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 Rumor Has It, dimcon
Life had been pretty wild there for a minute between several people he knew getting deathly sick and then Riley’s fucked up revelation that he’d been doing coke on the side. Macon had spent most of his time in the days after working (there was a lot to be done since the place had closed up shop for about two weeks there toward the end of June) and monitoring his dumbass of a best friend. He wanted to believe Riley when he said he was done with the drugs, but Macon wasn’t fucking stupid. Not many people could quit anything cold turkey like that, not even cigarettes. It was possible that Riley’s stint in the hospital had doubled as a detox and a withdrawal for him, but Macon wasn’t going to take any chances. He’d lost two brothers to drugs already – one for selling them and one for ratting the other out and running like a little bitch. He didn’t plan to make this a running theme in his life, which was why he’d gotten so mad at Riley about itin the first place. All seemed to be going okay though, which meant Macon could tackle the next thing in line of strange things that had happened as of late, that strange thing being that DIMITRA BLACK had apparently called him her boyfriend.

He was aware that she was probably going to get mad that Riley had told her, but as long as she wasn’t mad at him, well, Riley could eat it. How many times did he get in trouble for shit Riley said or did, after all? Besides, he was kind of hopeful that this would be a good thing, not a bad thing in her mind, and that she’d be in high enough spirits after that she wouldn’t be mad at anybody. Macon could have ignored this altogether and pretended he didn't know, but he thought it was...important that she'd called him that? Like the kind of thing they should maybe talk about, which was rich, because Macon wasn't usually the one initiating any sort of important conversation like this one might be. It could be that she'd called him that in a fluster, or it could be that...she thought of him as her boyfriend. Macon needed to know either way, because he needed to understand. He'd been giving her that space she wanted while trying to not give her too much space, so this might...let him know whether he'd been on the right track all this time or not. He knew Riley wasn’t at home when he stopped by the trailer and let himself in to find her lounging on the sofa. ”So I heard a pretty juicy rumor about you,” he said by way of introduction, being careful to shut the door completely behind him to not let in any of that New Orleans heat. Flopping on the couch next to her, Macon waited to see what her reaction would be. Curiosity, probably. Skepticism. She might volunteer some information as she tried to guess or explain, but that was doubtful. Dimi was too smart for that. She wouldn’t accidentally give something up without first figuring out what the other person already knew.
Dimi had worked late the night before, she had a closing shift at Mimi's and so that morning, though she had originally been reading a book, she had dozed off somewhere inbetween. She couldn't believe that summer holidays were coming to an end and she honestly wanted to do anything possible to extend it. She loved school, she really did but college was such a different environment from high school, she felt like it sucked more out of you and this time she was going to be facing her second year alone instead of with two friends at her side. She supposed that Gabe was going to be pretty close by and those from the trailer park were obviously always here. It was just different. She liked being here, with her friends, people that she actually thought cared about her. She had been sleeping lightly when Macon came into the trailer and it was the door that jolted her away. Buzz, jumped off the couch and started barking while her book fell to the floor and she turned to see Macon coming in. She smiled a little bit at him, happy to see him but still somewhat out of it. They hadn't been able to spend that much time together since the quarantine ended because both of their schedules were fairly busy. She turned her body towards where he was on the couch, confused by his words.

"Me?" she asked skeptically. She generally wasn't on the radar of anyone in this trailer park enough for her to have a juicy rumour going around and she really hadn't done much of anything interesting as of late other than ripping Riley a new one and hanging out with Tatum a lot. "It's not true," she declared, rumours were never a good thing. Always something bad or exaggerated, "Unless it's good, then it's true," she amended with a laugh. He seemed to be not worried by the rumour so it couldn't be something that was all bad or damaging to her. If it was he probably would have just put an end to it instead of bringing it to hr. She was curious. Who was spreading rumours about hr and what possibly could they have decided to harp on. She was a very boring person. Maybe someone heard her and Riley yelling at each other... that wouldn't be good.
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Macon would never say it out loud because he knew it was a fucked up thing to say considering all the upheaval and pain superpox had caused a lot of people…but he’d had a good time. Now that it was over and everyone in his world was okay, Macon looked back at those days cooped up in this trailer…fondly. He’d liked being stuck with Dimi, without a reason to leave the trailer. Sure he’d gone a little stir crazy by the end of it, but there were few people (and even fewer girls) Macon could be stuck in one place with for long. He might have even doubted his ownability to exist with Dimi in the same space for that long together without something going wrong, but they’d done it. Neither of them had made it weird. Nobody had fought. It was just…well to be honest it had been boring but also not. He’d just hung out with her for several days straight, and it had been pleasant. The specter of superpox had hung over their heads obviously, so Macon hadn’t realized at the time that what they were doing was actually kind of nice, but he recognized it now, after the fact. Going back to Jamie’s after all was said and done had been a huge letdown, honestly, and Macon now more than ever was aware of how badly he needed to start saving to get his own place.

