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 Ocean Eyes, flynn x octavia
Jan 7 2018, 09:14 PM

Flynn had been lucky enough to have the holidays off this year, but that meant that after the holidays he had back to back shifts in order to compensate for it while the guys that had been working on Christmas and New Years Eve were taking their breaks. He didn't mind, he thought it was fair and he was glad that he had got the holidays off, he hadn't expected it. But Flynn had a family that he loved and wanted to be around so it worked well for him. It had meant, that he hadn't seen much of his family or girlfriend in the past week and so when he got a day off and caught up on his sleep, Flynn was heading to Tulane to meet up with Octavia. He didn't exactly like coming to the university. He did so for both Octavia and Callum from time to time, but it was a very... different sort of vibe, wasn't it? He didn't think that Octavia or Callum saw it because they were in it but it was very separated from the real world. It was like this little place that existed on its own with its own people and rules and it just kind of tripped Flynn out a little bit here and there. He dealt though, it wasn't like he spent a lot of time there anyways. Parking was a fucking rip off at places like this but Flynn had forked over the five bucks to get into the parking lot even though he had grumbled to do so. He brought his bike up to the sidewalk, not bothering with a parking spot as he glanced at his watch. She should be getting out of her class so he wouldn't be there long.

Sticking his hands into his pocket, Flynn wandered over towards the building, a small part of him was curious? He didn't have the desire to go to college, nor did he have the money for something like this but this was where Quinn was going to go one day and it was so surreal to Flynn. He wondered what it was like. It sure seemed like it was very different than high school, and now that was something that Flynn was incredibly glad to have left behind. It was kind of strange to him how he could literally just walk in there? There was no security, all the doors were open, no security, no nothing. No wonder school shootings were so easy. So he went in though, wandering the halls and weaving through people though he stopped short as he realized there was a Starbucks in the building? Where classrooms were? He stopped in his tracks, looking around to see if anyone else thought this was weird but no one else seemed to think so. "Jesus fucking christ," he mumbled as his eyes landed on a chipotle, were these things in every building? Deciding, he had enough of this, he turned on his heels to head back out and wait by his bike and half way there, he ran into OCTAVIA LAURENT coming out of her classroom. "This place is whack," he informed her as he wrapped an arm around her shoulder loosely.
tagged for Flavia
Jan 8 2018, 05:43 PM

Octavia hadn't really done too much for New Year's Eve. Normally, she was someone who went all out for the holidays, and she definitely felt like celebrating the end to 2017 because at large it had been a really awful year...but it was like she had finally gotten to the finish line and she was just ready to let it go quietly. She was ready to start 2018 for sure, but she wasn't partying her way out of 2017. She felt like a lot of people felt that way, like they were limping across the finish line rather than dancing across it. Anyway, she'd gone to a party at the trailer park with Flynn, which had been fun. Octavia obviously wasn't from the trailer park, but she never really felt out of place there? By this point she even knew some of the people who lived there and considered them friends because she ended up there nough with Flynn. Octavia hadn't really lingered though. After the countdown and the traditional squeals that followed, she'd just gone home and gone to bed, and that had been fine by her. it was strange to go 'home' though - her old home. Dorms closed over Christmas - Octavia hadn't realized that. Since she had moved out of her apartment to live in the dorms, it meant that when the dorms closed...she had to find somewhere else to go. It was the first time she had slept in her old room since she had moved out with Lilo, and it had been weird.

