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 Two Ghosts, #cadrian
Jun 15 2017, 09:23 AM

if there was one thing in cadence's life that she could always count on to be consistent, it was her unwavering love and need for coffee. without question, cadence was absolutely one of those people who could drink coffee at any time of day and it would not affect her sleep pattern. granted this was probably not an achievement that cadence should be proud of-- it likely meant her caffeine tolerance was so high that she was actually addicted. at least coffee wouldn't kill her. not really, anyway. not in the way cadence's old vices would have killed her if she had kept them up. though there were several coffee shops throughout the quarter (and cadence liked all of them), spitfire coffee was definitely her favorite. cafe du mond was a close second, but it still felt weird going there after everything that happened two years ago.

that said, her current amount of coffee intake had significantly decreased. caffeine was one of those things that were apparently bad for babies if you had too much of it, so for the first time in many, many years, cadence was down to just one cup of coffee a day. it was a serious cut back, but at least she had not had to cut the substance out of her diet completely. she could handle one, twelve ounce cup of coffee a day. cadence had had to give up much worse things in her life- both before she got pregnant and after. if she could get through that, she could get through anything.

when her name was called, cadence stepped forward to reach for the cup. she thanked the barista by name (paul), and turned to leave. except when cadence turned around, someone was blocking her exit. an incredibly tall, very blonde, very swedish someone whom she had not seen since december 30, 2016. "adrian."

Jun 16 2017, 06:38 AM

With all the chaos going around in town, Adrian was happy he, and everyone he cared about, was going through this without being effected. Even though it would be a perfect opportunity to get rid of his father who was currently keeping his sofa hostage. With a week full of meeting, Adrian was a bit reluctant going out to get coffee for himself. He usually loved the idea of taking a small break through his work day, to get some air and some caffeine, but he really couldn't afford getting sick himself. Hell hath no fury like Adrian Ackermann not being able to earn money. So of course he had made sure that he, his whole office and Jenna (and ugh, Frej), was vaccinated as early as they heard about the outbreak.

It was a nice day, to make things better and Adrian was wearing a pair of light chinos with a white shirt. It wasn't exactly dress code, but he was the boss, so who was going to call him out? He walked over the street, leading to the nearest coffee shop to his office and pulled open the door, only to stop as he saw the back of someone who looked... Well, familiar. It might be strange that he knew someone from their backside but... This certain someone had a great... He had to stop himself, he was going to be married in a few weeks after all.

He stood still, waiting for Cadence to turn around, and when she did, he was surprised to say the least. The girl had always been slim, and her arms and legs were still exactly like he remembered but... Was she pregnant? Oh god, he could barley wait for Christian to find out about that. A grin spread across his lips as he thought about how his friend would react. "... Hey, Cade," he smiled at her and leaned down to give her a hug. "Where the hell have you been?" he asked as he pulled back to look at her. Of course, he knew where she had been through gossip but... He could at least pretend. The next comment that slipped out of his mouth wasn't exactly planned. "... Did you have a big lunch or... Are congratulations in order?"

reeeunited and it feels so gooood

Jun 16 2017, 12:59 PM

when cadence's business partner proposed the shift to a new york office, cadence had jumped at the chance to get out of new orleans. for starters, she had never lived anywhere else, and cadence felt like she needed to get out and explore the world for longer than a vacation's length of time. secondly, new orleans had been a miserable place for cadence for several months at that point. she was drinking again, she was heartbroken, and overall cadence just needed to get out. did she feel guilty about leaving her brother and her friends behind? a little, but the primary reason for the move was it was good for business. that was something calum and her friends would understand. running away from her problems was something they would judge her for, and at the very least try to talk her out of it.

cadence never thought she would be coming back so soon, and she did not expect for one of the first people she ran into upon her return to be none other than adrian ackermann. silently, cadence wondered to herself if jenna had let it slip to adrian that she knew adrian and cadence had kissed. knowing jenna, she had, but if adrian was angry about cadence spilling their secret, he was not showing it. instead, he was grinning like a cheshire cat. she hugged him back awkwardly, surprised at his reception considering the last time they had seen one another. "new york. my business partner and i decided that if we wanted to take incredere national, we needed new york to be our home base, so i went up there to help get things started."

