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 Where I Belong, ⚜ noae? KaeOAH?
May 27 2017, 09:17 PM

Kae had literally just gotten off tour. Well, no. She’d been back for a couple weeks. Most of that time had been spent catching up on sleep and figuring out which time zone she was currently in. Still, she’d just come down from one of the best opportunities of her life and now she was being presented with another one. Kae didn’t know what she’d done to deserve all this. She knew her dad would say that it was just her hard work finally paying off. The girl had been dancing since she was in second grade. She’d been dancing for almost thirteen years. If not actually thirteen. Even though she’d taken that time off and stopped formally taking classes, she hadn’t quit. Her teachers, once made away, told her that it showed. Though, she didn’t get why they knew so much about her family history. It wasn’t like that had been in her application and she hadn’t gone to the Office of Disability at her school to put in any special requests. If anything, she felt like her mom was emailing with the department. Kae often poked at her with a light “don’t do that” to see if it was actually a thing. She still hadn’t determined if it was just yet.

But back to the opportunity. First Ellen, then being taught by teachers who were quite literally NOLA legends, then the tour—and now, this! Kae was going to be on TV. She wasn’t going to be a super focal point on TV but she was going to be on TV. A month before her twentieth birthday—before she officially ended her run as a teenager—she’d gotten a job on the new lip-sync show. She’d gone through about a week of rehearsals and she was loving it. She couldn’t thank Lil G enough for tipping her off about the job and audition. At the moment, she wasn’t sure if they were practicing for an actual number or if they were just testing everyone’s ability to pick up a combination, but she was super excited. It felt like she was in school, just without all the homework and icky stuff. Though, even if there had been homework, she probably would’ve loved it because she was doing something she loved. There was no doubt about that.

May 30 2017, 04:25 AM

This show was fresh and so were many of the faces. While they had been looking for experienced dancers, so many of them were from new orleans. Noah liked that. It felt like a real homegrown show. Wherever they turned, there was at least one person that he knew. While archer was really the only one he knew intimately, he knew quite a bit about kaesyn. She danced with his sister and while she wasn’t going to be on the show(working with family was a seriously bad idea), she reminded noah that kaesyn was pretty good. That didn’t mean she got the job right away but they knew she would fit in. she was young, energized and a good dancer. All of the dancers were split into groups so that no one let out any moves from the other contestant.

They were getting closer to the premier and noah was wandering around the studio. He was still anxious to get their own place. There were a couple of old warehouses that would be perfect. Noah could see them all in his mind. There were a lot of images in his head but they were being replaced by the dancers that he had stumbled upon. Well, it wasn’t really like stumbling since he was wandering this way. As they finished that set, he grabbed a bottle of water and held it out to kaesyn. “well you seem to be fitting in nicely.” there were benches but he opted for the floor. There was more room to spread out his legs. There was no reason other than he just wanted to put his legs straight out in front of him. “are you doing ok with everyone? No one is giving you trouble right?”


Jun 8 2017, 12:32 PM

Kae didn’t know how she’d missed anything about the development on this show. Even though she’d been moving from city to city for months, she was pretty sure there had been things about it. Shows just didn’t pop up. On top of that, they’d actually been watching a lot of television on tour. She hadn’t seen promos or anything. She’d only seen the hilarious lip-sync battles on the internet. Those mostly happened on late night shows and Kae just didn’t have the energy to stay up that long. Even though she was only 19. Still, she was super excited to be there. She could easily stay up all night for dance and she had. Not for the show, not yet at least, but she definitely could. Her mom joked that she’d do just about anything they asked her to because this was big deal. Like yeah, it was a small part in an entourage dance sequence but this was a big step for her career. This was Kaesyn’s actual job now. She was getting paid to dance.

Despite needing a break, she was super excited and she was still kind of jumping around. She always felt that way after rehearsals. She really didn’t get how people didn’t like dancing? It was kind of (more than kind of) invigorating. She was still hopping when Noah offered her the bottle, which she accepted with a bright smile. ”Trying to!” she joked. There were a couple dancers that she’d kind of connected with. The thing about dancers were that they weren’t always looking to make friends. WIth a field as cutthroat at theirs, they were always looking out for themselves and trying not to get stabbed in the back. From what’d she’d seen on competition shows anyway, because she’d always been dancing for fun with people she’d known for a while. ”Down, mama bear!” she laughed before taking a seat of her own on the floor. ”Everyone’s really nice! I love it here!” And she did. ”What about you? You excited for this to air?”

