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 Check In {m}, Jacob
Esme was hoping to find Jacob in a better head space than when she last saw him. He had been so far down and she felt helpless just sitting across from him. Yep, she worried. She hadn't expected that: to worry about him as much as she did. She was the one who wanted things to be simple. They both were frustrated and had a lot of pent up emotions so they could help each other work it out between the sheets. Simple right?

(there was a little voice in the back of her head that was constantly reminding her that nothing was simple)

Jacob was in the back when she arrived and there was an unfamiliar face behind the bar. She decided against just muscling her way into his office. Instead she ordered a beer and would wait him out. He couldn't stay back there forever.

Esme nursed her drink, peeling at the label a little as she waited him out. Things were finally starting to feel normal again --- the police department had been in complete chaos during the outbreak. She had spent most of her time behind a desk filing incident after incident. Her supervisor had been on her case, wanting her to pick up her gun and get back on the street (they needed all the support they could get). She had almost did it --- and now that she had a moment to think it through (without all the noise of the precinct buzzing around in the back of her head) she wished she had.

Maybe she was ready to leave the desk behind.

She heard him before she saw him. He was grumbling about something and she couldn't help but grin a little. Always complaining wasn't he? She shifted in her seat. "Anyone ever tell you that you will probably be that grumpy old man who tells people to get off his lawn?"


Jacob knew he shouldn't be brooding, but it was easier said than done. He had a hard time getting over anything, it was hard for him to get it out of his head, he kept going over and over things until it drove him insane. That's why he needed the support group, to at least have a opportunity to get to say what was on his mind, just to get it out of there. But it wasn't always easy, and he had basically been staying away from the group since the fight with Addie. Maybe because he didn't want Esme to find out, maybe he was just a big ol' coward.

He had been taking care of a shipment out back when Esme entered the bar, it was he and some new girl - young enough to be his daughter - that was going to work the bar that night. It was probably going to be slow enough so the girl would get a chance of adjusting to her new job, even if Jacob wouldn't give her any slack just because she was new. When he walked back to the bar he instantly noticed the redhead sitting behind it. With a soft breath, he steadied himself, there was no need in chasing her away as well. He passed by the new girl as he made his way over to her. "These ain't clean, sweetheart, polish them, alright?" he muttered at some beer glasses by his side that needed polishing before he would let her serve anything outta them. He knew he was being picky, but he wasn't going to pay her for not doing her job.

He let out a snort as he heard Esme call him a grumpy old man, she wasn't far from the truth after all. "Think so?" he shrugged and gave her a smile. "At least I will be in good company, me and Clint..." He had seen that movie about a hundred times, Clint Eastwood was his and his fathers favorite actor. They had seen just about every movie that he's ever starred in, just about the only movie that Jacob ever took time to watch. He had missed a lot of good movies through his days. "... How are ya, Esme?"


Despite just accusing him of being a cranky old man, Esme could tell that he was in a better mood than their last real conversation. She breathed a tiny sigh of relief at that. She knew from personal experience that when a black mood took hold, it could have a tight grip. She didn't want to think of him closed off from the rest of the world in that office of his.

"You and Eastwood huh? I can see it. You both have that I've seen some shit look about you. You wear it better though." Meaning that she wouldn't touch Clint with a ten foot pole but she was angling to hopefully get her hands on Jacob in the near future. She missed that physical contact. He might run hot and cold emotionally but at least she could count on him driving her absolutely crazy in the bedroom.

She couldn't resist leaning in to card her fingers through his hair. It ruffled a little, resulting in a piece sticking out. She was thoroughly amused by the sight and it probably showed on her face. She couldn't leave him like that of course. He still had customers to serve so she smoothed over the mess she had made. "I'm good. Still catching up on sleep after working overtime during the health crisis." As a member of the police department she had made sure she did as much as she could. "But I decided to forgo an early bed time tonight because I was missing a certain handsome bar owner. You haven't seen him around have you?"


Jacob let out a soft laugh when she told him he was alike Eastwood. It was probably one of the better compliments he'd ever gotten, considering the admiration he had to the actor. He sorta was the ultimate symbol for masculinity where Jacob came from, and even though he had missed a lot of different movies - like Star Wars and Fellowship of the Rings, he knew the whole script of Dirty Harry by hand. If Esme really wanted to see Jake excited, they should have a movie night sometime. "Oh, think so? Nah, I ain't got nothing on old Clint," he smirked.

He could feel a soft rush of shivers go through his body when she touched his hair. It was funny, he could go months without sex, not wanting it at all, up until he finally got it. Then he wanted it all the time. And even though he hadn't really been ready for it the last time he saw Esme, as she touched him, he realized how much he had missed it. If he wasn't working with a complete newbie, he would have left the bar then and there, letting her close up tonight. "I gotta get a haircut," he sighed as he could feel his hair get all ruffled. He usually kept it really short, it was easier that way. But he hadn't found the time to go a barber. Usually Addie helped him out with that, but since he didn't really talk to his sister...

