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 Treading Water, sham
tim was a little sad to be back from vacation. hawaii had been enjoyable. while he had traveled with his dad some when he recorded somewhere else, he never fully enjoyed it? a lot of time was spent either with his dad in a studio, out to dinner meetings, or to a select few tourist locations. this time he had fun. for a little while, everything that had been happening at home didn't really matter to him. now he was back and while things were still in a strange place, he wasn't stressed nearly as much. now he felt a little invigorated to face anything going on with himself or the people in his life. he was also looking at a couple of other things to do besides his gardening in order to try to just have better coping mechanisms.

which, after this patient, he would need it.

the guy wasn't being cooperative at all. he was agitated and the doctors were debating on sedating him. tim needed someone to come take labs and do a portable x-ray but everything was basically on hold. restraints were always a last ditch effort so they were going to see if he calmed down in some manner. so far he was calm but every time they wanted to do something, he got upset. the man spoke english and when asked if he was deaf, he said no. he was just agitated and they had to see if it was drugs, something wrong mentally, or maybe he was a victim of some kid. tim was waiting a few minutes before approaching him again so he was there when shaun came by. "hey so we haven't gotten anything from him. can you wait a little bit or are they going to be up your ass?"

deshaun jackson
he’d been working since he could, the work for what you want was a motto in the jackson house hold but before everything with his dad it had just been casual. this job was the first one that he’d actually enjoyed every day, he wanted to get up and come to work. he knew it wasn’t the most glamorous job in the hospital but he also knew it wasn’t the least glamorous one. it was a busy job which he was fine with he didn’t like being bored. it was probably because there wasn’t a time in the last several years where he’d had a moment to let himself get bored, always on the go. not necessarily because he wanted to be but he felt that he had to be, luckily he wasn’t upset about that, it was actually his own choice.

shaun was currently checking off his to do list, which he pretty much did every day he came to work but it was never an easy task. it would be if he didn’t work with patients or truthfully didn’t have to interact with some of the others that worked in the hostpial. he didn’t hold anything against them, he knew doctors and nurses had a more stressful job but he could only work as fast and the equipment and patients would allow him to. he couldn’t snap his fingers and get a return on a lab they requested, it didn’t work that way. moving to his next task he wondered if there was a full moon approaching with the way things were a little crazy. approaching the next patient he found himself thinking about that again when he saw tim waiting about. ”any idea what’s going on with him?” he looked into the room, ”they’ll probably be on my ass but we’re backed up a bit up there anyway so waiting won’t hurt anything.”

notes: danka <3
Tim was happy with his job but that didn’t mean it was enjoyable. He didn’t think there was anything fun about people being sick, hurt, or dying. He certainly felt like he had a fulfilling career but it wasn’t something he loved. It also something he wouldn’t just leave for a new job. With pursuing being a flight nurse, he’d be based of tulane medical center. He’d fly out with first responders but it would revolve around patients being brought here. Tim had grown to love this hospital. Here he discovered that he really enjoyed the emergency room and wanted to do anything that involved trauma. There was a lot of extra training but it was well worth it. Eventually he’d get some more operating room experience so he could be with patients from the beginning to the end. He had a tendency to check in on his patients as is because he worried about them. The staff counselor said he needed to work on disassociating more but he wasn’t emotionally invested. Sure he’d get moved to help or if something went wrong but he didn’t make decisions based on his feelings. He just liked to see how things ended up for them and connect them to resources outside of the hospital if it was needed.

Even with a patient that was as troublesome as this one, he was still invested. Tim felt bad. There was something going on but they didn’t know what. Even if it wasn’t an actual medical issues, there was still something that felt off. He just didn’t know how to approach things without putting himself at risk. “nope,” he commented to shaun with a sigh. “we’ve all tried talking to him but it’s not working. They said if it keeps up, they might restrain him.” there was always a lot of scrutiny when it came to either physical or chemical restraints. These days hospitals got judgments about it being abusive so they had to make sure they were justified and documented everything-which was it’s own pain in the ass. “good. I’ll be trying soon.” tim shrugged as he sat down. It was quiet in there so he had a moment to get off his feet. “have you guys in the lab been hinted at for taking time off?” tim had been nudged towards taking a couple of weeks off after the sueprpox fiasco. He had already worked nearly a week before the quarantine and then was there for the entire time they were shut down. The two week vacation had been refreshing but he was antsy to be back now.

