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 Keep On Holding, ⚜ kimi
The time Kae had taken away had been good for her. She felt like she was ready to attack anything and everything again. Plus, the break and her birthday coinciding was also really nice. She’d literally had nothing to worry about and everything to celebrate. She’d made it to twenty. She’d survived her teens. Even though they were said to be the best years of a person’s life, they had been hard. And, honestly, she’d been through way too much. Only slightly more than the average teenager, but still enough to drive a person crazy. In her opinion anyway and, when it came to her life, that was kind of all that mattered? Since she had to be the one to make the conscious decision to overcome the few struggles she’d discovered she had. Now that she was back in the city, she realized just how many things she had to do. She had just finished moving into her new place but she was still going home every night to make sure her mom was okay.

Her getting sick had shaken everyone up and it didn’t really matter that she was under the constant supervision of her fiance. Both of the girls wanted to make sure her mother was okay and they wanted to know with their own eyes. Kae usually stayed with her for as long as she would allow her today. Today had been one of those days when she’d gotten rid of her quickly. She’d gotten a call from Tulane to inform her that there was a hold on her account and she was going to be waitlisted for classes if the situation wasn’t handled. Because Kae had no idea what was going on, she would’ve rathered her mom be the one to visit the office and talk to these people. But, seeing as to how the woman was already being watched like a hawk, Kaesyn went alone. Luckily, there hadn’t been anything drastic wrong. Her mom had listed the wrong account to draw her tuition money from. Plus, they also wanted to inform her about the scholarship that she was eligible for now that she was a Shockwave.

She gathered the folder and took a seat right outside. She didn’t need to be in the office with them watching her and wondering why it was taking her so long to fill in some of the boxes. To be honest, she already knew she was going to have to call her mom to answer some of these things. Even at twenty, she still needed the help of her parents. It was very millenial of her. She’d been sitting down for about five minutes when she glanced up and noticed a familiar face. Well, it was more her hair. She noticed her hair before her face (and Kae had no idea if that was weird or not). She waved and then realized that, if she could only notice her hair, the girl probably couldn’t see her waving. ”Dimi?’ she more asked than shouted because this was New Orleans and there were tons of heads of dark hair floating around. But she turned and Kae recognized her face, which pleased her. ”Are they putting holds on you too?”

Dimi hadn't really expected to come into Tulane during the summer, not that she had anything against the school or anything like that but, this was her summer, she didn't want to be on campus during it. She had to be though, because she was getting her residence assignment and she was going to be finding out who she was partnered up with for the floor that she'd be a residence advisor for. Honestly, it was a little bit exciting for Dimi. It had never been what she wanted, because she wanted that typical experience of living with friends, being able to throw parties, and things like that. But, logically, this would save her a lot of money and she had always liked... giving out unsolicited advice. She liked the concept of being a mentor for people... She wasn't daft, she knew that a lot of students wouldn't want that. This was their first taste of freedom and they were obviously going to go a little bit crazy.

So she had come to campus, she had got a tour of the residence she'd be in (it was actually so nice, she'd never have been able to afford that if she wasn't being paid to live there) and now she was walking through the grounds on her way to the bus stop to head on home. She had stopped, to reply to a text because she really wasn't good at the entire texting and walking thing when she heard her name being called. Looking up, she turned, before her eyes landed on Kae and a surprised but pleasant smile graced her face. "Kae!" she said with a grin as she headed towards the other girl, her old roommate. "Holds on me?" she asked, confused by this, she had zero idea what that meant and it didn't sound very nice either.

"What holds are who putting on you?" she asked with a laugh as she sat besides Kae, pocketing her phone and smoothing out her skirt as she glanced at what the other girl was doing. "Forms, god I hate forms," she chuckled. They were the bane of her existence and she felt like she had been filling out those things for decades because she had to do it for her mother as well. Whatever it was that Kae was being put on hold for, it clearly couldn't be fun at all if she had to be filling in forms to fix such a situation.
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Kae had been on and off campus but that was closer to classes being out and all. She wasn't taking summer classes. She thought she was going to have to at first because she didn't want to be in school for four whole years. Well, she didn't want to be taking classes that weren't dance classes for the whole four years. So she'd looked into the core classes that she could take. She could have easily gotten through English this summer semester. She could've tried her hand at chemistry but, to be honest, she felt like that wouldn't been more of a bad thing than a good one. She didn't have time for that struggle. Especially not when she knew she was supposed to be doing a lot of teaching on top of learning. It didn't matter though. That plan had gone out of the window when she'd been chosen to go on the tour. She hadn't been expected it at all. In fact, she'd been teaching the audition choreography that day. She'd literally been teeing other people up for the tour. And she'd gotten chosen. She couldn't really ignore that and, to her surprise, her mother wouldn't let her. So she'd gone. Who knew she'd have so much shit to handle when she got back?

Being back on campus made her realize that summer was almost over. She had no idea how much she'd missed out on. She been back since early June. She hadn't really had time to miss much of anything. All the big parties usually popped up after flag day and around the Fourth of July. That was about now. She was right on track. She hadn't felt like it last week. Last week, she hadn't completely secured a place to live and she didn't know that her stuff for school wasn't squared away. She had a place to live now though. She felt good about that and she wasn't getting kicked out of school. That's what she thought the hold had been about. Flunking out. It was a possible thing. Kae was just sure that she'd done well her first year. So the account hold did not make sense. It was fixed though and the dark-haired girl found herself breathing easier. It also helped that she'd finally run into Dimi.

When Amara told her that she was sharing a room with Riley, Kae immediately thought the brunette was sharing a room with Dimi. She'd meant to go and see her, to get visual confirmation that she was okay; but her mother had gotten sick and her sister needed her. Those two weeks had been incredibly hectic. ”They were gonna waitlist me in classes I've already registered for,” she sighed before replacing the huff of air with huffs of laughter. Kae abandoned the forms and pulled her friend into a quick hug. ”But these are the good kind! Scholarship kind!” she giggled. ”How's summer treating you? Ready for next semester?”

sorry! It's been so hectic 😔
Dimi couldn't really believe that in a little less than a month she was going to be back at school. She was working a lot and was keeping herself busy that she didn't even completely realize just how fast time was passing by. Working was going well for her because she was saving a lot of money doing that and living with Riley. It was great, that things had managed to work out for her in the end that way. She knew that she was making the most logical decisions here, and in August she'd be living in a residence again though this time she'd have to be hiding poor Buzz because this was not like the residence she had lived in when she had shared it with Kae. Second year of college was coming up on them fast. They were going to be sophomores and they would no longer be at the bottom of the food chain there, not, that Dimi had ever felt like she was at the bottom of the food chain.

"Computer glitch?" she asked with a frown, that sounded awful. And she had to come in to get that fixed? That sounded even worse. A real hassle. Dimi could understand why she had to come in, she had to see the residence and she was getting paid for her time that day. But that was a real inconvenience for Kae. "They're going to fix it?" she asked hopefully. Classes filled up fairly fast so she hoped that Kae would be enrolled in anything and everything that she wanted to be in for the coming year. A part of Dimi realized that Kae must know that Amara was back in town, if Riley knew then Kae probably knew. But Dimi didn't dwell nor did she bother asking about it because she didn't want to know she was pretty sure.

"Oh! Well, then good," she said with a laugh. She knew scholarships far too well. She had applied for so many of those in her first year. "Yah, mostly," she chuckled, "Working hard, it's gonna be hard to get back into study mode," she admitted with a shrug, "What about you?"
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