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 We Can Be Friends, ebony x gabe
Jan 18 2018, 09:52 PM

Ebony had made a decision on New Years Eve. One that she was sure in some ways was going to be her downfall but in some ways she thought was going to be her saving grace. she had made Gabriel Danvers fall head over heels for her once, she could do it again. She had thought that this version of him was too different, too foreign, too not her Gabe but that wasn't the case. There were parts of him in there and then there were new parts of him that she was intrigued by some of them. Like that part of him that seemed to have found a love of hockey? That part of him that had apparently gone to the gym every single day. She was intrigued and she was cautious about this, she had to be she knew how much this could hurt, but at the same time it was almost... exciting. He wasn't Gabe that she knew but he was Gabe and this was who he was and she thought it was kind of like an adventure, finding out who this new person was and subsequently all the ways that she could drive him wild.

Because she was Ebony Raja-Salem and she drove men and women wild.

Something the had only become amplified when she learned of the kind of magic that she could do with her hand. She had swung by Gabe's place to be told by his roommate (Gabe had levelled up in the friends department, that boy he was living with was damn good looking) that Gabe was up on the roof. That, kind of surprised her for a moment but she headed up there, finding her way there easily since Ebony was the kind of person that could be found on roofs or lying in the middle of streets... something that Gabe wouldn't remember at all. Point was that she liked being outdoors compared to being indoors. Opening the door, she realized that he was the only one there and a smirk settled on her lips. "Nice view," she commented, her eyes trained on his ass.
Jan 19 2018, 03:03 PM

He had his eyes glued towards the sky with his head dipped back about as far as it could go. Watching as the stars twinkled back and forth like it was their form of communication with one another. Gabe, however, was looking at them like they could solve all of his problems. He was once again was mulling over his options, his mind was a stealth, and it snuck in thoughts that he did not necessarily want. One hand, they were doing what they normally did. They were telling him to go home and reminding him of how New Orleans had nothing for him anymore, and then on the other hand, they were in conflict with one another. Another side, an emotional one, telling him to stay. Figure his shit out and then go back home. He was still working and it was not like he had to go home straight away. He was renting a place with Callum and things seemed to be in order. Exhaling slowly, as he wiped his tired eyes with the padding of his fingers. He picked up the glass botle and pressed the rip to his lips in order to take a small sip out of the beer bottle.
It was only him up here and that was why he tended to use this as an escape route. Not many people ever made their way to the roof so it was a spot for him to settle his mind; although, he might have looked pretty pathetic if someone wandered up here to see him drinking alone on the roof. It was not like he was drinking necessarily to get drunk, but it was just enough liquid to get the edge off. A voice broke through the chill air, and his eyes moved over towards the dark haired girl, the war waging in his mind only coming briefly to a halt now as his eyes met hers. ”Uh yeah,” he replied as he cleared his throat, his eye squinting as he looked up into the nice sky. ”It’s actually beautiful out here at night,” he told her nonchalantly, licking his lips with his eyes moving towards her once again. ”Surprisingly,” he added with a chuckle, shrugging his shoulders casually.

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Jan 20 2018, 12:53 AM

She watched him and she wondered what was going on in his head. His aura was a murky green colour, radiating off him as unsettled, confused, and adrift. It was exactly what she would expect from him, but it was sad because she remembered that he had brought himself to a lovely pale yellow glow before the accident had happened. He was doing well, he was happy and she could see it in him. To see him now like this, it was just one of the many things that made her sad about the way that things went. She thought that he'd find his own way, when it had been clear that he had no idea who she was, she had thought it was time for him to find his own path to that yellow aura, a path that didn't include her on it. Here he was though, he was right in front of her and it was practically screaming for her to meddle in. It was going to hurt her in the long run, but Ebony would hurt herself a thousand times over for Gabe.