He nodded when she told him how she was. He was glad that the outbreak had pretty much left him and everyone he cared for unharmed, there were a few people in his staff that had gotten sick. Like poor Roscoe, but he was back on his feet again - thankfully. "Shit, right..." he hummed, as he realized that she of course had been working with that as well. He hadn't even thought about that. Thank God she was okay. "... No, must have missed him," he grinned and looked over his shoulder, as if he was looking for said handsome bar owner.


Esme shook her head, laughing a little as he continued to tout the virtues of Clint Eastwood. "Trust me when I say this --- I would only sleep with one of the two of you and it ain't Dirty Harry." She much preferred the man who was close enough to touch. He seemed much more relaxed tonight. Much more like the man she had come to care deeply for. She wondered if whatever had been bugging him had worked itself out or if he had given in and confronted the issue. Either way she wasn't going to poke the bear.

"Nah, I kind of like your hair like this. It gives me something to tug on..." When she was in bed. She didn't need to say it aloud. He would have gotten the drift. She grinned a little but managed to keep her hands to herself. Apparently their time apart had sent her libido into overtime. She missed touching him, him touching her. She wondered how many drinks she was going to have to nurse tonight while she waited for him to get off. Because make no mistake, she was taking him home tonight. Or he was taking her home --- either way, she wanted to wake up next to him in the morning.

"Damn, I was so hoping he would be here too. You see, I really need to have sex tonight and I was hoping he could give me a hand. Probably some other body parts too." She gave him a wink and then settled back on her stool, turning a bit more serious. "You've been good too? I thought about calling you a few times...probably should have. Just to make sure you didn't wind up in the hospital."


He almost blushed when she told him she liked to tug on something. He knew exactly what she meant and he had to lean down on his elbows and move closer to her so that the new girl wouldn't hear too much. "Oh, you like having something to grab onto, huh?" he teased her softly while he studied her on the other side of the bar. "How many of those have you ordered, Esme? Not like you being so frisky out in the public..." he continued to tease her as he nodded down at her glass. He liked her like this, no complaints really.. He just couldn't miss an opportunity to be a smart ass. At least he held back the comment about having something else she could grab onto.

What she continued to say, just further surprised him and he couldn't help but to grin - basically from ear to ear. "... Oh you need it?" he smirked, happy that the new girl was over at Milly, filling up his usual order of beer. "Of course one have to help a lady when she needs it," he promised her and pulled back a bit while he looked at her. "Have to wait until tonight though... Can't leave the new one alone, she can barley take polish glasses for fuck sake..." he sighed and shrugged. What to do. They just didn't make good staff like they used to.

He looked back at Esme when she changed the subject to a bit more of a serious topic, it was some what hard just changing into talking about the outbreak, especially with a semi between his legs. "I have," he nodded. "Yeah... Thought about calling you too. I'm fine, all the Chevaliers as well... Seems like it takes more than just a fucking cough to take us down."


"Oh I have had far too many, which makes me your responsibility. Can't have me wandering off home drunk can you?" Esme teased. She had barely finished one but if he was going to give her a hard time (in a manner of speaking) she was going to play along with it. Give as good as she got. "I don't know if you can truly blame my current mood on the alcohol --- I've missed you." She knew in saying that that she wasn't just talking about the sex. She was talking about him. Grumpy tousled hair him. She wasn't sure if he would read between the lines but she didn't care. She decided that she would feel how she would feel and hope that he would play catch up at some point.

Esme pulled her drink closer and then brought the glass up to her lips. She was taking it easy knowing that when she finally got her hands on him she wanted to be pretty much sober. She didn't want it to be something that she remembered the next day in a serious of flashes. "I'm a patient woman, Jacob. I've done stakeouts before. I can wait you out." She winked at him and set her glass down.

She was glad to hear that he and his family had escaped unscathed in the whole thing. It was a nightmare that the city wouldn't soon forget. She knew that other families hadn't been so lucky. "You Chevalier's are a immortal huh? I can see it. You look like you could wander out into the bayou and scare off an alligator by just looking at it funny."


When she confessed of missing him, Jacob raised his brows and got that cocky grin on, he couldn't hold it back. "Oh, really?" he teased her. "Little Miss Langston misses me, huh?" He was quite proud from that, he had sorta gotten in his mind that maybe he wasn't all that in her eyes. He was like that with a lot of people in his life though, nothing Esme could have done to change his mind. With everything he had gone through, he had been left with a big chunk of bad confidence, and even though he had grown out of that feeling of constantly feeling left out, there were a bit of it still left in him. He always figured people thought the worst of him, but he tried not to do that anymore. He was a grown man for goodness sake. "I've actually missed you too."

