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 I Got Some News, tag: susie
Jun 1 2017, 06:52 PM

It felt like ages since Adrian seen Susie, and a lot of things had happened in both of their lives. He guessed things were a bit complicated, since they hadn't started out as completely friends, and now, when both of them had partners of their own, it sorta felt odd hanging out like they had when they both were single. Boundaries were made to keep, or at least try to keep? Adrian was sure that Jenna didn't know about his and Susie's past though, so he didn't have to worry. They both knew they had a life before each other, even if Adrian probably wouldn't really love it if Jenna decided to go meet with some old fling, no matter how over the affair was. But then again, maybe he was a bit more possessive then his red headed wife to be.

After the fight he had with Christian, Adrian had realized that he slowly were running out of friends outside of his business. And there really couldn't be any friends in the business he was in. That's why he had finally decided to go visit Susie at her job, as soon as he had a lunch break to spare. He wasn't sure he could lure her from her office to grab a bite to eat, but here's to hoping.

He walked through the reception of Telepol, stopping at the front desk to ask if Susie was in. He was showed to the room where she was sitting, and after thanking the girl who had showed him, Adrian gave the door a soft knock and peaked inside. "Hey, Sus?" he smiled when he saw her sitting on the side, surrounded by all those computer screens.

Jun 2 2017, 11:13 PM

Susie was angry. Which wasn’t normal these days. Lately she had been sickly happy but now she was full of rage. Instead of taking it out on anyone, she challenged it into work and building a new virus. This code wouldn’t have any traces of phoenix on it. It was important to her because it was for a special recipient. Maybe if it worked, she’d use it for more jobs with the girls. Something had to come out of being vengeful besides a feeling of being right. Which susie couldn’t really tell anyone but when she pegged someone as being awful, she liked it when people eventually saw it. A wolf could easily hide in sheep’s clothing but if susie could tell, she’d call them out and destroy them.

Since she had to time everything just right, susie was taking her time. Keeping busy at work definitely helped. RUSSELL HUGHES kept asking her if she was ok but she’d just tell him that she’d fill him in later. It’s not like she had a bunch of free time at work. Susie was working with one of their long standing clients to try to improve their security. Being in a rather angry mindset especially helped because she tapped into the phoenix to think about how to expose weaknesses. Then she’d bring it to the team to see if they could help develop a way to help close that hole.

Susie glanced up at the knock and raised a brow at adrian being there. “don’t tell me you’re getting bolder about trying to steal me away from telepol?” a half grin formed but she had been engrossed in her work. After she put in a coding bookmark to try to remember where she was in her path, she leaned back in her seat. “it’s been awhile.” the were both seeing people and not talking. Which for susie was weird since she usually kept in contact with people she had slept with if they were considered friends. Her and adrian weren’t close but they were good enough friends that she felt the drop in communication to be strange and it was a really bad week to come in to see her if he was attempting to recruit her.

susie is done with all of these couples
Jun 10 2017, 06:03 PM

Adrian liked Susie, it was a shame that they lived such busy life, causing them to not be able to meet as often as he would like, but c'est la vie. There wasn't much he could do about it either. Maybe they could try and go out on a double date somewhere, that would be nice. It would also mean that Adrian caught to birds with one stone, he got to socialize with his friend while taking care of his girlfriend. Something told him that Jenna would like Susie as well, he did have a thing for strong, independent women after all. And those usually liked each other as well.

As he caught Susie's attention, he let out a laugh at her comment. He had really wanted her to work on his team, he would have love to have her on, and she would have done great things for Web Impact Co. but, apparently she was dead set on staying at Telepol until her last days so... He had sorta given up on that idea. The door was always open if she changed her mind though. "Ahh, no..." he laughed. "Unless it's working, of course," he winked and stepped inside her office, letting his eyes quickly move around the place to get an idea about how it looked.

"It sure has," he smiled at her. "Far too long. Thought I would check up on you. How's things?"


Jun 11 2017, 09:06 PM

Adulthood might be about knowing who they were and being around people who mattered but responsibilities happened first. Work took up her days and then the nights were what rotated between everyone else. Sometimes that meant people fell to the side depending on their schedules. It wasn’t a good thing but that’s just how things worked. “no. I’m still very happy here.” just her face might not be portraying that because of the other stressors in her life. It hardly felt like she had been on vacation back in march. With all of the new clients, cases with prudy, and her own work on a new code. Susie had to learn to prioritize her computer work more than she was. She just got excited to work on codes or cases that she allowed herself to get overwhelmed.