Classes were back in session and she was back in the dorms now though, and one of those was a happier occasion than the other. Her second semester there and Octavia still wasn't loving the whole thing. She remained hopeful that she would grow to love it, but the bottom line was that she was never going to be happy sitting in a desk in a room somewhere and listening to someone else talk at her for an hour. It was a means to an end, which was fine, but Octavia was definitely looking forward to the end. At least today things were punctuated by Flynn's presence. He'd been busy lately, which she understood, but it was always a better day when she got to see him. It wasn't difficult to spot him out - he was taller than the average bear, and even if he weren't, she'd gotten good at finding him through the years. She smiled in greeting as she walked up to him, then glanced around as if she was supposed to have noticed something. "Why?" she wondered. Octavia didn't necessarily disagree, but she didn't know what had prompted Flynn's assessment.
Jan 8 2018, 07:37 PM

Flynn didn't have any grand idea of something that they could do, but that was okay because they normally found something to do. And he knew that she really liked being on the back of his bike so if worst came to worst they could just drive. There was something therapeutic about that he thought, being able to drive with no real destination in mind and just going for it. Sometimes he wondered if he should be doing more for Octavia. She didn't really ask for more and he didn't really know what to do for more. Flynn kind of was terrible at gestures and ideas too because when he did try to do something for her, she didn't fully comprehend it or she thought it was something that it wasn't. He didn't feel the need to try so hard for her, but he liked putting a smile on her face and making her happy so every so often he did try to put a little bit more effort into an idea. Thing was though, with Octavia, she was brimming with ideas. They were never in short supply and so he was always more than happy to go along with whatever it was she might have on her mind. Truth was, that it was probably a far better idea than he might ever be able to come up with.

"Cause.. you've got a Starbucks in here," he said. "And a chipotle" and the building wasn't even all that big. It wasn't like it was a cafeteria or something. it was just a Starbucks and a chipotle hanging out in a building. What other restaurants were hanging out in other buildings. "Whack," he repeated, shaking his head back and forth. Plus, how could these people afford Starbucks? They were paying an arm and a leg just to be there and they were going to spend five dollars on a coffee on top of all of that? Flynn thought it was whack. "Feels weird," he decided. Maybe it was just because he didn't feel like he belonged there but in general it kind of felt like this place that was out of touch with reality and was trying to be something... that it wasn't? "How was... whatever that was?" he asked her as he glanced back at the classroom she had just come out of. Flynn really hadn't hated learning, not everything anyways. He had liked his science classes and stuff, something like that could have been cool in college he thought. Especially chemistry labs.
tagged for Flavia
Jan 9 2018, 06:09 PM

Octavia shrugged. "Universities are in the business of making money..." she reminded him, "especially ones like this." Tulane was private. She had no idea how it worked when you had restaurant chains on campus, but she was sure it was a mutually beneficial relationship. College kids were forever in search of a quick shot of energy or a meal, and it made sense for business owners to want to house their restaurants in a place that literally housed thousands of people. It was what it was. Octavia had learned that college campuses, or at least college campuses like this one, were like their own fully functioning little cities. Anything one might need in a city...some version of it existed here. Housing. Health care. Recreational facilities. You name it. That was part of the reason why Octavia had been so put out about going back home over break, too. Besides the awkward tension of returning home to stay for the first time since she had left, it was just really convenient to live on-campus. If she needed anything, she could walk to it and be there in five or ten minutes. There was even a grocery store and a cheap movie theatre. Flynn could think it was whack all he wanted. From the outside looking in, Octavia probably would agree. But considering that most of these people were not from New Orleans and didn't have cars, it made sense to make everything easily accessible to them. "Doesn't feel weird to me since I don't have a super cool bike to get me everywhere like some people," she teased.

As for class, that she might call whack. Maybe not this particular one though. "It doesn't seem so bad," she acknowledged. "It's a theatre class, but they're counting it like a literature course," she grinned. She knew she'd be doing the same amount of reading and all of that, but she'd prefer the theatrical aspect, she thought. Octavia had never been in to acting - she had no idea why because she fully enjoyed being around and in front of people and having all eyes on her. However, if the choice was going to come down to an exam where she had to write a bunch of papers or do an interpretative monologue or something...she was going to choose the interpretive monologue. "What have you been doing?" she wondered. She knew that today was his day off, but she didn't know what he had spent the first part of it doing. She did feel a bit honored that he had chosen to spend at least part of this rare day off with her when he could have spent it doing anything he wanted. She supposed that meant that he wanted to hang out with her, which was a good thing. It would be a little problematic if you're own boyfriend didn't want to spend time with you.
Jan 9 2018, 09:40 PM

