtml]
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