“close the door.” she pointed to where he had entered. Even if he wasn’t trying to steal her away, she just didn’t want to deal with people waltzing in. usually she left it open because she liked to have people coming to her as they pleased. That is unless she had someone here. A closed door was reserved for family and now rusty. Though considering the look on adrian’s face, it was probably good that no one was able to disturb them. “i’m fine. Working, eating, fucking my boyfriend, celebrating family member’s birthdays...the usual. What about you? Are you still with your girlfriend from christmas?”

Susie had been sitting for too long so she got up to kick off her shoes and walk around. “hey is your daughter coming by this summer? I do volunteer work with women in technology and we have a bunch of workshops for kids that you can bring her too.”

susie is done with all of these couples
Jun 11 2017, 10:28 PM

"Ah, damn it," he chuckled as she informed him that she was still happy at Telepool. He had forgotten how bossy she could come across, but he didn't complain. In bed, that trait had been amazing. He was sure she gave Rusty a run for his money though. "One day, Susie, I'll get you one day," he teased, knowing it would probably serve him a swat across the head if he didn't stop at that.

He nodded obediently as she told him to close the door and he reached back to push the door close. "Ah, working, eating, fucking your boyfriend, family member's birthdays..." he repeated, clearly not able to stop the teasing now that he had started. "Got it," he winked at her and watched as she got up from her seat. Without really giving it much thought, he walked over to give her a friendly hug. He knew Susie probably wasn't much for hugs, but he felt it was necessary since it had been such a long time.

"Yeah," he then said as he was asked about his own love life. He pulled back and pushed his hands down the front pockets of his jeans. "Now that you brought that up... That's actually why I'm here," he laughed, not sure if he wanted to tell her these news right away, but he didn't really find a reason not to. "We're getting married. You and Rusty are invited to the wedding of course, 29th of July, you free then?" he asked, really hoping she was. Wouldn't be a party without Susie there.

"Emilia will get here then, maybe a week before. I think she would like that."


Jun 12 2017, 02:24 AM

“that day will be when hell freezes over.” or if she really couldn’t stand telepol anymore. Right now, it wasn’t there. They were one of the more feminist technology companies. Adrian was great but susie didn’t think she’d be as respected as she was at telepol. “you’d have to double my salary and put me just below you. Then i might consider it.” though if something happened between her and rusty to the point that work became hostile or unstable, she’d have to leave.

Susie laughed because adrian just took what she said in stride. This is why she liked him. She could be candid and he didn’t get offended. Susie needed people like that in her life. “uh, hi?” as he hugged her, she raised a brow. Adrian was never really a hugger that she could remember. Hugs were fine. Susie didn’t give them often to people that weren’t her family and when she did, it was more from the side while comforting someone. Which seemed to be something that she was doing a lot lately.

As he stood there, she leaned against her desk a bit with a curious look. Though it morphed into disbelief. “are you fucking kidding me? This july? As in this year?” susie shook her head. Were all of the men in her life getting stupider by the day? “how long have you even been dating her?” susie didn’t get it. Why was there such a rush to get married these days? Whatever happened to taking it slow. That was supposed to be the good thing to do but the men in her live seem to be rushing down the aisle. “i’m sorry i’m just confused. How do you go from just wanting to fuck around in just september to getting married this july?”

At this rate, susie might want to think about marriage. Wait-no. Just the thought made her shudder. She was not ready to even consider that option. She was just barely debating on buying herself a house. The whole legally wedding and shooting kids out of her baby factory weren’t really her top priority. “we have a couple before then. It might be good if your wife-to-be came. Parents are encouraged to help so it might be good bonding or something. I don’t know if that’s something y’all are trying to do.”

susie is done with all of these couples
Jun 12 2017, 07:58 AM

"Double your salary?" Adrian laughed and shook his head. "I would go bankrupt!" He was pretty certain that Susie already had a rather hefty pack check her at Telepol, they clearly wanted to keep her so making sure she was happy with the money she made was probably in their best interest.

When Susie didn't really give him the "Oh my god, I'm so happy for you!"-reaction that everyone else seemed to give him, he couldn't help but to let out a laugh. At least she was being honest, Adrian always appreciated honesty with situations like this. "Yeah... We kinda moved a bit fast..." He didn't want to go into the whole thing about Vegas. He really didn't need to have that spread around, since he and Jenna were only doing this to save his reputation. "I just... Really think I've found the woman I want to spend my life with," he shrugged, hoping Susie wouldn't call his bluff. He had just admitted to love Jenna, but there wasn't a inch of him that was 100% certain he wanted to be with Jenna all of his life. A good businessman were never 100% certain about anything. "I wouldn't mind you meeting her before then, maybe we can do a double date of some kind?" he suggested.