deshaun jackson
it was an unpredictable place to work he’d learned that pretty quickly, even when he’d just been tasked with taking patients from one room to another. had been a more unsettling job then the one he currently had. he’d spent more time with the people admitted to the hospital then. it could get a bit disheartening seeing all the sick people and those that were injured. it was easier for him to distance himself with the job that he had now, it was more of a technical job then some of the others. when he wasn’t moving around the hospital collecting the necessities for his job he could just be in the lab and it felt like a different place then the rest of the hospital. it actually reminded him a little bit of how he felt when he’d been in school, he’d liked that more then the average person did. after working a string of pretty shitty jobs it was pretty difficult not to love the one he had now. he got benefits, he was really helping out with home too and his sister’s tuition. he was going to be the only one in the family that didn’t go to college.

there were times though that even this position he was in was a bit difficult, patients weren’t always corporative and that wasn’t always easy to watch. a lot of the times it didn’t seem to be a patients fault that they were hostile, he didn’t envy those that had to deal with the patients like that. ”do the restraints actually help or does it make things worse?” personally shaun didn’t think he’d calm down any if someone was going to physically restrain him with anything. he could see why it was likely a last resort, the way some patients thrashed around the doctors or nurses could get hurt but also the hospital could get in a lot of trouble if the patient got hurt or a loved one didn’t like the amount of force that was being used. every other workplace was suppose to be able to put their employees safety first, the hospital should be able to as well. ”okay.” he didn’t mind waiting to see how it would go, if it was going to take too long he could circle back. ”we’re still a little bit backed up so not yet, but i pretty sure they’ll start with that soon. they doing that to you guys?” vacation had been a new concept to him when he’d started working at the hospital, sick days were as well. he still didn’t like taking them if he didn’t have to but he had a feeling now that tim mentioned it he wouldn’t have a choice.

notes: danka <3

Tim liked that things weren’t exactly easy here. He always felt better working on his toes. It reminded him a little of when he was out with his friend.s while the situations and purposes were different, he always got this rush of being on the edge. He was a big fan of how unpredictable things were in the emergency room. Nothing here was easy. Sometimes the emotional drain and exhaustion took over to the point that he couldn’t remember other things. A lot had to be programed into his phone so it wasn’t lost on him but he wouldn’t trade his job for anything. There were moments that he wished they didn’t miss holidays but it was part of the job. This year, he had no idea what holidays he would be working but he knew it would be nearly impossible to request to get it off. The best he could hope for is that he got one off.

Actually, hope was basically what drove them for anything. Even with the toughest patients, the staff just prayed for some sort of a reprieve. “actually, i think it makes things worse.” tim rubbed at his face as he made sure there wasn’t a doctor around. “unless it’s been confirmed that something is wrong, all it does is break the trust.” if the patient didn’t trust them, they’d just have more problems. There was something going on underneath so tim would ease into the situation from a different approach. Part of being a nurse-or anyone in the medical field-was adapting and continued education. There were a few things he had read but he was just trying to remember them now. “yeah. I just got back from my time off. If they’re not forcing you, you should take it. Then you could take more or less depending on what you want to do.” tim would have taken less if possible but at the same time, he needed a little bit of time to not think about anything other than himself and jo. “hey was your family all ok in this thing?” he sort of realized that he didn’t actually get to see shaun much during the hooplah and that he didn’t know what had happened with them.

deshaun jackson
shaun had been in those job positions where things were easy, where they felt mundane and it didn’t really work for him. it had worked because he’d needed it to work so he’d put up with the less then great jobs because they provided him with the money to help out. he didn’t wish any kind of hardship on people, he knew what that was like, but he liked that this was a job that was hard and tedious and just challenging at times. not as much as some other’s at the hospital but enough that it was much better then anything else. while it was a great upgrade there were things that had to be sacrificed but it was better. vacation was a great concept though working on holidays had taken some getting use to, he’d worked them a few times while at the restaurant and the gas station but the hospital was different, so were the lengths of the shifts. working at the hospital on a holiday typically meant missing out on the entire holiday rather then just parts of it. he couldn’t always plan ahead for which one he’d get off, if he did. sometimes the lab was too backed up for that to happen.

but what they did there was necessary and getting it done quickly if they could was useful. but there were mitigating circumstances at times. like patients that didn’t always cooperate with doctors and nurses. ”thought it might.” he didn’t think that there anyone would be happily confined not when they were mostly calm certainly not when they were in some form of hysterics. he had been doing this for a couple of years but he still didn’t have a whole lot of experience under his belt, ”so you just try and wait it out if you can then?” he’d always had a bit of a desire to learn things, it had mostly been in a classroom setting but his days of that were over and since he was working here, he felt it best to try and learn what he could. it could be helpful, it could be pointless but he wouldn’t know until later. ”staycation or actual vacation? that’s not a bad idea, i could probably use a day to just do nothing, or two.” though it wasn’t something that he was use to, he’d been working so often that he wasn’t sure how he’d do with actual time to do nothing. ”yeah thankfully. i wasn’t so sure about one of my sisters for a little bit, but it was just run of the mill flu. was yours okay?” it was hard to keep track of every one he knew during the whole outbreak, he had five people at home to worry himself about. which wasn’t anything new but it consumed him when situations could be dire.