she was completely unsurprised when adrian asked if she was pregnant. cadence was not stupid, she knew how thin she was (even if she was at a healthy weight for someone her height). most women started to show around twelve to sixteen weeks pregnant anyway, but cadence knew from looking at herself in a mirror that she definitely looked pregnant comparatively to the rest of her body. "you should be congratulating yourself. it's yours." there was a playful flicker in her eyes that spread to her mouth as she broke out into a wicked grin-- they both knew there was no way it could be adrian's for more reasons than she was not far enough along. cadence glanced at adrian's left hand. "still married?" she wondered, certain that adrian and jenna would have fixed their mistake by now.

Jun 16 2017, 07:10 PM

"Ah, New York," Adrian smiled as she told him, basically just confirming what her parents had told him at an event they had both attended a few weeks after her leaving town. It wasn't like words didn't travel fast in the high society of New Orleans, and Adrian wanted to hear all about everything. It was always good for business knowing everything about everyone. All the dirty little secrets. Somehow, though, he must have missed Cadence carrying a child in her stomach. Maybe her parents wanted to keep it in the dark as long as possible, perhaps there wasn't a guy in the picture? "It's a good place for a home base," he agreed. He himself had L.A as the home base for Web Impact Co, who currently was being lead by his trusted friend Gabrielle Marlowe.

He let out a laugh when she told him that he should congratulate himself, because it was his baby. Had they done something more than that one kiss he might have believed her. "Ah, I see, so it's the new Messiah you're carrying?" he teased, hoping she would take it with good humor. As she asked if he was still married, Adrian followed her eyes down to his left hand, where he hadn't worn a ring for... Well, since the morning after in the Las Vegas hotel room. That didn't really answer Cadence question though, because... "... Well, techniqually we're calling it engaged now," he told her and let out a little laugh. "But we're having the wedding July 28th," he smiled, already a bit anxious to hear how Cadence was going to react. She would probably laugh in his face. That he was the one marrying a fucking twenty year old.

reeeunited and it feels so gooood

Jun 16 2017, 08:07 PM

when cadence packed up her things to move to new york, she told everybody that she thought would care to know. so really, she told everybody but adrian, christian, jenna, and her parents. though cadence assumed that cal probably took care of their parents and informed them that their only daughter had moved to new york city. calum was good like that-- even though cadence had stopped trying to earn her parents' love and approval by accomplishing things, cal was still determined to make sure their parents knew his sister had accomplishments. accomplishments, that, any normal parent would probably be incredibly proud of. her parents could not even be bothered to send flowers. not that cadence minded. she had not spoken to either of her parents since november of 2015, and she was much happier that way. if cal wanted to tell them about her life, fine, but as far as she was concerned they were not going to hear it from cadence. cadence tilted her head towards an empty table, willing adrian to follow. "my business partner is still there. i can design clothes from anywhere, and i decided i needed to be here." in other words, she was back for good.

"i'm pretty sure if it's yours that makes them the spawn of satan, actually." she quipped without a second thought, mirroring the grin adrian was wearing. as she sat down at the table, cadence's eyebrows arched in surprise as adrian explained the current situation between himself and jenna. cadence would have been lying if she said she was not surprised-- particularly since last cadence heard, jenna was fucking cadence's brother. quietly, she wondered if that had stopped. then she wondered if adrian knew about it. the part of her that hated jenna really wanted to bring it up, but cadence loved calum too much to subject him to whatever wrath adrian might bring upon him, or to risk finding out if adrian would even care. cadence also did not entirely hate adrian. in fact, she would go as far as to say she did not hate the man sitting opposite from her at all. the night she ran into him after christian broke up with her, cadence had seen another side to adrian-- one she actually liked. who was she to potentially fuck up his...engagement? marriage? she was not really sure. "mazel tov," she congratulated, sipping her coffee. "don't worry, i'm sure my invitation got lost in the mail." once again, she was teasing, and her grin showed it. they both knew damn well that was a wedding she never would have been invited to in the first place.

