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 Dance, Magic Dance., TAG • DAWN HUELLET.
Dec 27 2017, 12:52 AM

Anja drummed her fingers on the edge of the bar and brought her free hand to the nape of her neck, kneading out the aches and pains that had gathered there over the course of the day. She watched the bartender make his conspicuously jaunty return, a semi-genuine friendliness to his smile. A few words were exchanged, just pleasantries, really, before she ordered another shot and a beer for a chaser, busying herself in the few brief moments she waited to search out the red-head she’d caught eyes with earlier. She couldn’t even bring herself to speculate on her complete lack of self-control around pretty women, but, hey, what the fuck ever – she’d spent most of the week following Christmas at the scene shop, finishing up several set pieces that had needed quite a lot of TLC, and today, she’d filled the early evening hours of her New Year’s Eve shooting obligatory fireworks with Jackson, effectively burning her fingertips on open flame and lit fuses, and not starting a forest fire…

…so, yeah, she could probably justify adopting the club’s seedy (but very gay) “aesthetic” tonight, starting her year off right.

And, anyway, Anja was already clear enough on one thing: the environment she’d stepped into had always been built on shattered inhibitions, sex, and insobriety – tonight’s occasion only provided a bit more kindling.

The bartender returned, calling her name over the din of the music to get her attention before sliding two glasses in her direction. Anja threw the shot back immediately, feeling the beginning of a light buzz just inside her skull. She pursed her lips at the heat burning down her throat, chancing a glance toward the dance floor when she noticed the woman from earlier in her peripherals. She watched in a kind of genuine, open curiosity, laying one finger alongside the bridge of her nose. And then, somewhere in the back of her mind, just past the rose gardens but not yet at the gazebo, was a Thought — just minding its time, whiling away the minutes, taking in the flowers. She couldn’t bring herself to let it in just yet, but she supposed offering it some lemonade wouldn’t hurt. She considered the prospect for a second, taking a few sips of liquid euphoria.

Leaning back, AJ’s fingers curled around the front edge of her stool for support, tilting her head away from the bar and toward the red-head, making eye contact through the clouds of cigarette smoke, trading alley-cat smiles. A moment later, she kissed her teeth until her lips frowned, ducking to check her cellphone: 11:41 PM. Her limbs folded into one another as she sat, shrugging her shoulders and stretching her legs as if to warm up. She had 19 minutes. The other woman’s mouth opened, speaking, her voice lost somewhere in the distance between them. She opted to gesture instead, tilting her head and giving Anja the green light, a semblance of a smirk on her face as she turned back to the group she was with. To hell with it – why not have some company when the ball dropped?

She had 19 minutes.

Determined now, she slipped off the stool, snatched her beer and took a healthy swallow for the road, spun on her heel toward the dance floor, and—

—walked directly into the body of someone who hadn’t been there moments before, nearly throwing the both of them to the floor. “Oh, fuck me,” she murmured, desperately clawing for her wilted confidence. “I'm so sorry. I didn’t realize...” Anja backed away with downcast eyes, throwing her hands up in an apology and almost spilling her drink in the process. Her fingers spidered through her hair, pushing most of it away from her face. She squinted through the dim light to get a better look at the person—woman—across from her.

AJ had never been much of an actor, though god knows she’d tried, and in a matter of only a single glance, her breath left her in long stream too obvious to hide, taking with it any thought of the red-head. She was trapped in some sort of strange snare for a long moment. She fiddled with one of the hinges of her glasses for a moment, scratching her left ear. “I know how to make a good first impression, don’t I?”

Clearing her throat, Anja continued on, her speech taking on an apologetic lilt: “Happy New Year,” she ventured, jutting her shoulders, eyebrows quirking toward her hairline. “Would buying you a drink help repair any damage caused by my, uh—collision course?”

She had 16 minutes.

tagged for sarah/dawn. <3

Dec 27 2017, 10:55 PM

this was her second new years eve in new orleans. her first one was spent at a bar near her apartment, sipping a flute of champagne at midnight. jazz music had filled the air and she'd kissed no one. she'd been too focused on other things to concern herself with such banalities as the strange tradition of kissing strangers to herald in a new year. she had only been in town for a short time and already she'd gathered information on her brother and his life. she had wanted to let her hair down in a way, but she'd had to be cautious. she could not go to a place where her brother might be. for that reason, she'd chosen an upscale bar with jazz music and expensive champagne.