He thought she was talking about the sky. Cute. It was very lovely but that was not at all what she was referring to. "I was talking bout your ass," she emphasized to him with a slow smirk as she approached him now. She wasn't kidding either. Gabriel was toned and buff in all the right places, not in the sort of way where it became too much but in the way it was too much., He was attractive. He had been before and like wine, he aged well. "Why are you up here?" she asked as she leaned against the edge of the roof besides him, despite her comment she kept a good amount of distance between them. Not too much that it was awkward but more than she would have done with someone that she was perfectly comfortable around.
tagged for gabony
Jan 20 2018, 10:06 PM

HIs ass. Gabe could not help but chuckle as he craned his neck to get a good look of his butt before the grin began to creep further over his lips. He did not know how to respond to that exactly, but he did it in the only manner he knew how. He allowed for his eyes to drop, and they memorized the curvature of her ass. "What's so great about it?" he asked lightly with his eyes crinkling now at her. He did not move over, but he stayed in the same spot and took notice of the distance that she kept between them. He was only aware because of their last encounter, only a piece of paper could fit between them. Chemistry was not a word he used often to describe something, and he would not have used it to describe what had happened over New Year's. He claimed it as too much alcohol in his system so it made his senses blur and get confused. He could not be pursuing Ebony - he was not even considering it, she was the one who came here, after all. But, his eyes moved up her frame once more and caught her gaze briefly. "Yours is better," he returned the compliment slyly.

"So..." he trailed off for a moment with his head dipping back once more to capture the stars. "What brings you here?" he wondered. Lifting his head up, he was not one to call someone out on seeing him because the visits here in New Orleans were far and few between, but it was not like she paid him house visits often. If at all. The girl that he painted from the pictures, and the girl he imagined on the plane ride here. Nothing about this girl met his expectations of who he thought she would be. She was someone else entirely, and he did not know how he really felt about that. He did not come here to fall for someone, but he came here to find himself to discover those hidden memories that his therapist told him that he was hiding from. He supposed it was a good thing he traveled to the roof with a bottle of beer that night. Holding out his hand and offered her a drink if she desired.

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Jan 21 2018, 11:27 AM

Blunt and honest, she really had been looking at her ass though her comment could have been about anything in general. He had a good ass. "If only you could see how you wear a pair of jeans," she joked, but again that sentence rang with truth as well because he wore them well. She was dying to see him in a good pair of sweat pants because that hugged the ass a lot better than any pair of jeans would do. Ebony knew that her and Gabe had good chemistry and it was clear that her and Gabriel did too, but this was about making him want more, making him realize things, and showing herself that she still knew how to get a man at her feet. And, judging from the way that he flirted right back with her, Ebony was certain that she was on the right track here. "Well yeah, you can bounce a dollar off mine," she winked at him, leaving that suggestion lingering in the air for him to think about. There was an odd sense of familiarity about this and then at the same time a newness to it. It was interesting and Ebony wasn't sure if she liked it or not. What she did know was that she was going to embrace this, whatever it was and she was going to see where it might lead her.

"You," she replied simply, turning his way for a second as she examined him. The wind blew her hair a little bit into her face and she took a moment to tuck it behind her ear (which promptly fell out once more) "I brought you something," she elaborated a little bit more and she reached into the bag she had brought with her. Her and Gabe had made a lot of memories together but she thought something that was important in their history was something that Gabriel didn't have. And he didn't have it because she had it. "You made this in high school," she told him, drawing the comic book out in the protective sleeve it was sitting in. A fondness floated into her eye as she looked down at it. she'd kept that all these years, she thought it was one of the best things that Gabe had done. "It's about you, us, how you saw yourself," she explained to him. And other parts of his life as well. She thought, maybe he'd like to see it. She exchanged the book for the beer, popping the cap and taking a swig.
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Jan 21 2018, 03:53 PM

Again, not what he expected. This version of Ebony talking about his ass was completely different than girl who looked at him like he was going to hurt her in front of the food truck the very first day they connected. At least, she was talking to him and treating him like he was a friend he supposed; although, there was some suspicion still resonating within him. Raising his brow with a perplexed look settling in his eyes as he wondered what exactly was she on? Did she pre-game before coming over? "I guess I've never noticed," he replied to her comment, but he had picked up quickly on how well her butt looked in about anything. Again, he could not believe this was his life. Of all of the things he could not remember? He could not remember being with this girl and it was frustrating. She was hot, and he did not have the slightest clue about who she was, but he was sure she knew everything about him. "Are you going to let me try?" it did not hurt to go for it, right? She was throwing it out there, digging his free hand into his pocket as he pulled out a dollar bill out of his pocket and unraveled for her with a smirk.