"Yeah, of course. Wrestled so many alligators in my time..." he grinned. He hadn't really. Once he had caught his siblings red handed, planning to wrestle an alligator like they had seen some idiot do on TV. Luckily he caught them and gave them hell for it, or he might not have any siblings today. "I thought at least ma and pa would get sick but nah..." he shook his head and shrugged. "... Might be all the moonshine in their system, it might kill every little bacteria that gets in there," he grinned, just as a new costumer sat down in his section of the bar and ordered a beer. Jacob gave him a quick nod and reached for a glass before starting to pour, which he then served to the man before he returned to Esme.

"You still got that sexy bra on?" he asked her, hinting at the bra she was going to show him last time ,before he shot her down.


Esme expected his teasing. One could not admit to missing him without him making sure you always remembered saying it. She didn't mind. In fact, she nodded along to his good natured ribbing. What she didn't expect was for him to admit it back. She raised a brow, figuring that was as close as she was going to get to him admitting he had feelings (at least that was how she was reading it). She took a deep breath, telling herself not to overthink it too much (because that always led to bad things). Instead she smiled, a soft sort of gesture instead of a smug one. "Of course you missed me," she told him firmly. "It's because I know how to do that thing with my mouth huh?" It was crude to say but she knew she was speaking Jacob's language in that regard. He would say anything without a second thought and she had come to like that about him (even if she wanted to kick him every now and then).

"Wrestling alligators and drinking moonshine. You Chevalier's have led a hell of a life, huh?" She asked. It was a subtle way to get him to talk about his family. A harmless question really --- something to break the ice. She knew that getting information out of him was like trying to pry a safe open with a crowbar but she was patient.

Esme took another sip of her drink and then leaned forward, with her elbows on the bar. She had worn a button up shirt to work that day and given her current position (not to mention his), he could definitely get a peak down there. She wasn't wearing the exact same bra she had that night but it was one of equal quality. "You tell me, hmmm?"


Esme really should be happy with the little he was confessing to. Saying that he missed someone was a big deal to Jacob Chevalier, this was the man that barley had told his mother or father that he'd love them ever in his life and who couldn't end a sentimental sentence without "Alright, fuck all of yous", just in case people would think of him as sappy. He sorta figured that she knew that, and that she understood that it was a bit of a big deal, maybe it even made her happy to hear it. Jacob sure hoped so. He was happy that she didn't make too big of a deal about it though, and decided to keep it light and easy. He liked that about her. "Yep, sure is," he grinned. It wasn't just because of that thing she did with her mouth, but that thing certainly did help.

He nodded to confirm that the Chevaliers was indeed some sort of Gods. He liked to think they were at least, but he was pretty certain that he would die too soon of some heart failure or something stupid... Like accidentally shooting himself while cleaning his gun. But oh well, he didn't regret much (just half of it) about the life he had lived, so if he was to go soon he wouldn't get angry at faith. "Sure have," he grinned, maybe she wanted to know more but she actually would have to ask him direct questions if she wanted to hear more. Jacob didn't really get subtle questions.

When she stood up on her elbows, Jacob raised his brows and glanced down her shirt, clearly noticing the bra she wore underneath it. "... Well, well," he grinned when he could finally pry his eyes off her breasts. "Seems like you and me might have to go around back, sweetheart..."


Esme was learning to read between the lines when it came to him. It was probably the kind of skill one only acquired through spending countless hours with him and seeing him in all kinds of moods. She figured she fit the bill. So while he was willing to admit that he missed her ability to make him go cross eyed in the bedroom, she suspected he was really telling her that he missed her period. Good, it was about time he got used to having her around. She had decided that she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. Even if she had to deal with more nights like a few weeks ago --- when he was closed off, when he wasn't willing to even budge.

She finished her drink, pushing her glass aside so that it was no longer in between them. With her hand now free, she reached up and stroked the side of his face, feeling a few days worth of stubble. She liked it. She liked it when he rubbed it against her skin. "I think I need to spend time with this family of yours --- learn your secrets for a long life." It was her round about why of saying she wanted to meet his family properly. He'd probably see right through it but hopefully he would play along. After all, she knew his siblings knew about her. She had exchanged words with them but she wanted a proper conversation. It would give her insight into him and his family dynamics.

Esme's move had had the desired effect. He had lost himself in her cleavage for a few moments. When they finally made eye contact once more, she was grinning. "You sure you can leave the newbie alone for a few minutes? Because once I get you alone, I am not letting go. No teasing." She meant that.