this year, it was different. this year, she and her brother were building a relationship. she was wavering in her devotion to her own cause. that night, she was allowing herself a night off. once again, she had chosen a venue where she doubted her brother would go. this time, it was not to protect her identity. it was not to prevent her brother from knowing where she was. this time, it was because she had no desire to put on a particular facade, to have to contemplate the game she was playing, to contemplate if a word would move the pieces in her game in the way she desired or even if she wanted to play the game anymore at all.

no that night, she sought mindless entertainment. there was nothing better for that than the oz. beautiful people and dancing, music with beats that caused her heart to race in time to the music, colorful drinks that were made strong. it was what the doctor ordered, a good way to ring in the new year. perhaps she'd even find someone to entertain her as the clock struck midnight. she may find out the reason people had the peculiar tradition of kissing a stranger at midnight. at the very least, it would be a story to think about later.

except a few hours at the bar, she'd determined that it was not as much fun to come to a bar like the oz alone. had she gone to french 75 or one of the other lower energy bars she typically frequented, she might not have felt as though she stuck out like a sore thumb. most people were there with dates or groups of friends. she'd spoken to a few women, lovely women who had caught her interest but had proven to be duller than dishwater upon speaking to them for a short period. those that were even somewhat interesting seemed to be intoxicated to the point of sloppy and dawn did not seek to entertain that sort of company that evening. with less than twenty minutes until the previous year, she was contemplating changing venues.

she contemplated it for less than a minute before making her decision. the oz was not the only bar within walking distance. it was a safe bet for a hookup, but she did not need that, simply wanted it. another bar might hold her brother and his girlfriend, but it was a risk she would take for real amusement. dawn finished her drink and began her way towards the door.

she was halfway there when her body collided with another. she felt the shock of cold liquid and looked down at her outfit. she'd picked it out to match the fun of the venue - a bright red vintage number with just enough sequins to make it noticeable without feeling like a bloody disco ball. she felt a flash of anger for her dress. she knew that the beverage would come out - she hoped at least - but she would now look sloppy. she hated looking sloppy.

the anger dissipated slightly as she brought her eyes up to meet the face behind the voice. it was a woman with a unique beauty. her dark hair was in multiple braids and thick black framed glasses accentuated her dark eyes. dawn had always preferred unique beauties over the bland cookie cutter look. she chose unique looks for her own line, diversifying the models she chose with unknowns of various races and body types. they all held in common one feature - a look that caused people to look twice as they did not blend in.

this woman did not blend in either.

dawn pulled her mind to the words the woman spoke, offering to purchase her a drink to make up for the destruction of her dress, blathering about poor first impressions. dawn smiled, machinations beginning to form in her head. perhaps her night would be more interesting now. "i would not say no to a beautiful lady offering to purchase me a drink," she said with a smile. after finally speaking, she managed to tear her eyes away from the woman's face, to look at the rest of her. she was attractive and -- dawn's smile grew. "is that a divinitee?" she questioned, looking at the familiar design on the girl's shirt. there was always something almost magical about seeing her designs out in the wild, even if she rarely let people know they were her designs. at least not unless she really wanted to impress someone.
Jan 6 2018, 04:42 PM

Something a lot like nervousness scratched at Anja’s insides, down in the graveyard depths of her stomach, beating at her ribcage like the wings of some great bird. She swallowed, allowing another luminous smile to pull across her face, as if nothing was wrong. It hung in the air like the grin of the Cheshire Cat, far more self-effacing, perhaps, than she’d wanted it to be; she had a thin hope that the other woman would either not catch it or ignore it entirely.

Anja resisted the urge to shift her weight when wandering eyes shot fire southward – without her meaning to, her fingers moved to comb through her dreadlocks (preening for fuck’s sake), but they only snagged, deterred immediately. Following the smallest downturn of lips, her arm dropped, a bit put off by the latency of a former habit. Only a moment, and the expression had smoothed itself over, because goddammit—she wanted to look as fuck-all as ever, strong against the wiles of a good-looking stranger, rather than miffed about the impression she was making. Of course, if Anja was honest with herself, she knew she often tried too hard to look like she wasn’t trying too hard.

Then again, whoever said honesty was the best quality was a fucking lunatic.

AJ’s eyebrows quirked at the response she received, and she laughed – a soft, cheerful sound that dipped from the breath of air into a low chuckle all its own, putting an awfully warm, assimilative glitter in her eye. The relief seemed to do her good, and from the unnatural tightness of guilt which had drawn up her jaw since the collision, she seemed to unwind. Her left bicep settled for a moment against the faded wood of the neighboring bar as her spine slunk into a slouch, and some undefinable shift just underneath the pores of her skin changed her aspect as clearly as switching on a piss-yellow halogen lamp might change a dark room.