Jun 16 2017, 11:08 PM

Adrian let out a laugh at the comment about the spawn of satan. "Yeah, couldn't possible be mine," he grinned as he watched her. "Besides, the Ackermann babies are huge. Would split you in two if you even tried doing it the normal way," he winked, sure that she really didn't need to know those details a few months before she would give birth herself. Let's hope she was carrying a teeny tiny baby that would just slip out like nothing.

He had no idea about Jenna and Calum's little past, he knew that Jenna was aware of the kiss that happened between him and Cadence, Christian had told it where he had heard it after all, but they had never really talked about it. It sorta slipped out in the cracks and they just decided to forget about it. He and Jenna were a lot a like, and he knew that if he was going to bring it up, chances were it would really rile her up. Especially since she thought it was a lot more than a kiss, and Adrian didn't think that Christian had ever corrected her on that. And if Adrian would hear about Calum putting his fucking hands on his girl (even though technically, back then, she hadn't been anyones girl), that stupid testosterone would probably get the best of him and Calum would probably do best trying to stay as far away as possible from Mr. Ackermann.

"Thank you, thank you," he smiled as Cadence congratulated him, and he let out a relieved laugh when she seemingly understood at once that she wasn't invited. He was pretty sure he would be left by the alter if he invited her. "... Ah, that silly mail, they never get it right, do they?"

reeeunited and it feels so gooood

Jun 18 2017, 10:12 PM

"i don't even want to think about labor until i have to five months from now." cadence admitted with a shudder. the thought of actually giving birth terrified the shit out of cadence. obviously she had never gone through it, but jo had, and cadence knew just from hearing jo and other woman talk about it that it was not exactly a pleasant experience. there were some people who called giving birth a beautiful blessing and a miracle. somehow, cadence suspected she was not going to be one of those people. cadence was going to be one of those women who was drugged up the moment they allowed her to be, and as some sort of karmic payback for all the shit cadence had done wrong in her life, she would probably be in labor for an ungodly amount of time. adrian made an incredibly good point, though. any offspring he and cadence could have produced would have been a large baby-- cadence was tall for a girl, and adrian... adrian was fucking massive. their kid would probably be six feet tall once he or she was fully grown, easy. in that moment, cadence had never been more thankful she was not carrying adrian's child-- the size of the baby being at the top of the list of reasons she was thankful they were joking about this. "got any parenting tips?" she asked, only half joking this time. adrian was a father, after all. even if his daughter was elsewhere.

july twenty-eigth was incredibly soon-- just over a month away. she had missed a lot then if adrian and jenna had decided to officially tie the knot in the time that cadence had been away. in which case, jenna had probably stopped sleeping with calum a while ago, so there was definitely no use in bringing it up (even if she was not trying to protect her brother). "wedding planning going well, then?" cadence asked. if she was being completely honest, cadence wanted to ask about christian. about how her ex boyfriend was doing. it just did not seem like the right time.

Jun 19 2017, 03:04 PM

Adrian gave her a little smile. He wished he had been around when Sofia was pregnant, granted - he would have killed her, or she would have killed him - but it would have been nice to see that whole process. Or even the baby and toddler years. He was sure that Sofia had read books after books on pregnancy, looked at pages after pages online about how things were to develop and how to give birth easiest, what was the healthiest for the baby, so on and so on. She had told him that she had given birth without any pain killers at all, because it was the most natural. Which just... Terrified Adrian. Having to push out a kid without even as much as laughing gas...? No, he could never do that. Females are strong as hell.

"I wasn't around until my girl was five so... Can't help you on the whole baby thing. Give me a call when you need help with temper tantrums and Frozen," he smiled. He wasn't ashamed at all that he knew Let it Go in both Swedish, English and French. Sofia really wanted Emilia to be multilingual. "Maybe by then you can help me understand the mind of teenage girls?" he grinned, that was a area he wasn't looking forward in facing. But maybe then Jenna could help him, she sorta acted like a teenage girl most of the time anyways.

