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 I'll Steel Your Heart Away, tag:: ivory
Mar 20 2017, 06:48 PM

Night Fury. It was a name that brought both terror and relief to people’s hearts when they heard the superhero’s name. Or was she a super villain? Really it all depended on who you asked. Elizabeth might save your life, but that is no guarantee you won’t get burned too in the process. No one is safe from the fire power that she welds. She never wanted the gifts she is in possession of and frankly she would happily change places with anyone in a heartbeat if it meant just one normal day to be ordinary. For the time being though, she was the one doomed to live with them. It was her gift and her curse.

Flying high above the quiet world below her, the night sky was where she lived and thrived. There was something about the darkness that made people bold at trying things. Stupid and careless things. But there was also a sense of privacy up here. No one could see her unless she wanted to be seen. It wasn’t the case when she was on the ground where the fire that raged through her veins could harm the innocent as well as the guilty. No one dared to challenge her up here and therefore there was never a need to let the fire rage. She was both safe from others as others were of her. Plus, she was willing to be the first to admit that her signature fireball strike was most effective from high above since no one could see it coming until it was too late. But there was no one to fight tonight… or so she thought.
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Mar 20 2017, 09:26 PM

When people say the best way to overcome a bad name is to own the name, they clearly were never called Leech."Leech" will always be attributed to the ugly, blood-sucking insects that actually went as far as to eat people in that Series of Unfortunate Events book. It was just plain unkind. She was no superhero, but it wasn't like she was biting at the bit to rule the world either - she just wanted to be left alone, powers be damned. But one touch from her and she drained you of whatever shining talent you had - if you had telepathy, she stole it for the day; if you had extreme empathy, it was hers for the next 24 hours; hell, if you had a knack for concert piano, she got it and you lost it... that was the rule. Superhuman or human, no one was truly safe from her power-absorbing power and she kind of loved and hated it at the same time. Loved, because it kept life exciting and never got old; Hated, because well, no one wanted to be friends with a leech.

Enjoying the last few minutes of the gift of flight an insignificant bully from the next town over had (un)graciously bestowed to her, she was still up in the air. She was so busy looking forward to see the air controllers' faces when she landed herself on their runway, she didn't even see it coming until she'd crashed face first into the other girl up there. Well, shit. Another quirk of her unfortunate power was that when she absorbed two powers within the same 24 hours, the second cancelled the first and the transfer took a couple of seconds to take. Rolling her eyes, she glanced top the heavens with the clearest fuck you she could muster as the two of them began to fall.

p.s. i really hope this is okay!
Mar 21 2017, 11:11 AM

Not many things could fly and most hardly did so in the dead of night. That was one of the reasons Elizabeth loved to fly at night as well; no distractions, no troubles. She could just close her eyes and glide across the clouds without hesitation or worry. It was harder and harder to find times like that in her line of work. If what she did could be classified as work. The only reason she did what she did was because she was given the ‘honor’ of possessing superpowers. She hadn’t wanted them or needed them but they were hers nonetheless. It wasn’t like she could have a normal nine to five job when her temperament accidentally left the copy machine in flames because it was jammed… again. So she was a superhero who helped save lives and occasionally set fire to cities blocks. There were worse things to be in life she had to imagine.

Minding her own business as usual, her eyes were closed to the night sky as she continued to enjoy the feeling of the wind blowing through her hair. She usually could hear if objects like planes or birds started to fly close to her but there was no indication that was going to happen anytime soon so she simply smiled to herself and enjoyed the ride. The solid object that collided with her made her reevaluate that feeling though. With a loud huff, suddenly her flying came to an abrupt halt as she started to fall while trying to get her bearings. What was that? It had been too large for a regular bird but as she tumbled down closer and closer to the ground she spotted the figure beside her. “Oh s…” was the best Elizabeth could mutter to herself before she snapped out of it and attempted to regain her control. Only her body wasn’t listening to her commands to halt the free-fall. “What the hell?” was all Elizabeth could scream over to the other girl as the sound of the wind hurled them closer and closer to the ground. Suddenly her powers didn't seem so terrible to have after all.
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Mar 22 2017, 11:06 PM

Honour was brought up a lot more than it should be... a lot more than you think. Ivory'd be the first to admit she wasn't exactly the right person to be talking about it, but when she had something to say, she said it. People liked to word-drop things like honour or gift when they weren't the ones being asked to risk their lives for strangers who didn't give a crap about them, but were quick to turn on their so-called heros in the aftermath. And god help you if your skill was to steal or kill because to them, you only have the makings of a villain.