”See that’s the thing,” Macon argued playfully, though his voice was serious. ”My source is pretty reliable…” Riley was a lot of things, but he wasn’t a liar. And Macon knew he’d never lie about something like this because Dimi might actually murder him in his sleep – they did live together, after all. Anyways it wasn’t actually a rumor since, as far as Macon knew, only three people in the whole wide world knew what Dimi had said. Two were sitting in this living room. When she amended that it might be true if it were good, Macon chuckled, his head tilting in thought. ”Some would say it’s good,” he nodded, ”others might not.” If people found out that Dimi was going around calling Macon her boyfriend, plenty of people were likely to take issue with that. There were plenty of guys he assumed who were going to be irritated that Dimi was officially off the market. ”I heard you went and got yourself a boyfriend,” revealed, trying his damndest not to smirk or grin or betray any sort of emotion on his face whatsoever. His eyes were alive though, dancing and playful, even as the corners of his lips twitched to try to keep that smile at bay, the one that kept threatening to bloom on his face.

Macon was being evasive. But he was also being... playful? Dimi didn't get to see him playful very often, she thought the last time was probably when he had taken her to the beach. It was easy for that to happen with the sun, sand, and water though. This was different, they were just in their trailer, she hadn't initiated this, and he was being playful. There had to be a reason and Dimi was getting more and more curious about this rumour by the second. "A rumour about me? I'm the only reliable source!" she protested, a grin growing on her face as she looked at him. She had zero idea where this was going but she'd play along. She was trying to figure out if he had actually heard something or if he was making something up here and she had no indications that would sway her in either of those directions. And every bit of information that he gave wasn't helping, it was just proving to confuse her some more. "Good and bad huh," she thought out loud, "Are you gonna tell me?" she asked him with a slight pout in her effort to drag this rumour of or him quicker. He told her finally, but what he told her kind of confused her even more before understanding washed over her and Dimi had to suppress a groan because Riley Samuels had a big goddamn mouth.

In the heat of the moment of their argument, Dimi hadn't even realized that she had called Macon her boyfriend. It was just, the easier thing to do, it carried more weight than just yelling at Riley for giving Macon drugs, and instead yelling at Riley for giving her boyfriend drugs. If she were to yell for giving the guy i like but am not dating drugs, that was just a mouthful. Even when Riley had latched onto it, she was too angry to make a note of it. After Riley had left was where Dimi realized what she had said and she kicked herself for it. But since two weeks had passed, she figured she was in the clear. Apparently not. Her cheeks were going slightly pink and she was looking at him because this reaction he was having wasn't matching up with what she might have expected. He seemed amused, like, she didn't know. Fear pricked into Dimi though. She knew Macon said that his mindset had changed but, she still didn't believe he wanted to date her. She was afraid he would just do it because why not sort of attitude. She realized, a prolonged silence had passed and she probably couldn't just keep up the charade but she tried anyways. "Oh? And who's the lucky boy?" she asked, though her voice cracked as her brain tried to figure out how to get out of this situation.
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Macon was rather pleased with the revelation himself. He’d never set out with a desire to be anyone’s boyfriend or anything like that, and truth be told, he probably would have been fine going through life without ever being anyone’s boyfriend. But the thing was, he wasn’t trying to be just anyone’s boyfriend here. And while he would have been fine, he had an idea that he’d have significantly less fun and…meaningful things in his life if he did it that way. Macon still more or less operated under the philosophy that relationships were doomed to fail because people were doomed to fail. When someone could show him more successful relationships than unsuccessful ones, maybe he’d change his mind. He didn’t worry as much about failing with Dimi though? They’d been in each other’s lives long enough that he felt like even if the dating thing fell through, they’d figure out a way to stay friends. A lot of shit had happened through the years, and they’d figured out how to be friends through all of it. If he thought that he was putting their friendship at significant risk by reaching for something more, he wouldn’t have done it. Macon could risk a lot of things; that was not one of them.