notes: danka <3
Tim didn’t care if a job was easy or hard. What he mostly wanted was fast paced. While he wasn’t a genius academically, he had a hard time when he needed to slow down. Usually when he had free time, things arose. Be it his own situations or other people’s, they just came up. It wasn’t usually helpful because it lead to him feeling stressed. Some of that was normal but at a certain point for him, it wasn’t. He had always struggled with keeping his emotions in check. It’s what caused him to act out when he was a kid. Since it wasn’t a good excuse, he had to do everything possible to keep himself in check. Which exhausting himself helped. Soem days he did hate what this job did to him but he was also thankful that he was doing something that got him to that point. The things he could do for stress relief could be found out in time. The gardening was enough to calm him but keep him on his toes for the time now.

“if they’re not harming us for no reason, i do but not everyone does.” tim pointed towards the patient. “look, he’s calm right now. He only tried to hurt us when we touched him. So either something happened to him or maybe he has a condition we don’t know about. If we get him calm, then we can get him to cooperate.” there was a list of things that could be wrong. Tim didn’t know all of them but he knew some of the common things that he saw. “it was supposed to be a staycation but some stuff came up with my sister so we took some time away.” deshaun was one of the people that he trusted to know about who he was related to. Even if it was a six degrees of separation thing, there were some people who fangirled over the boys to tim. Deshaun hadn’t so he didn’t mind telling him things going on with his family. Things like his mom. Tim shook his head. “my mom got hit and then her meds reacted badly with the cure. She’s still up in the icu.” they were trying to figure out what was wrong but she wasn’t really improving. The only good they could count on was that she was stable now. “if you take a couple of days off, we should do something. Your sisters and brother can come. Maybe we can check out one of the music festivals in town?”

deshaun jackson
it was easier for him to keep himself interest in a job when it was a bit challenging. having had two jobs in the hospital he thought that it was a place that had jobs that would challenge person in different ways. he felt like he had more of a purpose in this position, not that he’d gotten jobs to give himself a purpose, he’d gotten them because he needed to. but it was nice to get something out of it for himself this time around and having less stress about making enough money was a nice load off. he could also pick up shifts whenever he wanted or needed to, someone was typically looking for a day off or they were short staffed or something came up. he was one of the people in the lab that could be counted on to be there if someone needed a shift covered. he didn’t think he’d be able to do that forever, eventually he would have to allow himself to have more of a life but he had at least five more years to worry about before he could truly slack off. longer likely since he hoped to be the only one in the family that didn’t go to college. his siblings deserved more.

he gave a bit of a chuckle, ”but some people aren’t as patient or don’t think its worth it right?” he could see that with doctors, like with everything there were good ones and well less then good ones. ”i’m with you, trying to figure out the issue seems like it would make things a lot easier on everyone.” he wouldn’t really want to be in tim’s shoes or a doctor’s in instances like this. the medical field hadn’t been on his radar much when he’d been considering school after graduation which had turned out to be a pipe dream. he liked a challenge, but he didn’t want someone’s life in his hands. he knew how much could go wrong when the wrong people handled something like that, he didn’t want to be a wrong person. ”where’d you jet off to? hope the getaway helped.” he’d initially had that ‘cool’ reaction to knowing who tim’s sister was and who they were connected to. he had sisters, he knew who the guys were though he had not mentioned this to his sisters. he frowned, ”i’m sorry about your mom, hopefully they can figure something out.” he’d hated how people had needlessly suffered because of someone else’s actions. ”that’s not a bad idea, i’m sure they’d love that.” it was nice having someone like tim who didn’t mind if his siblings tagged along. he rarely did things without them. unless drew twisted him arm to go and do something.

notes: danka <3

“kind of? We’re also the emergency room so technically we shouldn’t wait a long time but jumping right to restraints makes it so people don’t trust us.” while doctors did the diagnosing, nurses did a lot of the heavy lifting. They spend the most time with patients so it was easy to see what did and didn’t work. What little power he had was being wielded to help advocate for his patients. “hawaii and yeah, it did…” he mused. There were still things to face now that he was home that he had to learn how to handle. At twenty-five, he was still struggling. “thanks.” the doctors were doing what they could but it almost had him wondering if jo was right in wanting to sue the long term care facility. “excellent. I’ll ask jo if she wants to come.”
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