"Mh, I suppose it is," he smiled at her, already sorta getting that Cade thought it was early. Everyone around them seemed to think so too, he and Jenna as well. Adrian had blurted out the date the other day without really thinking it through, and now they had to run with it. It would sure as fuck be nice to just get it over with and spend August on some beach somewhere. "We tried cakes the other day," he said and patted his own belly with a laugh. "I think I gained at least five kilos," he grinned, not really realizing he had used the metric system. So sue him, it was more realistic!

reeeunited and it feels so gooood
Jun 19 2017, 09:38 PM

cadence did not know much about adrian's relationship with his daughter-- just that he had one, and she was young. christian had told cadence that once in an effort to humanize adrian after the first time she and adrian met. it had not gone well, and cadence had immediately decided she did not care for the blonde swede. due to that fact, cadence did not actually know all that much about adrian's life at all, because she had not started to find him tolerable until the tail end of her relationship with christian. then christian dumped her, and cadence got to hang out with adrian for a night and she saw a different side of him-- one that she liked. the irony was not lost on cadence that she and adrian did not start to get along until christian was basically out of the picture. like now. this conversation would have been very different if christian and cadence were still dating. then again, it wouldn't be happening because cadence probably would not be pregnant.

a wicked grin spread on cadence's face. "adrian ackermann, do you know all the words to let it go?" man, seeing adrian belt that one out was something cadence would pay top dollar to see-- she would pay even more if he did it in drag. "tell me what you want. anything. and i will give it to you in order to hear you sing that song." there was glee in her eyes as she laughed, because honestly nothing would have amused her more. "you've got yourself a deal." cadence understood teenagers much better than she understood kids. perhaps it was because her childhood had been so weird.

what was also undeniably a little weird was the fact that cadence and adrian were sitting there, talking about his upcoming nuptials like two old friends catching up, when really, they used to barely be friends at all. perhaps being him tying the knot and her being pregnant had changed them. cadence would be lying if she said she did not mind the idea of being friends with adrian ackermann. "you should go devil's food cake. it'd be appropriate considering whose wedding it is." cadence was definitely playfully implying a second time that adrian was the devil, but they also both knew cadence's opinion of jenna-- there was no use in acting like that had changed.

Jun 20 2017, 09:50 AM

Adrian let out a laugh as she asked if he knew all the words to let it go, he had a six year old daughter who basically had worshipped everything regarding Frozen last year, of course he knew all the words to that song! He had to play it every time they were in a car together after all. "Of course," he grinned and raised his brows with a cocky little expression. "Buy me a beer sometime and I'll show you," he teased. Had he been just a teeny tiny bit drunk, or maybe in a bit more playful mood, he would have gladly stepped up on some table and started singing let it go in whatever language Cadence wished. Let it go, Slå dig fri, Libérée, délivrée, whatever she wanted. And in a few months he was sure he could sing that Moana song just as well.

He laughed again as she told him what cake she thought they should have. "Mmh, I usually do call her my little devil after all," he grinned, knowing that comment probably would bother Cade at least a tiny bit. "We decided on lemon actually. With a white chocolate frosting. Apparently it's classy and understated, so," he shrugged. At least that's what the cake lady had told them. There was still a lot of things they had to get done for the party, like finding a venue and a church. Which was something they should have decided on months ago, luckily, Adrian was certain that even a priest would be able to move around his schedule a bit for the right price, and he really wasn't scared to throw any money around.