He watched as she reached her hand forward and stroked his face, he let out a little laugh and tilted his head towards her hand, slightly leaning into the touch. Yeah... Maybe he had missed it quite a lot. Remind him about that next tim he's being an asshole. "I think you might learn too much..." he said and raised his brows. "You're going to get too much on me if that ever happens," he grinned. He knew that his siblings wouldn't be shy with sharing his most embarrassing secrets, like those horrible myspace pictures he had posted when he was younger. But things weren't great with him and his siblings so right now wouldn't be great to invite Esme home. Besides... Were they there yet? He wasn't sure what Esme felt about it, maybe she was just being playful and teasing him like usual. "Lots of secrets in that ol' house."

He bit down on his lip when she told him she wouldn't let him go any time soon. Right then and there he was honestly ready to put Mimi's out on Craigslist just to find out what she meant by all that, even if he got a pretty good idea since she had showed him just what she was capable off the many nights they had spent together. "Oh I don't think I'm gonna be done with you after just a few minutes," he told her with a grin, it was true. Jacob liked to take his time Before Esme he spent a lot of years without sex, just in order to keep himself in check, but now when he finally could get it from a woman he trusted in and knew he wouldn't go overboard with... Well, he liked to really savor ever second.

And besides, he was too much of a control freak to let the newbie run the bar herself. Had it been any other night... Esme would for sure get the private tour of his office.

"Ah, you're worried about me seeing pictures of you in your goth phase huh? Or were you a nerd? Glasses? Pocket protector?" She teased as she continued to let her fingers dance across his skin. She was becoming addicted to moments like this. Quiet, yet she could feel that tension brewing underneath. She had a feeling she was going to have to wait it out until the bar officially closed. By then, she'd probably be so keyed up that she would go for round two on the pool table. "I tell you what --- you show me your some day and I'll show you mine. I'll give you a hint: I wore lots of different colors. All at once. Even when I probably shouldn't have." She was a living breathing Rainbow Brite. Lucky for her that part of her life hadn't lasted too long (but there was still photographic evidence).

She figured that might be the way to get him to open up. She would simply just have to do the same. Show him that she wasn't afraid to put her secrets in his hands.

"Oh, I figured as much. No quickies. I am okay with that. Like I said, I'll wait you out. Sit here and sip my drinks. Think filthy thoughts about you and when you're ready for me to let you in on them, I'll share." She gave him a grin and finally her hand fell away. "I'd admire your restraint though. You're a good man, Jacob Chevalier." She realized she meant that more than one way. Sure, he wasn't perfect and there were things about him that frustrated her more than she would like to admit but in the end, she believed what she said. He was a good man.


Jacob grinned when she teased him about what kind of teenage phase he had gone through. If she only knew. Thankfully, there wasn't much of a social media online when he was in his teens so there wasn't any awkward pictures like that around, except for the ones in his parents photo albums. He hadn't had much of a typical style growing up, he had always been that guy that looked like everyone else. He'd played a lot of football, so he'd always been in shape and somewhat popular with the girls. But it wasn't until his twenties when he really started doing questionable things. "Mmh, yeah, something like that," he grinned. "I look really good with eyeliner though... Real shame you won't see that." He really did want to see her pictures though, he did realize that he didn't actually know that much about his female friend. Maybe it was his own fault, he didn't ask a lot of questions. "... Alright, it's a deal."

Jacob bit his bottom lip, the idea of having a quickie with Esme was something he normally wouldn't turn down. But considering they hadn't seen each other in a long time... All he wanted to take his time. Preferably in a bed... So that they could do it all again when they woke up in the morning. "... Trust me, it's really hard," he sighed and gave her a smile. "... You coming home with me tonight. But I guess you already knew that."

Esme snorted a laugh when he played along with her idea that he was some eyeliner wearing goth. She couldn't really see it but she was still extremely curious. "Never say never," Esme told him firmly. "You'll find that when I am properly motivated..." It was an empty threat. She wasn't going to go around digging into his past unless he was right there beside her giving her permission. However, perhaps he was edging closer to giving her said permission because he seemed willing to play I'll show you yours if you show me mine. She'd happily dig through her high school years and pull out some embarrassing moments if it got her closer to him. "Don't you think that you are backing out of this deal by the way." That she was serious about. It would probably be a good idea if she made him uphold his end of the bargain after a home cooked meal and some alcohol.

She raised both her eyebrows and then leaned to whisper in a conspiratorial tone. "It's really hard? Did you really just word it like that?" She gave him a wink. "Poor guy, I'd love to help you out with that of course. But we have to behave ourselves." She considered making a joke about how she wasn't sure who she was going home with but found herself becoming a bit more serious than their conversation had been up to that point. She once more ran her hands across his face. "There's no one else I would want to go home with." Ain't that the truth.

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