In no more than a few seconds, that perpetual grin twisted a little more, brows arching a little higher, and it suddenly made the most bizarre amount of sense that she should flirt with a woman who’s outfit she had spoiled and who’s night she had interrupted. She looked at her in a way that welcomed and pushed away all at once until her voice found her next: “Wow. You’re good. I think I’m already beginning to suspect you have a lot more game than I do,” she said, underlining her response with a somewhat disbelieving shake of her head. There was a distinct glow to Anja now, and it hardly took a detective to figure why exactly that was. She settled her glasses further up the bridge of her nose, holding her gaze for a moment or two before it ticked like a countdown to detonation, allowing her own eyes a chance to speculate, but not leer, instead only to more easily sooth a few of their natural curiosities. “I suppose that means I can spirit you away for a little while? I really don’t mean to monopolize the last few minutes of your year…” Anja paused, sucking in her cheeks. “By the way, this isn’t just damage control for me. Scout’s honor.” She flourished a three-fingered salute, releasing a small chuckle between them, choosing to completely fucking ignore how the other woman’s continuing evaluation had heat making a path to her cheeks.

It simply wouldn’t do.

Surprised by the question that followed next, AJ dipped her head, having forgotten exactly which shirt she’d decided on in the earlier part of the evening. “Yeah, actually,” she said, her enthusiasm growing tenfold as she worried her bottom lip just slightly between her top two front teeth to prevent another splitting grin. She tugged on the shirt’s hem, smoothing out its front. “It’s one of my favorite designs, but I have a few more around my closet. I mean, I’m a pretty uninspiring fashionista, but I really love this line. You a fan, too, or do you just have a good eye?” She tilted her head just to the side, keeping a reconnoitre of the woman’s movements. The night really was looking up.

“Oh!” AJ straightened her spine, finding more backbone somewhere, She steepled both hands in front of her stomach before extending her hand between them, opting for a handshake. “I’m Anja, and I promise—” She angled herself to face the bar, setting her nearly empty glass on its surface as she went about getting the bartender’s attention. “—if you’ll have me, I make a much better second impression. What are you drinking?”

tagged for sarah/dawn. <3
Jan 6 2018, 06:35 PM

dawn did not believe in fate, kismet, or any of those other banalites that people tossed around to justify chance meetings. she did, however, appreciate happy accidents. she might not appreciate the damage done to her dress, but a pretty woman was now offering to buy her a beverage, to allay the boredom that had overtaken her. and there was one thing dawn huellet hated above all else - boredom. it was useless and served no purpose. time that was spent in boredom could be spent in anything else. she'd been moving to escape it and now? now there was a beautiful woman in front of her offering a salve to her boredom.

it was the very definition of a happy accident.

dawn laughed a little as the woman claimed that dawn had more game than she did. if only this woman knew the truth. dawn was a master of game, simply because she enjoyed playing them. she enjoyed the subtle manipulations that made up what people referred to as game. she did not think that sharing that information would be useful to the machinations forming in her head. she did not think that revealing that part of herself would aid her in finding out more about this woman with her interesting hair, thick glasses, and effusive smile. it was the kind of smile that drew dawn in and made her want to know more, at least for a few hours, perhaps for a night. "i would only beg to differ if you spilled the drink on purpose," she replied coyly, the hint of a smile on her lips.

the girl met her eyes and dawn felt a strange heat growing between them. it was electrifying, the heat of a mutual attraction between strangers. she knew how this heat could explode. it could explode in back alley makeouts or one night stands. it could also explode into nothingness, into a failed conversation and two people going their separate ways. the heat she felt when they locked eyes, it always went one of those two ways for her. dawn did not break the eye contact for a few moments. not until the girl spoke and dawn nodded. "being spirited away sounds far more entertaining than what i was about to do," she agreed, looking towards the door that had been her goal just moments before. now, the door was an enemy and this girl was the goal.

she did not know what she would want from her just yet. no, that was a lie. she knew exactly what she wanted from her, but she felt it imprudent to think that. there was a joke that women did not do one night stands well with one another. she'd known it to be false many times over, but she was still wary about women bringing uhauls on the second date.

of course, there was no second date if there was never a first one and a meeting at a bar could hardly be called a date.