They free-fell a couple hundred feet before she finally felt the new power start to kick in and she stopped her body like as if she'd simply pulled a parachute. The other girl, unfortunately, kept falling. Floating in her spot she paused for a moment and cocked her head, watching as the poor soul tried and tried again to use her power and weighed the choice on whether to "save" her. Rolling her eyes again, she grumbled to herself and shot down after the falling body, knowing that she wasn't heartless enough to let an innocent person die just because it was gonna suck listening to the same old "you-can't-go-stealling-other-people's-powers" diatribe once again. Usually it was easy enough to ditch them before it started because they were on solid land and not in any immediate danger or anything. Leaving now however, would just be cruel. Wrapping her arms around the girl, she shouted over the wind, "Yeah, sorry about that!" as she slowed them down. Wow, this power felt a lot different from anything she'd felt before. She flexed it experimentally as they made their now much shorter descent to the ground, trying to get a feel for what she had. "What the f-" she startled as flames started flaring off her and she dropped the now-powerless girl the last 20 feet before she accidentally burned her face off or something. Distracted by patting out the fire she mildly crashed into the road, leaving a trail of it in her wake. Oops. Getting a mild headrush as she stood up, she took a moment to get her bearings. Woah, flight and flames for powers? Not bad. She could definitely do some damage with this... Brushing herself off, she spotted the one she'd power-robbed this time, getting up back near the front of her badass firetrail. She breathed deeply and tilted her head calmly. Here goes nothing. "Well..." she looked around at the minor destruction they'd caused to the street, "That was exciting..."

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Mar 23 2017, 11:09 AM

Powerless. Elizabeth couldn’t remember the last time that word actually meant anything to her personally. She hadn’t always had her powers but there was a tiny part of her mind that tried to hypothesize that she had. It was always there, deep inside of her, but only showed up in the last decade or so. Yeah, it made her mind rest a little and her fears that she’d explode into a fiery ball of death one day easier. When she was flying high above the world those sorts of things never really entered her mind though. Now it was the only thing repeating over and over in there.

Flaring around like a fish out of water, Elizabeth wanted to scream but her lungs felt like they were drowning. Nothing she did or thought made the ground quickly becoming larger and larger below her any easier to stomach either. She was powerless, how or why wasn’t not her main concern though. What was her concern was not dying because of it. Every trick she did to control her powers she tried the opposite of with no effect. That was when she felt the arms wrap around her. Glancing behind her, Elizabeth was in shock to see someone else seemingly controlling their decent now. Another person with flying powers? Was that possible? And why couldn’t she seem to fly anymore?

Before her mind could catch up with this though the grip around here was suddenly gone and with a loud yelp she was hitting the ground, hard. Groaning to herself, Elizabeth heard rather than saw the other person skid to a halt not that far away. What the hell was going on, was the only thought she could muster to formulate as she shockingly stood and saw the other girl at the end of the fire trail. “Ummm yeah. Not the word I’d go with but sure. Exciting.” she cautiously started to stay as she eyed her hands closely. She would have thought being powerless would feel great after all these years but it just felt… wrong. “Why… how… what is going on?” Elizabeth sharply added.
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Mar 23 2017, 02:50 PM

Oh come on. This girl probably did stunts like this all the time - only difference is this time she was the one without flight. Ivory wasn't stupid. By now she'd put two and two together. The flying. The flames. The outfit. It would be hard living in New Orleans and not hearing about their very own antihero. Night Fury. Scary name, for a scary gal. But looking at her now, she didn't seem so dark and mysterious as the media painted her to be. She just seemed... She was just a girl. Like her. When she turned, for a brief moment she actually looked kind of familiar, but Ivory brushed it off as simple bad street lighting and her excited heart pumping blood too fast throughout her body.