She didn’t give much information away in her features, though Macon noticed the way her cheeks had pinked up – a tell tale sign that she was feeling some type of way. Her cheeks got pinker when she was embarrassed or when she was angry. Between the two options, he was going to hope for the former. ”I don’t know,” Macon lied. ”Maybe you could tell me?” he prompted. Riley had ten thousand percent said Dimi called you her boyfriend. Macon wondered if she was going to admit it today though, or if she was going to play it off. For his part, he was still trying to decide if he’d let her – play it off, that is. He wasn’t sure if she would though. However, he’d know for sure whether what he was doing here was going somewhere or not. If she copped to it and told him that he was the lucky boy, he guessed he had a pretty good idea that she was on board with the whole dating thing. If she tried to play it off as someone else or just some stupid rumor, it was probably because she didn’t have an interest. Then again, why say it if not interested? He felt like she’d said it in the heat of the moment, and that was usually when the truth came out. When people were stressed and when people were drunk, they tended to speak the truth without thought to hiding it. He did kind of wonder though...if that was how she looked at him, what she thought of him as, then why didn't she tell him that? Dimi was all about that open and honest communication stuff. He'd tried to become more about it...which was definitely a work in progress. But this wasn't even something bad, so she didn't know why she wouldn't have told him. He'd pretty much told her that this could happen if it was what she wanted back in February. It was July. It wasn't like she had to fear rejection or anything like that.
Dimi hadn't meant to call him her boyfriend. She really hadn't. She knew that they weren't that and over the past couple of months, she honestly had started to be less invested in the idea of dating him. Not, because she didn't want to be with him but... she saw how Riley and Amara ended. She saw how Tatum went through boys. And here Dimi was, with a boy who she was pretty sure thought the moon of her and she wanted more from him. She was with someone who respected what she wanted, to the point of it being insufferable sometimes. Their main issue, was communicating and talking to each other but they had worked on that a fair bit. Dimi had realized that she didn't need to date him she supposed. She didn't have that need or want inside of her that she had back in December. Then, she had wanted to take that next step because she had been proud of him, because she wanted to be able to say that he was her boyfriend. Now it seemed like a trivial thing when she looked at the fact that her friends in relationships weren't able to recover from their fights in the way that her an Macon did. Or her friends were searching around for someone like Macon, and she just... she already had him. She knew he was willing to date her, but she didn't think that he wanted it, in the way that she had wanted it in December. Now, seven months later she was alright with taking that off the table. Because she had him, and having him was far more important than having a boyfriend.