Jun 10 2017, 01:36 AM

This show was months in the making but still “new”. Archer already had the backing of a network behind him. Meanwhile, noah was the new face. He had a few shorts so they were taking a risk on him. However, they seemed to have faith in him. Which was a good thing because noah was pumped for this show. This was different than a movie but that gave him more of a rush. There would be a change from week to week. The list of celebrities was exciting. Noah didn’t get starstruck easily but there were a couple he was fanning over. At least he had time to prepare for them. He could reel in his freak outs but his excitement wouldn’t die. This show was going to be spectacular. He was anxious waiting for it’s premier because he was positive that it was going to be a hit that everyone enjoyed.

Being able to have people he liked on this show was a good thing. He was establishing a relationship with dianna but he didn’t want his sister on the show. He loved lyn, he did, but they would fight and cause issues. He didn’t think he’d get upset at kaesyn. Sure he had known her forever but she wasn’t his sister so there was no weird family dynamics. “i am not a mama bear. Not yet anyways.” ok he kind of was. Even if she wasn’t family, he was still protective of her. She was one of the youngest dancers so there was an extra level of worry. “duh. I’ve basically been on a sugar high without the sugar. Though i have to wear shoes.” his face scrunched up. Noah had a heavy step. He tried to be quieter but it didn’t usually work out so when he was filming, he avoided footwear entirely. While they were associated with the studio, he would need to wear shoes. At least for now. “you have to come to the premier party. There’s going to be food and even non-alcoholic drinks. Some alcoholic if you flirt with the right bartender.” noah slung an arm over her shoulder and sighed. “did you think that you’d be making it out on the small screen this soon?”

Jun 17 2017, 12:12 PM

She didn’t know much about how these things worked but it seemed like a big jump for Noah. He was a director but he was used to working on movies and she could tell how much went into that. Movies were different because they were kind of a one time thing. You worked on them for years at a time and then, when you wrapped, you were done with it. You just put it out there and everyone got a chance to see what you’d given your whole heart to for however long it had been. TV was different. If the show was successful then more episodes got ordered and it was more competitive to her? There was nothing like this on television right now and that was probably going to help. But this was, for sure, going to be a hit and people were going to want to hop on the bandwagon. She could tell that by just looking around. She could tell that by how under wraps the list of people going up against each other was and she was super excited for her friend.

SHe was also very excited about the fact that she’d mostly gotten here on her own merritt. Lyn had told her to audition and she was pretty sure she’d also told Noah that Kae was going to be auditioning. Kaesyn was also sure he didn’t have much to do with the actual hiring process, for the dancers anyway. She wasn’t sure if they had to have a certain look or anything. From the looks of it, they didn’t; and that was even more cool for her. Still, she’d made it. On a set. Of a show. On her own. She was over the moon. She laughed at the fluffy haired man. If anyone was going to be a second mama bear to her, she was glad it was him. He was a pretty good person all-around. ”Curse those shoes!” she joked. ”I’d love to! Can I bring someone?” she asked before he mentioned flirting with the right bartender. She tossed her hair in laughter once she did. Though, in all fairness, Kae did have the advantage since she played for both teams. ”Honestly? Not a chance in hell. I always thought it would take me until my late 20s to come across something this amazing!” she told him and she wasn’t lying. She’d been on a tour already but that was with her dance company. That wasn’t with a superstar artist. This business was hard and she knew she was going to have to put in the work. She was just happy that she was seeing results a little earlier than she’d expected.

Jun 18 2017, 11:28 PM

While this was a change, noah was excited for it. Some things would be the same for every single episode but there would be little things that were changed up. He just couldn’t do the routine all the time. Boredom was difficult because he had a tendency to literally wander away to find something to keep him engaged if it happened too often. There were clearly moments where he had to sit still and focus such as meetings. He could do that but the appeal of movies was that there was always a different story. The same would apply to the show. The celebrities would each pick two different songs and use different props. Theo liked to see what them and the creative team came up with. Then he liked seeing the dancers perform. They were given sets but not told who it would be until a couple days before with rehearsals. What he was especially looking forward to were the dancers who were fans and seeing how they they lit up seeing someone they admired.

While lyn had told noah that kaesyn was trying out, he didn’t play favorites. He didn’t tell the choreographer that he knew the girl so that she didn’t get an unfair advantage or judgement. With the woman they got to do the choreography, it could go either way. “duh. You can bring a couple of someone’s but if any of you are drunk after this party and get us in trouble, i’ll kick your asses.” the last thing they needed was negative press and a fine before the show was just starting out. They were already in talks for a second season because the buzz was that good. “well, you’re getting a running start. Embrace it. Enjoy it.” noah grinned. She had been working hard since she was young to dance. This wasn’t some hobby she just picked up and would drop in a few months. “are you going to keep going to school?”

Jul 16 2017, 09:59 AM

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