Of course. She came to see him, he knew that, and he had expected that. This roof was not necessarily on the way to anything except a dead end and a lonely boy who only escaped to this spot to drink some beer alone. It was pretty pathetic, if you asked him. But about everything about him perked up when she said that she brought him something. He knew what it was when she revealed what it was exactly. It looked like the same size as a comic book, but he could decipher what kind of comic book it was. It looked interesting, that was for sure. Turning towards her now, he took the beer from his hands and he did not hesitate in grabbing this comic book, especially after she told him what it was. "I made this?" he asked, shocked, completely taken by surprise by this offering. Because that did not sound like something he would do. Sure, he read comic books and all, but he did not necessarily express himself in words or picture form. "You're kidding me," he said it once more with his finger tracing the cover completely. He was eager to dive in and give it a read, a new light flickering in his eyes now as he examined the cover from top to bottom. "This is awesome," and that was not a word he threw around often. There were not many things that could completely sweep him off of his feet but this did it. He needed to give his past self a pat on the back for this gem. Turning the first page, he skimmed over each and every character on the page, and he caught on quickly who was who and which character was him.


tagged for GABONY <3
Jan 22 2018, 06:42 AM

The thing was that Gabriel had already hurt her. That ship had sailed a long time ago and there was no coming back from it. He had hurt her on a deep level, by coming back and showing that he knew she had been a part of his life but not remembering anything from it at all? Then telling her that she didn't have whatever it was he was looking for - things like that were painful. He had already hurt her and so the way that she saw it, she didn't;t have many options - he wasn't going anywhere after all. What she could do was stay there and continue to get hurt by him, or she could do something about it. She could start to control this narrative that had been handed to her instead of being taken along for the ride. She knew that she was sick of being taken along for the ride. That was for sure. "It's more of a recent development," she said slyly, "No surprises there." That ass she was looking at had developed somewhere in the past two years, that was for sure. She laughed, when he questioned her on whether or not she was going to let him try, "A Canadian dollar smart ass," she reminded him. They might be living in America but it was Canada that they were from and she was starting to realize it was Canada that the saying had originated from. America was weird, one dollar bills? Your wallet would fill up so fast.

That comic book held special sentimental value to Ebony. It was something concrete that Gabriel had done for her, something that she could hold with her own two hands. She loved it and it was difficult for her to show it to anyone else, including Gabriel. "You did," she said lightly, a fond smile growing on her face as she remembered how they had been in high school. Only parts of it she could think of fondly, but overall it had been a good experience and that was because of him. She turned away from him, sipping on the beer as she looked over the skyline, allowing Gabriel to have a moment with his handiwork that he had made all those years ago. That had been a big part of who he was then. "You were," she said quietly. He had been awesome, he had been loved, he had been her - he had been her everything and she had lost that all at once on a New Years Eve. It was easy to see what Gabe had been drawing and writing about in that book for the most part. She was sure, if that Gabe was here now he would have so much more material for another comic book. "That's who you were," she repeated. He was going all over the place trying to find himself in others and you couldn't do that - you could only find yourself in yourself.
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Jan 22 2018, 10:48 PM

He had a nice ass. That did not hurt to know. Of course, he was working out more now that he was able to work out in his full range of motion, but he had not had anyone tell him that his ass looked great. Enough to capture attention where their only lighting was the night sky and some head lights near by. He could not help but feel flushed, smiling so hard now that his cheeks were stretched about as far as they could. Later tonight, he would probably be replaying this night and wondering where this side of Ebony came from. And he was doing nothing to stop it. Digging his other hand into his other pocket and he grinned over at her, "I have one of those too," he joked as he pulled it out of his pocket. After working for the hockey team, he did not get much recognition until he began to move up and started to work with the guys. That was when he started to get some female eyes wandering over at him - at first, it had been so easy to get caught up in. All of the attention - okay, who was he kidding. It was still easy to get caught up in all of that attention. The attention simmered after they discovered he was the social media manager it was not exciting until they learned about how much money he made. They were using him, and he did not hate being used.

"This is awesome," he told her now as he began to flip through the pages of it. "I can't believe I did this," he told her stil in disbelief and shock radiating over him. "Uh yeah," he replied softly as he looked down at the pages of it. The drawings were impressive to the say the least, he did not have a chance to read through the dialogue but he also did not want to take up all of this time reading through it unless she wanted him to. "Care if... I borrow this?" he wondered, licking his lips as he spoke. "I promise to give it back," he vowed immediately. It was hers. He was not looking into ruining it or doing anything else with it. He just wanted to look at it for a little bit longer. Preferably with Ebony not standing next to him as he did so. "I should have brought two beers up here," he told her with a laugh as he watched her take another swig. Looking over at her now with a curious gaze, he spoke his thoughts out loud, "It's not fair you know, you know all of this about me and I do not know nearly enough about you." pausing once he realized that was probably not the best way to go about that topic, but he did not know how to make it sound any better, either. She did not feel like a stranger because he knew they had this history together, but she was still very much a stranger. He did not know what to talk about with her nor what made them compatible. "How did we meet?" and that was not necessarily a question about her, but he would get there.

