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 King, Eleanor J., 23 ● membergoup ● g. gardner
Nov 22 2017, 04:57 PM

eleanor jasmine king
authored by sunny ● twenty-four ● female ● eastern
blue ain't your color

She was destined for greatness. All the Kings were. Sure, she wasn't as ruthless as her parents... Quite the opposite, in fact, but she managed quite nicely. Even as a little girl, no older than four or five, she would have a flashlight in bed, reading until she fell asleep. Monday through Friday, she read books to improve her vocabulary and the weekend was reserved for her spiritual growth and development, although that wasn't to say she forgot the teachings of the Bible the rest of the week. As a youth so young, some would've said it was odd for her to be so paranoid about going to the bad place, as it was more kindly referred to. She thought she was just the right amount of paranoid, considering it was apostasy that felled churches.

She wasn't much of a fighter, but she knew how to use her brains to outwit most any opponent. You didn't need to get violent to get your point across and she proved that sentiment time and time again, always turning the other cheek and forgiving seven times seven. She wasn't perfect and frequently made mistakes, but she knew vaguely what would happen if she disappointed her parents. She was a sweet kid, always looking out for her fellow man, as well as the underdogs. In elementary school, one of her classmates was accused of thievery and not knowing if he was innocent or not but believing in the judicial system that governed the land, she spoke out in his defense, going so far as to state that he was innocent until proven guilty. She eventually found out a rather hard truth. Not everyone you put your faith into was innocent and while it didn't make her jaded, it did give her a healthy dose of respect for the investigative process.

She started to screen her friends more carefully, always needing to know every detail before she even considered bringing them home with her. She never really socialized during school hours, unless she was in the lunchroom. School was for learning, not for socializing. She took her education quite seriously, never allowing herself to get caught up in petty, teenage drama. If someone tried to involve her in such matters, she was quick to walk away. Another place she firmly believed socialization was off-limits was in the confines of the chapel. She didn't need otherworldly distractions when she was trying to receive her daily bread and renew the covenants she'd made, so she made sure that her phone remained home.

She didn't get a boyfriend until her junior year of high school. He shared her religious views and was just as dedicated to his schoolwork as she was. He was a senior when they began dating and the day he graduated, they got into a fight because he wanted to serve his country in order to get a scholarship. He was doing it for the wrong reasons, and they both knew it. Why he insisted on going through with his crazy scheme was beyond her but she knew that his mind was made up. She wanted to make sure he knew he had something he knew he could return home to and so, against her better judgment, she continued the relationship. He gave her a promise ring and promised he'd be back.

When his letters stopped coming, she didn't have to be told the reason why. When he came home, it was in a pine box. She was just barely into her sophomore year of university when his memorial service was carried out. He was awarded accolades posthumously, and she grudgingly made the trip to Arlington, where he'd have his final resting place. She knew he'd want her to be happy - not to dwell on the fact his life had been cut ridiculously short - but a selfish part of her kept repeating that he had made a promise and he'd broken said promise. As much as she tried, she didn't have it in her to hate him. He'd died a noble but tragic death, saving his comrades over himself... In short, he was a hero.

It took her time and while she didn't ever get fully over her first love, she did make steps towards getting out of her rut. She started dating sporadically, although finding love was far from her first priority. It was almost dead last, in fact. She wanted more than anything to follow in her father's footsteps, and she couldn't do that if she was distracted by boyfriend troubles. She wasn't going to let herself be taken in by pretty words and promises ever again. The day of her graduation was bittersweet for her, and she found herself brushing up on her knowledge for the LSAT. She made the top percentile and is now in her first year of law school.



Nov 22 2017, 05:52 PM


Welcome to THE BIG EASY. We speak for the entire site when we say that we are happy to have you here! Feel free to jump right into the action (: Make sure to complete all the mandatory claims along with whatever optional claims you see fit, get up your shipper, and then post in sort me so you can post on the rest of the board!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM a mod or ask a member in the cbox. We hope you enjoy your time here <3

Jan 17 2018, 10:23 AM

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