Her head flinched back infinitesimally at the sharpness of her tone and her features hardened for a second before her skin crackled with sparks and she remembered herself. She looked down at her flaming hands and scrunched her nose. Wow. Okay then. Excessive much?Shaking her palms out, she blew a quick breath through her nose and reminded herself that they'd both just fallen out of the sky so Night Fury deserved some answers. Clapping her hands together and rubbing her palms slowly, she started to close the distance between them. "Right! So, let's recap. Two minutes ago, you had Fire and Flight superpowers, we crashed, now you don't have Fire and Flight superpowers and I-" she gestured around them, "-do." She pursed her lips and spreading her arms outward, she shrugged her shoulders. "Sorry Ms. Fury, your powers are on loan for the day. You'll just have to trust me when I say you'll get them back. Badda bing, badda boom, stay out of trouble, have a nice life." Saluting the superhero, she turned and prayed she would get away before Night Fury processed the new information.

Mar 23 2017, 09:26 PM

If it wasn’t for the fact that she had just been plummeting to her death, Elizabeth might have noticed her powers were how she had always dreamed and wished them to be; gone. Of course her idea of this situation usually took place someplace on the ground and not mid-flight. However now that she was on the ground, she still couldn’t quite put two and two together just yet. Because how? It was sort of ironic really. All her life while she had these powers she had dreamed of them gone but now that she didn’t have them - temporarily of course - she wanted them back. The thought wasn’t lost on her but she was willing to chalk that up to the fact that they and been stolen.

Being on the ground like an ordinary person felt weird. Really weird. Glancing down at her body, Elizabeth was surprised to not see the fire coming from her fists like they did when she got this distraught. What few knew was that she didn’t really have that much control over her powers, her emotions did. Sure she could keep her emotions in check - and therefore keep the fire in check - but now that the confusion was dissolving into anger at having her powers stolen it was like a flood gate had opened. “You… do? That didn’t explain the how buddy.” Elizabeth snarled as she felt her blood boil at how casual this other woman was being. Was this normal for her? Cause having superpowers stolen was sort of a new thing for Elizabeth.

“Whoaaaaa… whoa whoa whoa whoa! Don’t think you get away that easy! Hey! Give me those back!” Eliabeth lunged forward trying to grab at whatever she could of this stranger. Well sort of stranger… she did look rather familiar but in her annoyance about the power thing she wasn’t going to dwell on that fact just yet.
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Mar 28 2017, 07:52 PM

Ivory wasn't that much different from the others of the general public. She had occasionally envisioned how it might feel to encounter NOLA's very own superhero in action. There were so many different scenarios in which it could've happened - she could've been a passenger in a jeopardized streetcar as the vigilante blasted the occupants out in time, or she could've been a hostage in that cafe that'd got held up 2 years ago as the caped hero forced the assailants into submission... What would she've said? How would she reveal that she was just like her? That she had powers too? To the Ivory of today, all it was was the dreams of a broken child, desperate to fit in somewhere. The Ivory of today didn't need people to be like her; she'd learned the hard way to grow out of those fantasies. Now that she thought about it, now that she'd met her, Night Fury was actually kind of annoying. Geez.

Buddy? Cue eyebrow raise. "I'm not your buddy, buddy." she wanted to say. But she was better than that - her self-control was unrivalled after all. She could deal with a persistent, powerless superwhatever for as long as it took to explain the entire logistics of her power... or she could just say "magic" and fly away before she stopped her. But clearly that idea was out the window when she was stopped. Damn it. Shaking the girl's hand off her ankle she landed back on the ground and sighed testily, reminding herself that she technically should not be the one to be annoyed in this current situation. Clearly her throat she pursed her lips and pressed her hands together as she tried to make her point as clear as possible, "I can't just give them back, that's unfortunately not how it works?" Making a bold move in hope of settle any nerves, she went to place her hands on Night Fury's shoulders, hesitating only once she'd entered her personal head space. Wavering around whether to or not in an awkwardly brief robotic movement up and down and up and down again, she rested them firmly on the disgruntled girl's upper arms, dusting off imaginary dust or lint. "You have to wait a day. 24 hours, down to the second. I don't make the rules, my power does. You of all people should be able to grasp at least that"

super sorry about the hold up - french orals stress me out
Mar 29 2017, 09:25 AM

Why was she so determined to get her powers back? The thought should have held more impact on Elizabeth’s mind because this was exactly what she had wanted after all these years right? To just be normal again. Whatever normal was. Only she wasn’t just normal. No, someone had stolen a part of her even if that part was something she hated in the first place. The hatred wasn’t the point, the stealing it against her will was. Grumbling under her breath, Elizabeth’s instincts to just fly or fire off a fireball or two was still very much there. So standing here or even lunging forward felt awkward, she just hoped it didn’t show. The last thing she needed was someone like this mystery girl mocking her for being like a fire out of water. “Great. You’ve told me how this doesn’t work but not about how it does! Are you some new annoying wannabe bad… girl or whatever? Stealing being your forte?” was the best she could stagger out, holding on for dear life for some answers to this strange new mess. No one could ever say that Elizabeth had a gift for words. Thankfully her fire did most of the talking for her lately anyway. Just not now.