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Jan 23 2018, 08:29 PM

"You're carrying a loonie around in your pocket?" she asked him with an amused grin. He had been here for a while now, if he had that in his wallet then she might understand it but he had it right in his pocket. That was interesting. She let that line of conversation stall though because as much as she was flirting she was not taking off her pants for him, even if it was just to test how bouncy her ass was. Which was hypocritical because ebony would have probably done that for a perfect stranger but because this was him, and because there was history there she wouldn't. Plus, she had told him anyways that she was seeing someone and she was going to keep that up because... well wasn't that the thing that had got Gabe going the last time? He had been sitting on his ass trying to choose between her and Billie while Ebony had been moving on with her life until he finally saw that and decided he wanted her too. Boys. Ebony had fallen for Gabe back when he had been a dork who rode a skateboard and read comic books. She had liked who he was. he was sweet, he was kind and he hadn't made her feel like an outsider for being different. He had embraced change and that was what she had ended up falling in love with. She fell for someone who embraced change.

The comic book was awesome and it was also one of her prized possessions which was why there was a brief look of panic on her face when he asked if he could borrow it. Her automatic reaction was no. She had not intended to give it to him. it was hers and it was one of the few things that she had of him. But it was his... he had written it and she struggled for a second. "Not one mark on it," she warned him, taking in a breath and releasing her anxiety back out into the world before she smiled again to show him that she was teasing, well mostly. He was not allowed to mark that up. She raised an eyebrow when he continued, talking about how he didn't know her. "Is that your roundabout way of trying to ask about me?" she asked him with an amused smile. She wasn't opposed to that. Thought she thought that a lot about her were things that were best learned naturally over the course of knowing each other and not just said out loud. "You broke your skateboard and came into my moms shop to use the phone," she replied.
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Jan 24 2018, 09:37 PM

"fell out of my wallet," he told her with a chuckle. he was not holding that close to canada - at least, he did not think so. gabriel's gaze flickered from the amused expression on his... ex's face. was he even allowed to call her that? considering she felt like a brand new person to him. he knew nothing about her. was it so ridiculous that he actually wanted to know something about her rather than nothing. it felt pretty ridiculous as he said it. actually, it made him feel completely ridiculous. he wanted to suck the words back in like a vacuum and just drop it. he did not want some type of soft side to be revealed to the girl, but he wanted to come here. show up. discover what it was that he was hiding exactly, but he did not expect that he had felt anything towards ebony. he still did not even know the extent, but he had heard the hurt in her voice and there was enough pain for him to know there was enough.

he licked his lips, noticing the hesitation beginning to brew to the point he thought she would not go through with it. which was a shame because in that moment, his fingers were pinched so tightly on the pages that if she tried to reach and grab it that the paper would probably tear. however, she gave him an unexpected surprise in giving him the go ahead. a smile formed at her response, the look of delight flooding his features, he even felt lighter with her response. he did not feel like he was holding just pieces of paper, but rather, they felt like he could discover some piece of him. al of those years that were nothing but black to him. the ones in reference to after her, and he had no idea on why that was. it seemed like the universe enjoyed being cruel to him. it was some type of twisted humor to make him have a seizure of all people and make him their victim. he knew he was not the only one (he was not that self-centered), but he did know he was one of the chosen few.


red-faced, he was not denying it nor did the male agree to her question. "what?" he tried to throw some pressure away from him. was it hot out or here? or was it only him? a groan settled in his throat; it was not an act, he had said this line so many times that it was almost second nature to him by now. "haven't i been through enough?" a smirk curving at the corner of his lips. "losing my memory and all." he did not deserve to be called out on his roundabout ways. pausing for a moment, knowing that answer would not suffice - well, if she were a smart girl it would not suffice. "but yes," he released the response like the two one syllable words were impossible to say together.

"i broke my skateboard? and you fell for that? " he questioned in jest.

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