Flynn didn't really care enough to reply. Business of making money or not, they already robbed their students several grand and were corporate giants like Starbucks really going to give up that much of their profits in order to have one on campus? He didn't know. Didn't care. He thought it was weird that this building that held classrooms had fast food joints in it. Like it was a mall or something? Maybe it was useful in the sense of being like a cafeteria but it was literally just two things there, one that served beverages and one that served food. It was cute that Octavia thought what Flynn had was a super cool bike. It was a dirt bike. He had literally got a dirt bike from a junkyard and with Macon's help had fixed it up. It was not a cool bike because Flynn had seen cool bikes, he was saving up for a cool bike and maybe one day he would own one of those. But this was not going to be that day. Convenience was key though but it also encouraged them to spend money when they didn't need to. If a Starbucks was staring him in the face every day chances were that Flynn was going to be buying a lot more coffee. Tied back to her money making machine that she had said though he still thought that was more for the company than the university.

"Jesus," he muttered because something like theatre would have been the very last thing that Flynn would take part in and he could not wrap his head around why anyone would want to do something like that. Flynn had struggled enough with English in high school that he had hated it when teachers whipped out the Shakespeare and called it theatre or plays or whatever. That just made it even more confusing for him. "Why're you taking that? he asked, he didn't really know what Octavia was studying for in college but that didn't seem like the kind of thing that she would be doing? He equated her with things like art and saving elephants. "Working," he replied, "Got two days off now," and he was damn glad for that. It was like an actual weekend for him, just not on the days that most people got their weekends. He didn't really know what he was going to do with that time yet but Flynn wasn't a planner of those things.
tagged for Flavia
Jan 10 2018, 09:23 PM

Octavia no longer had a means of transportation that wasn't, as her grandmother would have said, Pat and Turner - pat your feet and turn the corner - was super cool. Octavia had never really understood that saying. She knew what it was supposed to mean and everything, and the pat part made sense, but not so much the turner part. Anyway, Flynn's bike could get him from Point A to Point B a lot faster than her feet did. Not that Octavia minded walking most places - it was healthy, after all - but when the weather was nasty or Point B was a far way away...she was sure a bike or a car or something would have come in handy. That was the biggest benefit to living on campus to her. She didn't need any means of transportation besidess her feet because almost everything she could possibly need was right there. She didn't even have to leave her building to do her laundry anymore, which was nice. As for the Starbucks, well, Octavia wasn't really about that life. She'd drink it if she had no other alternative, but for the price...she just didn't think it tasted that great. She thought the coffee at the bakery was just as good, and it cost about half as much. Plus, if she was going to spend her money, she preferred supporting local businesses over massive chains.

She laughed at his reaction, aware that theatre would not be up Flynn's alley. He'd probably die if someone made him stand up in front of a group of people and recite something from memory, much less perform it. He'd acted like he would die just 'performing' in front of her the few times she'd managed to coax him into singing or dancing along with her - which had been few and far between. In that sense, Flynn was just a lot more buttoned up than she was (ever had been). Octavia was out there, and Flynn...was not. "Because I needed to take a literature course, and the only ones that fit in my schedule without messing up other classes I really wanted were that one, a classic literature one, and like...Introduction to the Novel." Octavia didn't even know why that was a class. Who didn't know what a novel was? She'd prefer to read plays than novels and perform scenes than write essays. Her tone implied as much - that her other two alternatives had sounded like hell. "At least this one seems fun," she shrugged. "The professor is cool." That made all the difference in a class, too, Octavia had realized. "Oooh, fancy," she teased. Two whole days off. That was good though. Everyone needed a break here and again.
Jan 11 2018, 09:18 PM