With the outbreak, Web Impact Co. was planning charity events like never before, where of course only a small procent went to the hospital and those who actually needed it, most of it went back into the business and Adrian's pockets. He had become so used to turning bad situations into a economic opportunity for himself that he didn't even feel bad about it any longer. Besides, he was just using rich peoples guilty minds. It wasn't like they actually took their time researching where all their donations went. "So how is everyone? Calum?" he asked with a smile. "Hope he's well. I met him at an event a long time ago, he seemed a bit tense, is everything alright with him?"

reeeunited and it feels so gooood

Jun 20 2017, 11:29 AM

If Adrian was going to sing songs from Frozen (possibly in multiple languages), Cadence would buy him as many beers as it took. ”You can drink enough beer for the both of us.” She promised. The last time Cadence had seen Adrian, she had been mid-fall off the wagon after being completely sober for over a year. Her fall off the wagon lasted until Cadence found out she was pregnant, and she had been sober ever since for obvious reasons. Cadence was more than certain that once her baby was born, she would probably remain sober. If she had done it once, she could do it again. Besides, it was not like she had any interest in dating right now, so nobody was going to be able to break her heart (and thus cause her to fall off the wagon again). Of course, motherhood had forced Cadence to put a lot of things into perspective. Her life was no longer her own. She had to think about how her actions and how it would affect them both.

The face Cadence made could not be stopped as Adrian revealed his pet name for Jenna Brooks. Honestly, that was something she could have lived without knowing about. ”Ah yes. Classy and understated. Two words that automatically come to mind whenever I think of Adrian Ackermann and Jenna Brooks.” Cadence teased. She did not envy them at all, though. Planning any event was a lot of work. Planning a wedding was on a whole other level from that. She was surprised to hear Adrian bring up her brother’s name, as she had not realized that the two had ever met. ”Calum works for our father-- he’s always stressed. Strangely enough, my father just married his secretary. You two should get together and compare notes on how you keep younger women satisfied.” Adrian obviously was not marrying his own secretary, but he was marrying someone’s secretary. There was also an age difference between Jenna and Adrian as there was between Calvin and his new wife. Though the difference between Calvin and his new wife (Trixie? Lo? Cadence had no idea) was that Calvin’s bride was young enough to be his daughter. ”Other than that, Cal is getting over the shock of becoming an uncle. He only found that out within the last three weeks or so, though, so if you saw him before then, I can’t say I know what’s wrong.”

Jun 21 2017, 01:23 PM

Adrian didn't really call Jenna his little devil that often. Last night they did some silly role play about a naughty school girl, so he had been called Sir for an hour or two. But Adrian figured he shouldn't tell Cadence about that, last thing this place needed was some throw up on the floor. He let out a soft laugh at her critic about the choice of cake they had picked. "I know you might have other ideas about us, but I would like to keep the public thinking we are somewhat decent human beings, so... Lemon cake it is," he grinned.

He and Calum had met at an event a long time ago, at the country club. It hadn't been a particularly long meeting, just a quick hi and hello where they mostly talked about Cadence since that was who both of them knew. Of course, Adrian didn't know that Calum also knew Jenna... Or that conversation really wouldn't have been as pleasant as it was. Chances were Adrian might have smashed Calum's face into the bar top but... He didn't like to think of himself in that light. "Ah, yes, I would love to talk to your father actually," The Mitchell's were people he would love to have involved in his business. Mostly Mr. Mitchell, and he really couldn't care less who the newer, younger and probably better version of Mrs. Mitchell was. "Don't let Jenna hear that you called her a secretary though, she never was or will never be Christian's secretary," he warned her. He was pretty sure his crazy redhead who would soon be his wife wouldn't mind ripping this pregnant woman a new one if she heard what she had just called her.

"Mh, you really didn't give anyone a heads up?" he teased and glance down at her belly. "... It suits you, you got that whole pregnant woman glow going," he smiled and looked up at her again. "... I'm guessing Christian isn't the father?"

reeeunited and it feels so gooood
Jun 21 2017, 01:53 PM

there was no doubt in cadence's mind that jenna and adrian's wedding was actually going to be incredibly beautiful and elegant, no matter how many jokes she chose to make about the occasion. hell, in that particular circle of people it was probably going to be the social event of the season. for reasons beyond the fact that sha did not get along with the bride, cadence was not sorry she had not been invited to such an event. it was a social circle filled with friends and acquaintances of cadence's parents-- two people she had never desired to be like at all. it would probably behoove her to network with those people, for the sake of incredere, but cadence was so determined to do this without the help of her parents that she would rather look elsewhere, and she had. she had, and she succeeded doing it. there was not a single investor in her company that had any ties to her parents whatsoever, and that was more important to her than anything else in the world. "i can't wait to see the pictures in the social pages." she said with a warm smile, as she was sure the photos would be there.

