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welcome to the big easy, a real life site based in the vibrant city of new orleans. please register your character's first and last name using uppercase letters. the skin is best viewed in chrome with the use of an ad blocker. upon acceptance ask a member/admin for our discord link!
new orleans, louisiana

january 1st happy New Years! ringing it in with a new skin! we're welcoming back the new member spotlight and member birthdays this year! keep your eyes peeled for things old and new coming your way

november 20th sign up for secret santa by december 1st. send elle your e-mail.

november 15th new holiday skin!
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 Face Claim, mandatory!
Jun 8 2014, 06:04 AM

>> face claim  

Faces, faces everywhereeee, how do you choose who to use? Well, don't use anyone on here! Which is why you should prooooobably claim your faces so that someone won't swoop in and nab it! Make sure you're posting in code, and filling out those little membergroups! Reserves will last you three days, just like how long you have to finish an application! post in code!

any member can put up to 3 faces on the wanted faces list. it is not mandatory to use a wanted face for that ad, but highly recommended.


L - Z



chrissy metz
→for archer
laura harrier
→for ashley
normani kordei
→ najha

to claim

<a href=LINK TO APPLICATION><span class="fire/air/water/earth">playby name</span></a><br>

to request

<a href=LINK TO WANT AD><span class="male/female">playby name</span></a><br>→for your name here<br>

to reserve

NAME | F. LAST | MM/DD <br>
Jan 11 2018, 06:21 PM

<a href=><span class="air">david brewster</span></a><br>

BASEDGOD | A. GRAHAM | 01/11 <br>
Jan 11 2018, 06:25 PM

<a href=><span class="earth">marlon teixeira</span></a><br>
Jan 13 2018, 12:50 AM

<a href=><span class="water">ryan guzman</span></a><br>
Jan 14 2018, 04:19 AM

<a href=><span class="earth">becky gomez</span></a><br>
Yesterday at 11:30 pm

<a href=><span class="earth">Kristen Bell</span></a><br>
Yesterday at 11:35 pm

RENA | S. DREW | 01/18 <br>
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