When Susie asked if they were trying to get some bonding going between Jenna and Emilia, he grinned. Jenna barley wanted to touch Emilia with a ten foot pole, so chances were she was going to become that sort of step mom that sorta kept in the background. It wasn't ideal, but considering Emilia lived most of her life in Sweden with her real mother, it wasn't so bad. "Not sure Jenna would want to do anything like that," he hummed. "... But Sofia, my ex, might come here for the wedding too... I'll see if she's interested in tagging along?" That would be a whole other kind of shit show, but Adrian was sorta ready for it.


Jun 12 2017, 05:08 PM

“then you’ll never be able to afford me. I’m a high class kind of a woman.” money didn’t actually matter to susie. She made enough to be comfortable and pay a little more than the minimum on her student loans. Technically, she could go back for her bachelor’s degree, or even her master’s, but most of the skills in her field were hands on learning or going to conferences such as the black hat conference. All school would do was that she had management skills but she clearly had that now.

Susie groaned at herself as she rubbed her forehead. “i’m sorry. You’re not the first friend of mine to jump really fast into a marriage. He and his wife eloped without telling many people. It’s just...strange to me.” they were living in a time when there really was no rush but not everyone thought that way. Susie just sort of forgot that since the majority of her friends thought the way she did. Even within her family, there was time between dating, getting engaged, and then more until the wedding. “if you’re sure, i am happy for you and i’ll gladly go to it. As long as she’s ok with it. Or are we not telling her that you and i briefly fucked?” the sex had been good but there was no romance there. Still, she knew some women were particular. It’s why she wasn’t convinced that nate would eventually drop her and now she wondered how long until adrian would drop her.

“i think that would be hilarious. Also great but i think we need drinks to make it really fun.” being friends with people she had slept with was easy but there would be some strange moments since they were both with new people. Alcohol would be a good buffer. “sure. Maybe if she’s nice enough, i’ll play interference for the wedding. I’m good at finding things to do.”

susie is done with all of these couples
Jun 13 2017, 05:11 PM

"Yeah, well, we're not eloping, I promise you," Adrian teased, the wedding between him and Jenna would actually be a pretty big deal. It was mainly about Adrian showing off his wealth, he had to keep up appearances after all, if not there would've been no reason for him to get married at all. It's not really like either he or Jenna found it that necessary otherwise. "Of course she is," he shrugged, all though he wasn't sure at all. "But maybe, just to be sure, let's not tell her about our... Uhm... Weekend in Vegas?" he grinned, how could he not when he thought about that night they spent together in that hotel room? Jenna didn't need to know it, she would forbid him to go to Vegas for the rest of his life.

"Oh, yes! Maybe you two can come over to my place and we can cook for you?" By we, Adrian meant him. Jenna didn't really do much cooking than heating up some chicken nuggets in the microwave. It wasn't like he wanted to be with her for her cooking skills anyway, so Adrian didn't mind. He was sure he could bribe her into cutting a carrot or something. "Just email me whatever dates you're free and we'll set something up?" he suggested. Jenna had to deal with him wanting to introduce her to his friends, he had to meet that angry Spanish girl she lived with and she almost cut his head off... So, she owed him this.


Jun 13 2017, 10:09 PM

“good.” though she still didn’t see that much of a difference between eloping and this with how fast things are. Susie wanted to be completely supportive but it was also difficult for her to understand wanting to do things so quickly. It made her a little more firm in the thought process of taking things at her own pace. Which wasn’t something she was proud of but as people talk, she just got a lot more sure of herself. “fine i can do that and i’ll make sure rusty doesn’t say anything either.” she was open with her boyfriend about the fact she was still friends with some of her exes. He seemed to be strangely ok with all of it, which she appreciated. Some people she dated deserved to be cut out while others, she was find with keeping around a little longer. “only if you don’t try to kill us and there’s a lot of wine.” susie would probably bring a bottle or two herself. There had to be something to ease this kind of a meeting. Double dates were a good ice breaker but always a strange thing to embark on with an ex. “or we can look them over together at lunch. I haven’t eaten yet and i’m starving.”
susie is done with all of these couples
Jun 20 2017, 08:43 PM

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