Octavia was kind of speaking gibberish to Flynn in that moment. The Novel? He knew that the novel was a book but what did that mean? Was there a course just on novels? Wasn't that what English was? He didn't get it but he didn't think that it was that important for him to get it and so he didn't question it. Instead he just nodded his head like he understood what Octavia was saying and that it all made sense to him. He was sure that it was logical, whatever had made her end up in a theatre class that he'd never take if eh was paid to do so. Octavia wasn't like him though and that was the kind of stuff that was right up her alley. She was the person that burst out into impromptu song while they were in the public area of a ski resort after all. "Professor and cool don't seem like they go in the same sentence," he chuckled good naturedly. When someone said professor, he kind of had an Albert eienstin type character pop into his head., He figured they were all old people though and he didn't know why that was the picture that he had in his head. They were supposed to be wise people or something maybe. And older people had lived longer and therefore knew more things?

"Sometimes I can be fancy,' he chuckled. That was a pretty big lie. This was Flynn. He was pretty much never fancy. Two days off was what most people had, a weekend., He was just going to enjoy it in the middle of the week. .Which, in his opinion was nicer because not everyone was off and so he could do things that he wanted to do without being crowded when he went out since everyone else would be at work. In hindsight, Flynn had managed to pick a position that was pretty much perfect for him. "So," he said as they approached his bike, reaching behind his neck to wipe the small beads of sweat that had already formed from being out in the heat. "What do you wanna do?" he wondered. There were options and since, as she put it, he had a super cool bike to get her to wherever she wanted to go. Flynn genuinely didn't give two fucks about where they were or what they were doing, he just wanted to spend a bit of time with her.
tagged for Flavia
Jan 13 2018, 10:42 AM

Flynn did not know her professor - any of them actually. She supposed a lot of opinion around them was based on what one thought was 'cool' or not. All of them were incredibly intelligent human beings, which Octavia did think was pretty cool. Some had more personality than others, like her theater professor, but there had been something about all of her professors that she liked and admired - even something as simple as her biology professor's eclectic assortment of ties. She hadn't much cared for his teaching style (at all) and was glad to have that class under her belt, but every Tuesday and every Thursday she had looked forward to seeing which tie he wore. Midway through the semester she had already turned it into a game of trying to predict which tie he would wear that day, though she rarely correctly guessed. "She is," Octavia repeated with a nod. A little younger than most of her other professors and a lot less structured, Octavia already felt like she was going to really like her.

Just like 'cool' was not a word Flynn thought went with professors, 'fancy' was probably not a word that went with Flynn, but that was okay. Octavia wouldn't know what to think fo him if he were all buttoned up and sophisticated and whatnot; she much preferred this version. Octavia turned to look at him when he asked her what she wanted to do, because she had no idea. She had assumed when he asked if he wanted to hang out that he had something in mind, and thus she hadn't given it a second thought because she generally didn't care what they did together because the 'together' part was what (usually) brought her more joy than whatever it was they were doing while together. "I don't know," she shrugged, already reaching for the spare helmet. Octavia worked it down over her head and made sure to fasten it, too. "It's your day off," she pointed out. "What do you want to do?" Octavia had more free time than Flynn did, even between classes and her parttime job. That was the key - part time job. She'd basically had an entire month off during the semester change, too, and she would have the upcoming weekend off as well except for the morning shifts
Jan 14 2018, 01:22 PM

He frowned at her when she claimed that she didn't know what she wanted to do. Well that wasn't going to work because he didn't know what he wanted to do and he was counting on her to step up here and choose something. "Damn O," he pretended to complain, "This isn't how this works." She was supposed to come up with some idea and he was supposed to go along with it because he didn't care about what they were doing at all. And then on occasion he'd come up with something which normally was going to be going to the zoo because he didn't know what else there was to do and he generally felt comfortable there. Asking him what he wanted to do wasn't going to solve anything because all Flynn wanted to do was, "Sleep," he said with a shrug. He liked sleeping on his days off or drinking at the trailer park. He was a very