dawn's desire to know the woman grew bigger when the woman lit up at the mention of divinitees and said she owned several. dawn was not immune to having her ego stoked, particularly when she knew that she had a rather large ego to begin with. the fact that people enjoyed her line was still baffling to dawn. they were teeshirts with her doodles on them. she was grateful for the love of a business that had started on etsy as something to kill time, some way to seem productive to roommates who knew nothing of her stock portfolio. it had grown over the years, enough that she found strangers wearing her shirts frequently. enough that she'd given interviews about the line in fashion magazines, though she did not appear in pictures beside it, always claiming she preferred to have her work speak for itself instead of having a face associated with it. it was always her idea that the face of the line was the face of anyone who wore it and that was the way she operated.

she contemplated for a moment telling this woman that she was the designer of the shirt she made. instead, she chose to keep that fact to pull out later. it could come in handy later. a fun fact to pull out if there was a lull in conversation or if dawn was getting close to what she wanted. "you could say that i'm a fan," she replied. it was truthful, but there was an evasive quality to it. "i've known a lot about it since its etsy days."

a name and an extended handshake were the next things given to dawn from this woman. she took her hand but instead of shaking it, brought it up to her lips in a light kiss, a courtly gesture turned playful with the look on dawn's face. "enchantee," she breathed, letting her hand stay with anja's for a moment longer than necessary. "i'm dawn." names were out of the way and dawn could taste the salt of the woman's skin still on her lips, intriguing her. she had never been accused of not being forward, of not going after what it was she wanted. a drink with a beautiful woman she'd not even noticed before? it was suddenly something she wanted very much.

when asked for her drink of preference, dawn shook her head. "as you're buying, i'll let you choose your favorite drink. i've no allergies and what better way to start a new year than with a drink i've possibly never tried?" she motioned towards the bar. "think of it as a miniature adventure. i'll pick our drinks on the next round." she was confident that there would be another round. dawn never lacked for confidence, after all.

Jan 12 2018, 09:59 PM

Funny, how it felt as if she were doing a jig whenever a pretty girl was around, just trying to lure a smile, earn the grace of a gaze, hop and wiggle and flash her peacock feathers to dazzle her into a kind of animal magnetism. Anja wasn’t above giving a performance and acting like a complete fool – while always maintaining an arm’s length of space away and holding fast to that casual, evasive easiness of autonomy, of course. Too many a time she found herself in the dark of her apartment, rubbing her eyes and tearing herself apart for her embarrassing behavior, her foolish endeavors, her lack of inhibition...only to continue on, an unfettered repeat offender.

To be sure, AJ’s love-life was quick and passionate and finished before she could get attached or feel trapped, and that was precisely how she needed it to be. It would keep her safe. She’d spent most of her adult life running from bed to bed, changing partners before the end of the song, and blurring platonic boundaries with romantic (though transparently noncommittal) inclinations so she could forget about what might become of her if she stopped moving and started to become normal. She’d convinced herself that’d been the death of her mother, in the end. Normalcy: it left such a funny taste in her mouth. She wasn’t sure she would ever be meant for it.

Anja figured it was all just a part it, really. She had a character to play, same as everyone else – better to own up to it now and make it worth it, and this silver lining was certainly rewarding enough to reconcile herself and elicit another flashing smile or two. Anja crooked her arms at the elbow, then, raising her palms in front of her to insinuate innocence.

“It might surprise you, but I didn’t exactly plan this whole thing through. Completely impromptu. Some days I just can’t hold my tongue and watch my feet. I’m just a bull in a China shop world, I guess,” she said, a premeditated laugh falling from her lips, coffee-warm glance meeting Dawn’s.

Despite its messy inception, she couldn’t help but feel a genuine appreciation for the ways in which the night’s course had changed: looking at her, talking to her, flushing to her flirtatious banter. The promise beneath Dawn’s words and her stance and her entire personality frightened away any lingering hesitation. AJ knew it, and she loved it, and with a muscle working in jaw, she seemed to summon every ounce of willpower to school her face into something more neutral. Her eyes betrayed her, though, when they traveled up and down and up again…and yet never quite away, even as she orchestrated an internal debate on the ridiculousness of being turned on just by looking at someone. She had to trick herself into thinking she was surely too clever to be caught once more in the gaping maw of whatever the fuck this was.

