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 Bowen, Kassidy, N., 23 ● fire ● r. ora
Jun 12 2017, 01:08 AM

kassidy nora bowen
authored by cakke ● 23 ● female ● cst
I don't give a damn bout my bad reputation

Full Name: Kassidy Nora Bowen
Nickname: none
Age: twenty-three
Sexual orientation: pan-sexual
Occupation: musician, specifically DJ
Ethnicity: Mixed Race
Piercings: ears
Positive traits: Loyal, Charismatic, talented, determined, strong-willed, persistent, loving(sorta), humorous, passionate, goofy
Negative traits: Stubborn, envious, blunt, hard-headed, vengeful, lazy, careless, secretive, critical(mostly of herself), insecure

I've never been afraid of any deviation

Kassidy Nora Bowen was the youngest child of Lenora and Charles Bowen who prided themselves on their musical ability, Lenora played Piano, which was her favorite, Viola, Flute, and she had a magical voice, which she considered a finely tuned instrument and Charles played Cello, Piano, trombone, and alto sax. They managed to pass their incredible musical ability to all three of their children. The oldest was Micheal, he was a star Cello player, first chair all throughout school and had attended Yale on a music scholarship. The second and her mother's favorite, even though she would never admit it, was Cherelle, she played Piano and that alone brought Cherelle closer to her mother than Kassidy. Cherelle was only a year older than Kassidy and she was better at just about everything, needless to say, Kassidy and Cherelle never got along, not even as babies. Lastly but not least there was Kassidy, the weird one, as her elder siblings and their friends like to call her. Kassidy played Violin, she had started at age 4 and had been very, very good, even though she hated it, the Bowen's wouldn't have any nonsense about quitting. That, as her parents so often reminded her, was not an option, Bowen's did not quit. Kassidy hated violin ever since she started playing but she kept that hidden, anytime anyone would ask her about it, she'd throw on a wide fake grin and say "I love it! It's the absolute best! Have you seen my new bow?" This brought her parent's great joy, somewhere deep down they knew Kassidy didn't like the instrument, but they were so full of denial, they'd never let it be known.

The Bowen's were not exceedingly wealthy, although the way Mrs.Bowen acted, you'd think they were the royal family. Mr.Bowen was an Architect and Mrs.Bowen taught Piano, in which she charged a great deal, so they were definitely better than well off. The Bowen Family lived in a very nice house about twenty or so miles away from New Orleans, they had a large yard, with a large fence, and a very tiny dog. It was Mrs.Bowen's and she called her Bitsy, and besides her children, Bitsy was the apple of Mrs.Bowen's eye. Considering the Bowen's were all about appearances, the Bowen children had the best schooling, along with some of the best tutors, they also got the best music teachers, including Mrs.Bowen herself, and they had the best instruments money could buy. Both Micheal and Cherelle managed to please their parents with everything they did and had no problem rubbing this in Kassidy's face, who was deemed a problem child by more than a few of her teachers at quite a young age. It was no secret that Kassidy was very different from her siblings, from her entire family, this showed in just about everything Kassidy did. When it was time to dress for events, while her sister delighted in all the dresses, with bows, and tulle, and lace, Kassidy just about wretched every time she had to put one on. Preferring to wear something black with holes in it, much to her mother's dismay. When it was time to take a family picture, while everyone stood there large smiles on their faces, Kassidy made a sort of silly face sticking her tongue out just as the camera was going to flash.

Now just because Kassidy hated the Violin didn't mean she hated music all around, this was quite the opposite. Kassidy was a very big music fan, however, she did not like classical music, which was the only kind of music her parents allowed in the house, that and the opera were the only things the Bowen children were permitted to listen too. Be that as it may, this did not stop Kassidy in the slightest. She had managed to buy stacks and stacks of CDs using her allowance and she hid them under her bed. The CDs ranged from Jimi Hendrix to Run DMC, she had the whole KISS discography and she even managed to get her hands on a signed copy of "Enter the Wu-tang", although it was probably fake, Kassidy didn't care. She loved guitar, she loved the drums, and she loved the sound of beat-boxing and hearing the rappers spit serious rhymes. From the first time she heard a record scratch on the turntables, she was obsessed. She knew exactly what she wanted to do in her adult life, and she was never more sure of anything. Unfortunately for Kassidy her parents did not consider any of that true music, and they definitely didn't consider DJing a real career, strictly prohibiting anything of the sort from entering their illustrious home, that's why all of Kassidy's music was under her bed, hidden from anyone.

As the Bowen children got older, none of them really made drastic transformations, Micheal went off to school leaving Kassidy and Cherelle, who would fight about the most trivial of things, Kassidy usually instigating it, because she was jealous of her mothers more affectionate attitude towards her sister, it was obvious they hated each other more and more as the years went on. Upon turning sixteen Kassidy definitely had her battle with teen angst. She had quit the Violin, more so refused to play which put a huge rift between Kassidy and her parents. They barely spoke to one another, except for the occasional "Hello" and "Good Morning" they focused all their attention on Cherelle who had begun learning Mandarin Chinese. Kassidy's rough home life managed to express itself more and more through her schoolwork, which was less than exceptional, and she had been getting into fights, just about every other week. So much so in her final year of school, she was expelled, and Mr. and Mrs.Bowen had finally had enough of their unruly daughter. Kassidy was sent to an all-girls finishing school in Maine, and although they wouldn't say the Bowens were relieved to be rid of her, and Kassidy them. She was free to listen to whatever she wanted, and upon saving all of the allowances her parents sent, she bought herself an old set of turntables, practicing in her dorm while everyone was gone on their breaks and holidays. Once Kassidy graduated, which was a shock to not only Mr. and Mrs.Bowen but a shock to Kassidy herself, who thought she had messed up so bad, there was no way. Kassidy's parents had offered her a small trust and she was actually permitted to live with her family once more if and only if she agreed to play her instrument again, to which Kassidy denied. She already knew what she wanted to do, and how she wanted to make use of her ear for music. Upon returning to Louisiana, Kassidy struggled to make a name for herself amongst the local music scene. She played in few clubs and various dive bars until she landed a residency at a popular bar in the French Quarter, this satisfied Kassidy for now but she knew she could go on to be great.



rita ora
Jun 13 2017, 11:54 AM


Welcome to THE BIG EASY. We speak for the entire site when we say that we are happy to have you here! Feel free to jump right into the action (: Make sure to complete all the mandatory claims along with whatever optional claims you see fit, get up your shipper, and then post in sort me so you can post on the rest of the board!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM a mod or ask a member in the cbox. We hope you enjoy your time here <3

Jul 17 2017, 03:20 PM

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