She pursed her lips for a moment as she looked at him, her fingers tapping absentmindedly on the back of the couch. Would Dimi want to date Macon if that was what he wanted, the answer was yes. Of course she would. She didn't know what he was trying to get out of her here though, or what he was playing at and it confused her. Was he just trying to make sure that she wasn't dating anyone else, or did he hear something from Riley? She struggled with herself before she finally just gave in. "Was your source our big mouthed friend Riley?" she asked him with a hint of exasperation that Riley couldn't keep his mouth shut. If it was, then Macon knew. If it wasn't, then it was just a rumour he needed her to clear up.
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If Macon were privy to Dimi’s innermost thoughts, he’d probably die. They would have sounded eerily similar to what he’d been saying all along, and he wouldn’t know what to do with all that – Dimi agreeing with him? It didn’t usually happen that way. Macon knew he had been her boyfriend in most senses of the word for a long time; he just hadn’t liked or wanted labels because he personally found them silly. Those were for other people. They weren’t for him. He knew how he felt about her. She knew how he felt about her. He didn’t give a damn what anyone else thought or knew. But he had come to recognize that it didn’t matter that he thought the label ‘boyfriend’ was pointless – Dimi saw value in it. And he did not think she was pointless, nor did he think the things she wanted or needed were pointless. And at the end of the day, if Macon thought labels were pointless, then what harm was a label going to do anyway? If it would make her happy, if it would give her some security, then wasn’t that preferable anyway? He didn’t want want to be with Dimi simply because she wanted to be with him. There were plenty of girls who wanted to be with him, and Macon didn’t take them up on that offer for a reason. He wanted to be with Dimi too, in whatever form that looked like. For the record, he did not use Riley and Amara as guides because Amara was a heartless bitch and Dimi was not. Macon was probably equally as stupid as Riley, but he liked to think that he and Dimi had a solid enough foundation that they’d withstand his stupidity. She was used to it, after all.

When she said Riley’s name, Macon couldn’t help it – the grin broke through. ”Might have been,” he allowed. The jig was up now though. There was no use pretending it wasn’t Riley when they both knew it was. ”He wanted to know why I didn’t tell him the news,” Macon explained. ”Had to admit it was news to me too though.” He really couldn’t predict what Dimi was going to say or where she was going to go with this, but in general, he was feeling pretty good? He at least didn’t think this was bad[/I news, and in his neck of the woods, no bad news was good news. ”So when were you gonna tell me?” he wondered. Maybe she hadn’t planned to tell him at all. Maybe she hadn’t meant what she said. Maybe she had. Either way, Macon wanted to know so that he knew where he stood. In general he did think he and Dimi were in a much better place right now than they had ever been before, honestly. Definitely than they’d been in the past several months. Things were going pretty smoothly, from his point of view. He didn’t [i]think she had any complaints, and she seemed to overall be happy (at least where he was concerned) too. It was possible Macon misread signals or missed some red flags or something, but he usually was pretty good at paying attention to Dimi and reading her. He liked to think he would have sensed by now if she was unhappy.

Dimi stared at him, he was grinning. As in his face was split open and she could se teeth. Over the idea of her calling him, her boyfriend? That couldn't be right. Riley must have told him something else on top of that. If she didn't know any better, she might even think that he was happy to be her boyfriend and that just couldn't really compute in her head. She groaned as he explained the circumstances that he had found out about her little slip up. Not, her finest moment., but it had led to a very interesting situation here now. "I wasn't," she admitted to him, "Just kind of slipped out when I was yelling at him," she said, telling him the truth there for a moment. She opened her mouth, to tell him that she was pretty sure he had been right and she didn't need to date him. It really didn't matter what other people thought of them and if he didn't want to be introduced to people as her boyfriend, that was cool. Macon probably wouldn't meet anyone new to the point where he'd have to introduce her as his girlfriend so that helped. But instead of telling him that, something different tumbled out of her lips, "Do you want to be my boyfriend?" she asked him, and it came up in a tangled mess of words strung together in one breath that she wasn't even sure if what she had spoken was english.