“What a world. Hardly acquainted, and we’ve already found something in common,” Anja eased out between them, one hand toying with the fabric of her Divinitee, tugging with a kind of aimlessness energy. Her mouth was already open to say something that died on her tongue. In lieu of a handshake, there was a touch, featherlight and soft, of lips brushing against her knuckles. She closed her mouth, opened it once more, and then closed it again. Surprised into a temporary, remarkably uncharacteristic silence – go figure. She leaned against the bar, watching Dawn at an angle, skin flushed. Her hands were warm, but they didn’t sweat. Anja wasn’t nervous anymore. Curious, but hardly nervous. Nervousness was reserved for much scarier people than Dawn, even if her confidence had trampled her own in just under a few seconds.

She stifled a laugh, coughing into her wrist to smother what little noise it made, and gathered her voice, her demeanor taking a hair-pinned turn toward something coy. Anja found herself even happier that Dawn had agreed to a drink in the first place. “Something tells me that you don’t like to play fair.” She put delicate stress on the last word, keeping any implications murky as swamp water. “Enchantée, Dawn,” she parroted, weighing it on her tongue, almost as if she were trying it on for size.

“Fortunately for you, old-world chivalry really makes my knees weak.” The fox smiled, canines bared, reaching to each corner of her eyes. There was nothing menacing about it—it was the grin she donned when she wanted attention, that meaningful, conspicuous smirk. Vulpine. Leonine. Lupine. She couldn’t name the mammal’s mimicry much nowadays; it struck her that no beast could really compare to humanistic intent. She supposed there lied the danger.

Anja threaded her fingers together, noting that the bartender had taken stock of her empty glass and shot her a knowing look, acknowledging the new company. She nodded her head, procuring a selfsame wave before following Dawn’s ministrations for a moment, wrapping herself in the woman’s proposition. She was a bit unsure if she was amused, enthusiastic, or stunned. Remarkable, how often those particular traits coincided. “You’re giving me a lot to work with.” She kissed her teeth, her eyes doing all the talking (all that was necessary at least), before she spoke again: “I bet I should run with it.”

And, then, the million dollar question, posed by a barkeep who very quickly seemed to be earning a special place in AJ’s heart: “I take it you need a refill? Another double of Patron? Red Stripe?” He leaned closer, busying himself with clearing the surface in front of them with a flourish. “Actually, it’s about time I made a change. Think you can put together a couple of Captain Levis for me?” Anja hooked a thumb toward Dawn. “She’s inspired me.”

He threw his rag over his shoulder, straightening to his full height. “Can do. Anything else?” Anja paused, attention tilting to the woman next to her for confirmation. “Unless she has any disagreements―” Her lips quirked, “―I think we’re aces,” she tapered off with a lazy salute.

They were left alone (or alone as one might be in a bar full of people) long enough for AJ to pull a stool out and offer it to Dawn, miming a tipping of a hat. “After you,” she segued, taking her own seat only when she’d resolved that she was settled.

When their drinks arrived, she had her elbow propped on the bar, cradling her chin in her hand, body angled toward Dawn. The bartender made himself scarce after a word of thanks. “So, Jameson Black Barrel, Pernod Absinthe, apple juice, and a bit of sugar to curb the bite,” she listed, motioning to their twin glasses. “You might already know as much, but what’s a game without a preface?”

She pushed her sleeves further up the length of her arms, going to mix her drink and take a tempered sip, a process done slowly and steadily. Anja half-hoped that taking her time would allow for more repartee and a little more flirting. The prospect planted a seed of potential in the recesses of her brain, spurring a small smile. She knew having an ulterior motive wasn’t the best reason to take her time, but, goddammit, this girl was fucking gorgeous – she’d allow herself this. If growing up in the lower-class had taught her anything, it was that she should appreciate something of quality when laid out in front of her.

Reminded of something, Anja fished out her phone, stealing a look at the time. Her eyes shot up to land on Dawn, sharing with her a look of open excitement. “Hey, I hope this adventure of yours can last through the year. We’ve got just under six minutes and counting.” A beat later, and her articulation had changed, taking on a flirtatious lilt: “I can’t even remember the last time I had such a good view to go with the new year. I owe you a thank you.”

tagged for sarah/dawn. <3
Jan 19 2018, 12:38 AM

to dawn, coy only had use in a pond. it was not a trait she played when she flirted, as she went into flirtations with the same drive and ambition she took with her upon venturing into a business deal. there was a fine line in her mind, a fine line between playing with her food and being unecessarily difficult. playing coy often fell on the difficult side. no one got anything they wished for by not pursuing it. she did not find it cute nor charming and was glad that this woman wasn't playing coy either. while neither of them had said anything about goals for the evening, dawn would almost wager that she would be getting a midnight kiss at the very least. she found herself curious, suddenly, to wonder what this woman's lips felt like, what her hair would feel like underneath her finger tips.