When the other woman moved to touch her, Elizabeth flinched back for a second. If this girl had stolen her powers that meant those hands could get toasty and fast. Plus she just didn’t like people touching her. She just wasn’t the social sort of person who wanted feelings and connections that made even the most basic of human interactions acceptable. She was alone and she wanted to keep the world at least at an arm’s length away. Still, in the back of her mind she wondered if this shoulder touch could reverse her fortunes again. Sadly it did not. “What kind of power steals another person’s power for exactly 24 hours? To the second? And what I’m just left being… what? Normal?” the last word taking an extra beat or two to come out because the initial word simply wouldn’t do for Elizabeth. There was no way the word powerless was going to come out of her mouth. No way, no how.
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Mar 29 2017, 07:59 PM

Ivory's lip curled as her ears heated up. God, this girl was just like the rest of them. Jumping to conclusions and smacking a labels where they don't belong. "Look-" she growled, raising her palm up to halt this turn as she lost her calm. Startling herself, her hand went up in flames and she automatically clenched her fist and moved it away from the two of them. Seeing that her fist was still a blazing ball she focused on finding her cool, closing her eyes and breathing deeply as she shook her hand hopefully putting out the fire. "God that's annoying." she grumbled absently as she turned her, now icy, displeasure back to the girl. "Look, whatever I am, people like you made me this way. I'm no bad girl," she mimicked, raising her hands in the universal quote-unquote gesture and then dropping them like lead back to her sides, "I just want to be left alone." She paused in her turn and then faced Night Fury again, "And I don't steal. You're getting them back goddammit." Seriously, what was so hard to grasp about that?

Ivory herself was still super socially awkward. She knew the motions but she didn't understand the feelings behind it because she'd never experienced them before. She knew a pat on the back meant "Good job", a rub was for comfort, and a shoulder squeeze spoke of pride but she'd only ever seen others do it to others. So when she tried, it came across robotic and awkward - not that she really cared. It wasn't like she did it on a regular basis. Most people she encountered either didn't know her, or didn't understand her. She wasn't going to waste feelings on those kinds of people. She wasn't quite sure why she'd wasted the attempt on this person. Shrugging, her eyes conveyed her true feelings as they shot icy daggers at the feeling of being judged, "What kind of power sets innocent people on fire and scars them for life?" Okay so probably not the nicest thing to say, considering she probably understood better than anybody the disadvantages of having poswers. But she was starting to feel on trial here, and Ivory'd never liked feeling cornered. She raised an eyebrow though at the "normal" part. As much as she disliked the social backlash of her power, it would suck to think that she'd never get to fly again, or run faster than a train, or see the world out of an artist's eyes. "More like, temporarily out of order?" she tried reassuring.

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Mar 30 2017, 05:56 PM

Elizabeth had lived with her powers for years, it didn’t make controlling them that much easier though. She understood how they worked but it was part of the whole ‘fury’ name. The fire was wild and barely under her control even after all this time. Which was why when the thief started to talk, clearly annoyed, Elizabeth couldn’t help but laugh when the blazes appeared. “Tell me about it.” Elizabeth grumbled as well. But it didn’t mean she had to like not being on the flaming end of this conversation. “I didn’t make anyone… most certainly not whatever you are. And what exactly do you make anyway?” she added still at a lose for explanations.

She was born with her powers, there was no terrifying accident or tests involved. They just… happened. Why her? Why not one of her siblings? Why not anyone else? She didn’t know and no one seemed to have an answer for her questions either. Maybe she was just cursed or something. It would make more sense. “Just because I’m getting them back doesn’t mean you haven’t stolen them for… exactly 24 hours!” Elizabeth retorted. Although a part of questioned that - just not out loud. This woman’s power was to steal other people’s power and not by choice. What kind of life was that? It had to feel like she had no control in a way. Cause really who would want to have fire burst out of her hands whenever her mood turned sour.

