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 Check In, Jacob
Esme was hoping to find Jacob in a better head space than when she last saw him. He had been so far down and she felt helpless just sitting across from him. Yep, she worried. She hadn't expected that: to worry about him as much as she did. She was the one who wanted things to be simple. They both were frustrated and had a lot of pent up emotions so they could help each other work it out between the sheets. Simple right?

(there was a little voice in the back of her head that was constantly reminding her that nothing was simple)

Jacob was in the back when she arrived and there was an unfamiliar face behind the bar. She decided against just muscling her way into his office. Instead she ordered a beer and would wait him out. He couldn't stay back there forever.

Esme nursed her drink, peeling at the label a little as she waited him out. Things were finally starting to feel normal again --- the police department had been in complete chaos during the outbreak. She had spent most of her time behind a desk filing incident after incident. Her supervisor had been on her case, wanting her to pick up her gun and get back on the street (they needed all the support they could get). She had almost did it --- and now that she had a moment to think it through (without all the noise of the precinct buzzing around in the back of her head) she wished she had.

Maybe she was ready to leave the desk behind.

She heard him before she saw him. He was grumbling about something and she couldn't help but grin a little. Always complaining wasn't he? She shifted in her seat. "Anyone ever tell you that you will probably be that grumpy old man who tells people to get off his lawn?"


Jacob knew he shouldn't be brooding, but it was easier said than done. He had a hard time getting over anything, it was hard for him to get it out of his head, he kept going over and over things until it drove him insane. That's why he needed the support group, to at least have a opportunity to get to say what was on his mind, just to get it out of there. But it wasn't always easy, and he had basically been staying away from the group since the fight with Addie. Maybe because he didn't want Esme to find out, maybe he was just a big ol' coward.

He had been taking care of a shipment out back when Esme entered the bar, it was he and some new girl - young enough to be his daughter - that was going to work the bar that night. It was probably going to be slow enough so the girl would get a chance of adjusting to her new job, even if Jacob wouldn't give her any slack just because she was new. When he walked back to the bar he instantly noticed the redhead sitting behind it. With a soft breath, he steadied himself, there was no need in chasing her away as well. He passed by the new girl as he made his way over to her. "These ain't clean, sweetheart, polish them, alright?" he muttered at some beer glasses by his side that needed polishing before he would let her serve anything outta them. He knew he was being picky, but he wasn't going to pay her for not doing her job.

He let out a snort as he heard Esme call him a grumpy old man, she wasn't far from the truth after all. "Think so?" he shrugged and gave her a smile. "At least I will be in good company, me and Clint..." He had seen that movie about a hundred times, Clint Eastwood was his and his fathers favorite actor. They had seen just about every movie that he's ever starred in, just about the only movie that Jacob ever took time to watch. He had missed a lot of good movies through his days. "... How are ya, Esme?"


Despite just accusing him of being a cranky old man, Esme could tell that he was in a better mood than their last real conversation. She breathed a tiny sigh of relief at that. She knew from personal experience that when a black mood took hold, it could have a tight grip. She didn't want to think of him closed off from the rest of the world in that office of his.

"You and Eastwood huh? I can see it. You both have that I've seen some shit look about you. You wear it better though." Meaning that she wouldn't touch Clint with a ten foot pole but she was angling to hopefully get her hands on Jacob in the near future. She missed that physical contact. He might run hot and cold emotionally but at least she could count on him driving her absolutely crazy in the bedroom.

She couldn't resist leaning in to card her fingers through his hair. It ruffled a little, resulting in a piece sticking out. She was thoroughly amused by the sight and it probably showed on her face. She couldn't leave him like that of course. He still had customers to serve so she smoothed over the mess she had made. "I'm good. Still catching up on sleep after working overtime during the health crisis." As a member of the police department she had made sure she did as much as she could. "But I decided to forgo an early bed time tonight because I was missing a certain handsome bar owner. You haven't seen him around have you?"


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