a toss of her dark hair and a small laugh rewarded the girl for her comment about being a bull in a china shop world. dawn studied the girl's posture, the way her eyes slid up and down dawn's body. dawn's eyes wandered as well for a moment before going back to the woman's eyes, lingering for a second on her lips. "if it had been an elaborate ruse, as i said, i would not have been angry. the night is already more interesting," she assured her. she did not believe that the girl had spilled her beverage on purpose. even dawn, a girl who had a plan and back up plan for every action, would not purposely ruin someone's outfit with a spilled drink.

still the dress was a worthy sacrifice for the night.

the taste of anja's skin was still upon her lips as she watched the other woman's reaction with hungry eyes. she noticed the slight coloration of the woman's cheeks, though she knew it could easily be explained as the bar lighting playing trick's on dawn's eyes. she doubted it though, not when anja's mouth had opened and closed several times after dawn's impulsive action. she still didn't release the hand, not for a few more moments. when she did, she found herself almost missing the feeling of skin against skin.

she could not remember the last hand she'd touched that had nothing to do with a game she was playing, even a game she played with herself. this woman may become a conquest, but dawn had issued herself no challenges. this woman was not a game for dawn to play. the touch of her hand felt slightly different because of it, because dawn was not going in with a carefully constructed plan. if she chose to give it thought, she could create a plan, create something that would guarantee her at minimum a lip lock as the old year gave way to the new. instead, she decided to do something uncharacteristic - play it by ear.

still she had no doubt that she would end up ushering in a new year with the taste of this woman on her lips. "i play fair when i feel the game warrants it," she assured the woman, likely one of the most honest things dawn had ever said. she played fair when it benefited her, when she could win by playing fair. otherwise, she created rules that were solely for her, rules that she'd win by because they were written with her level of competition in mind. "what about you? do you play fair or do you find ways to make things work to your benefit?" dawn believed that everyone did the latter, even if they would not admit it.

admitting it told dawn just as much as not admitting it.

together they wove to the bar, making eye contact with the bartender. she noted the familiarity between anja and the bartender. had their interactions not already been so loaded, she might have wondered if she'd read things wrong between her and anja. however, each time she looked at the woman, studied the gentle curve of her body, felt the strange electricity between them, she knew that she was not reading this wrong. it was written as simply as a dr seuss book.

dawn threw down her challenge and waited for anja to pick up the proverbial gaunlet. the woman ordered a drink dawn had not heard of and questioned if dawn would like something else. dawn shook her head, willing to try the new drink as promised. at least the woman had not ordered them smirnoffs - or worst, mass produced domestic beer like budweiser. on the rare instances dawn drank beer, she preferred craft beers from local breweries or imports. typically, she just preferred her liquor harder.

the drinks were placed before them after a moment and anja began to list off what was in it. dawn looped her fingers around the glass, purposely brushing against anja's hand as she did so. "it sounds delicious," she answered. "absinthe can certainly be an interesting drink, though the lack of thujone in american absinthe certainly makes it less so." she'd only had true absinthe once, in seattle with her hipster roommates, when she was elsie. it had been a fun night, though the loss of control over her own synapses was not one she sought to repeat. particularly not in new orleans. "though i've never had this drink before."

dawn brought the glass to her mouth and took a small sip. the flavors mingled well. this was a drink that could serve to be dangerous. the taste did not speak to its true potency and dawn knew that those drinks were the ones that lead to painful mornings and regrets. looking at the woman beside her, she at least had doubts about the latter. if they were to end up doing anything, dawn doubted she'd regret it. of course, regret for her own actions was nearly a foreign concept to the brunette.

for a moment, dawn felt a twinge of horror as the woman checked the time on her phone. they'd only been speaking a few minutes. had she crossed a line, bored the woman. she hoped not. then her fun would be gone. she was rewarded and her question answered when the phone went away and a comment about the new year came from her parted lips. dawn moved closer, her knee now brushing against anja's as she turned to look at her. "i believe this adventure could last well into the early morning," she replied, her voice suggestive. she noticed her tone mirrored in the woman's next statement. "it is certainly a better view than i'd have found at any other bar. and to think, i almost left and missed the chance to ring in my new year with a very sexy woman." another sip of the drink down her throat, the cold beverage not helping to quench the fire rising inside the young woman.

Feb 9 2018, 09:18 PM

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