She was happy with him, especially in the last little while. Dimi kind of thought that a lot of the things that had been important to her a year ago, weren't so important to her anymore. Things had changed for her a lot when her closest friends started dropping out of her life. She'd always wanted to be doing things, having that common ground, but that wasn't the kind of thing that mattered, that wasn't the kind of thing that made someone stick around. Dimi wanted people who stuck around. She just wanted to be around them, she didn't care if she didn't go to the movies with him, carnivals or came to campus, or if they never went on dates. It would be nice, she'd enjoy it, but it wasn't what mattered at the end of the day. If he was a constant in her life that was all that she wanted, that was what mattered. She wanted someone who was there for her, listened to her, and didn't leave her. And Macon had always been those things. It was what Dimi wanted, that had changed. She didn't want experiences so much anymore, she wanted stability.
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He had….sort of anticipated that answer. Dimi would have known that Riley would probably give her (and him) hell for that term, so she never would have just casually thrown it out to him. He had figured that she’d said it without really thinking, but that really hadn’t mattered to him. He did find it a little interesting that she hadn’t planned to mention it to him, because she had to know that Riley would mention it to him. He had kind of guessed that she would try to head Riley off, get her version of the story in before Riley could. She hadn’t though. Interesting. ”Slipped out,” he nodded, thinking this one over. Made sense. Still didn’t really answer any questions for him though. It had slipped out as a one time thing, or was it going to continue to slip out? The question of whether or not Macon wanted to be her boyfriend was kind of a moot point, he thought. ”Dimi,” he said, as if this were the most obvious thing in the world. ”I kind of already am.” He’d told her that much ages ago – how he’d realized that he’d been the boyfriend he’d thought he couldn’t be for a long time. It meant that now he knew he could be that for her. He did want to be those things she wanted in a boyfriend. He did want to be the only guy she was interested in that way. He did want to be around her, to help her, protect her, listen to her, whatever she needed. He knew he wanted to be that force in her life.

At the end of the day, Macon wanted what Dimi wanted. And he knew that frustrated her to no end, but it was what it was. Macon put his wants and his needs second to hers. If she wanted him to be her boyfriend, then that was what he wanted. If she wanted to continue doing what they were doing, then that was what he wanted, too. The only thing he didn’t want was any sort of equation where she was on one side of it and he was on the other. This, what they were doing right now? It did work for them. Mostly. Macon had no reason to think that…kicking it up a notch wouldn’t work too, though. He was at a point in his life where he didn’t feel like such a fucking shit. He didn’t think he was ever going to believe that he was going to be good enough for Dimi – but the thing was, Macon was never going to think anyone was good enough for this girl. And if he thought that way, then it might as well be him. He trusted himself to do right by her – he didn’t put that much faith in anyone else. Anyway, if Macon didn’t want to be her boyfriend – it was simple. He wouldn’t be. He wouldn’t be putting in the work here. He’d have been off and sleeping with plenty of other girls by this point. He probably wouldn’t take life in general quite as seriously, because there really wouldn’t be much for him to worry about fucking up. Macon's life seemed to be moving on an upward trajectory, and he didn't feel like that was because of Dimi but she was definitely involved. What started off as a desire to be better for her morphed into a realization that he could simply be better - for him.
She got off her end of the couch, taking a couple of steps towards him before she straddled his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck. Macon was confusing her right then and there, which was not exactly new, but at the same time it was. Because it wasn't like she felt this confusion was going to end in disaster because they were on two different pages. This seemed like a good kind of confusion, one that they just needed to talk through and which would get them to a better place? Maybe? "Not really," she told him, a small smile on her face, "Cause if you were though, you'd be able to tell all those girls flirting with you sorry, my girlfriend's gonna take you out," she joked, the grin growing on her face. It was different when you said it, when you mutually agreed on it. She played with the back of his hair for a moment, contemplating his words. He was right, the concept that he just wanted what she wanted was one she hated and had difficulty with because she didn't want him to be sacrificing his happiness for her, she couldn't wrap her head around how they were intertwined. Which she should, because they were intertwined for her and she generally wanted what he wanted as well, because she wanted him to be happy. She thought that Macon, out of all people deserved to be happy, the world had delivered enough blows to him.

"Look," she started off, placing her hands in her lap again as she looked at him. "I think... I see what you meant," she admitted, "We don't need to date," and now she was starting on a ramble, she hoped that her words somewhat made sense to him, "Cause you're... better to me, for me? That any other guy out there," she explained. "Adding boyfriend to that isn't going to change that, right? And look at our friends, Tate's looking every day for someone who treats her the way you treat me," she said earnestly. "Amelia's ex was awful to her. I think I realized..." she trailed off, her brows furrowing in thought as she tried to get this last part out correctly. She was looking down in concentration because she wanted to tell it to him in a way he'd understand. "I think I realized that while dating you would be an honour... being with you is all I care about because you're better than any other guy out there," she explained, and she finally looked up at him again to see if he got what she meant, her brown eyes searching his blue eyes, trying to understand what it was he wanted.
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