"that makes one of us." cadence snorted. she had not spoken to her father in a year and a half, and that was the way she liked it. "if you're hoping for an introduction, you'd be better off asking christian for assistance." her ex-boyfriend had more of a relationship with her parents than cadence did-- they had attended charity functions christian had thrown before. a slightly wicked grin appeared on cadence's face. "me, pick a fight with jenna? adrian ackermann, i'm offended you think i'd do such a thing." she would and she had, and they both knew it.

cadence shrugged. "i didn't see the point when i knew i was moving back," she explained. "well thank you, adrian. let's hope motherhood suits me as well." cadence had no idea if it would or not, and it terrified her. cadence shook her head vigorously. "good lord, no. there was a better chance of it actually being yours," she laughed. "no, the father is not in the picture. then again, how could he be when i don't have a way to contact him? or remember his name?"

Jun 23 2017, 05:02 AM

Adrian wasn't surprised Cade didn't have much of a relationship with her parents, it seemed pretty common in these high class families. That whole thing where you have to keep up appearances, it seemed like it got the best of most of the younglings. Adrian couldn't blame them, he had chosen this life for himself so he didn't really mind all the pretending and roles you had to play. But he had hated the life he had been given back in Sweden, so in his way he had rebelled against that. Adrian was just worried that Cadence would be a future version of Emilia, he really couldn't take his daughter hating him as much as Cade hated her father. He needed to make sure that wouldn't happen.

"Pft, yeah," Adrian laughed and shook his head. "Why would you? Last time I checked you two were best friends." It was sorta good that they weren't, considering they were two bad ass women who would probably be the death of him.

Adrian was sure motherhood would suit Cadence, probably ground her a bit. It would be nice to see, but he also sorta knew he couldn't really be there for her to see it. Just because his wife hated her so freaking much, and would probably kill him if she found out they had a... What was this? A friendship? "Oh God, I really don't have time to become a dad again right now," he teased her, before hearing that Cadence had gotten pregnant through a one night stand? Gasp! Så skandalöst! "Cadence Mitchell," he breathed out with a dramatic, Louisianan accent that was probably completely off. "Well I never!"

reeeunited and it feels so gooood
Jun 23 2017, 08:36 PM

calum had a great relationship with their parents. well, maybe not great, but it far was better than cadence's relationship with them. calum had done exactly what their parents expected of him-- he went to college, studied business, and now he was a junior executive at the family company, and as far as cadence knew, he was doing very well there. cadence had not heard anything to the contrary, and she trusted that if calum were unhappy working for their parents that she would have heard about it from her brother directly. she actually knew a lot of people her age who had good relationships with their parents. cadence just happened to be the exception, it seemed.

"the best of friends," cadence confirmed with a nod. "i really should call her-- i haven't seen her since i got back." all joking aside, cadence was not actually looking forward to the day she inevitably ran into jenna brooks, because jenna was probably the one person on this earth who could make cadence feel completely ashamed of the fact that she was pregnant and alone. jenna was the one person who could probably make cadence feel like a whore for what had happened to her, and she was not looking forward to that feeling at all.

when cadence initially found out she was pregnant, she wanted to get rid of the baby because the thought of being a mother absolutely terrified her. honestly, it still did, but now cadence was determined to be the type of mother she never had. it was going to take some time to figure out how to do that, but cadence kind of thought if she did everything her mother never did, then she would be off to a good start. plus, she had a support system-- some of whom had children of their own. hopefully if it seemed like cadence was majorly screwing up the whole parenting thing, they would steer her back in the right direction. cadence rolled her eyes at adrian. "your southern accent is terrible." she stated in response. "getting pregnant out of wedlock is actually probably one of the least scandalous things i've done in my life."

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