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welcome to the big easy, a real life site based in the vibrant city of new orleans. please register your character's first and last name using uppercase letters. the skin is best viewed in chrome with the use of an ad blocker.
new orleans, louisiana
august 30th hop in the posting contest here!!

july 15th nano and the event have been closed! congratulations to air for having the most points in the contest!

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away rules

There are two kinds of aways that you can have on TBE. The first is a slow posting away - if your life has got a little bit more hectic, or are gone for less than five days, copy the code below and let us know by posting in this thread, like a reply. You are not excused from checks with this away. (this is not a mandatory away, some people just like letting people know whats going on!)

The second is an absence where you will not be posting at all, and is for over than five days. Post these as a new thread in this forum, with the dates as your subtitle ((mm/dd - mm/dd)) You are excused from checks with an absence.

Absences over two weeks will get you on probation when you're back. probation will last the duration of your away

putting up an absence after a check goes up will not excuse you from the check - extenuating circumstances accepted, just talk to us. If you're not comfortable putting an absence remember we don't ask for reasons you're gone, so please don't just disappear.

[thread2][align=left] [b]name:[/b] [b]characters:[/b] [b]dates:[/b] [b]reason:[/b] optional! [/align][/thread2]
characters: james, sierra, robbie, gabe, hakim, lilo, audrey, and drew
dates: til 9/25
reason: lalalala just a lil busy. still here and sorta posting and then i'm going to kings island this weekend so probs won't be around all weekend so blame the fam.
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