Pointing a finger at the other woman, whatever her name was, Elizabeth narrowed her eyes as she felt a growl in the back of her throat. Thank goodness she didn’t have her powers right now otherwise everything within reach would be on flames by now. “Some aren’t so innocent. And as you can already tell… I have next to no control over that. So what if I set something on fire that shouldn’t be? I try to help sometimes too and even that leaves me being the one burnt. Not ever scar is so easily seen.” she hissed out. And maybe the idea of the next 24 hours letting her just be normal was as terrifying as her day to day life anyway. “Do you have a name by the way? Or should I just go about calling you the temporary girl?”
LOL. This is so unlike normal Lizzie too I adore alllll this!!!
Apr 4 2017, 05:00 PM

Ivory sighed and ran her fingers through her hair exasperately, the fight in her dissipating. "You didn't. Clearly. I've never met you before. But people like you? All-" she scrunched her nose in disgust and waggled her hand in the general direction of Night Fury's face, "judgy and self-righteous? Fuck, you're a walking cliché." She muttered that last part to herself, unable to stop the wave of disappointment at the fact that the one person who she'd actually imagined would understand her was just like the rest of the world - an illusion she hadn't even realized she still had. She supposed this was why you weren't supposed to meet your idol - not that Night Fury was her idol. That was just weird.

"Y'know, I prefer the term, borrowed" Fury'd got her wrong - Leech had been born with her powers too; only they'd been extremely muted at birth and had slowly manifested into what they were today, over time. All she knew was that she'd always sent out a bad vibe to people. She was never that baby that relatives liked to pick up and cuddle and her parents and siblings were not fans of her strange aura. Until her "effect" she had on people was understood as a "power", she hadn't even realized that she'd already essentially become totally socially isolated. It'd been all she'd known. Unfortunately for her, when you know, you know. And she'd spent the greater chunk of the following decade chasing what she lacked.

Her only answer to the anger was a raised eyebrow. She could recognize when she went too far and despite everything, Ivory had a fucked up (but fair) moral code. She was not the victim here. Night Fury was. Anger came with the territory, so all she would have to do is suck it up and take it. "People not so kindly call me Leech, so I guess you can go ahead and call me that. I'm sure as hell not giving you my real name - after all this is over, I might go home to find my apartment in flames." she sneered testily. She'd never really liked the name, but it'd stuck and she was still trying to own it.

i had this on a tab for days and only now realized i'm too late. dammit it was good while it lasted.

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Apr 4 2017, 09:03 PM

Fury was actually a good nickname for Elizabeth. Because she was beyond mad and pissed just didn’t have enough heat to it - metaphorically of course. Her powers weren’t something she had asked for, they just came like everything else terrible while transitioning adolescence. Some people got pimples, Elizabeth got powers. She had probably always have that little fire inside of her itching for a fight but it wasn’t until she felt so different that the fire inside became the fire outside. Snapping her hands to her hip, Elizabeth was still slightly startled at this ability to actually make physical contact with her own skin and not think about the flames that would bother her. She couldn’t burn herself of course but the clothes were a totally different story.

Glaring at the other woman, Elizabeth had to bite back something about them never meeting before because, although it was probably true, she looked so familiar. Where or when was lost to her though. Elizabeth tried to shake off the familiarity and focus on the here and now. “I know I didn’t. I don’t get involved with people unless I have to and…” Elizabeth stuttered to a halt as the other woman kept talking and waggling her hands towards her. With a look that could kill - if only - Elizabeth lifted her hands to her chest as if to silently ask me? “I’m the judgy one? I get my powers stolen, nearly killed falling to my death, insulted, called a cliche, and now I’m the one who is judgy?” Elizabeth hissed out with another sharp glare.

Rolling her eyes just couldn’t be stopped anymore. Sighing as well, Elizabeth pulled her arms up to make little air quotes as she gave a sarcastic smirk. “Sorry… ‘borrowed’. How could I be so mistaken.” And sarcasm seemed to be her only form of communication until the woman finally revealed her name… sort of. It was just too good not to start laughing at. “Oh… oh my god that’s terrible! Fitting… terribly ironic… but damn thank goodness I could burn people alive if they ever tried to call me something like that!” Elizabeth snickered as she finally found something worth smiling about in this whole situation.