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 Activity Check 41, ends nov 3 @ 11:59 pm est
activity check 41

If your character is on this list, he or she has not had a post (which met the word count) since october 25th. To get off this check, you should put up a thread within the next three days (so by november 3rd at 11:59EST) and reply to this topic with a link. If you or your characters are not on this list, then disregard - you are good to go!

characters who need a post!

*note from nat: word count does not apply in events. it does apply in all other threads and for checks. therefore, if you have a current thread but posts were not meeting the word count, that character will still be placed on this list. please keep this in mind when you post!

Felix Cromwell
Charlotte Grant
Christian LaFontaine
Darcy Knight
Noah Wallace
Amara Cassell
Jordan Belanger
Josette Lafontaine
Josephine jayakumar
Flynn walker
Audrey Wickramasinghe
Gabriel Danvers
Hakim Kouri
James McKnight
Lindsay Lowe
Robert Phillips
Caterina Falcone
Edie Marcoux
Octavia Laurent
Alexis Castille
Aaron McCormick
Craig Walker
Elena Vega-Cortes
Oliver Zimmerman
Chester Sandberg
Brent Jacobsen
Mia Santos

characters who will need posts when their owners return from hiatus!
you will have three days upon returning from hiatus to get a post up for your characters since you missed the check.

Andi Bordeaux (nov 5)
cadence Mitchell (nov 5)
Lucy Carmichael (nov 5)
riley samuels (nov 5)
Spencer ellis (nov 5)