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 Treading Water, lae
Sep 5 2017, 08:43 PM

Lyn had been keeping her head low. While nothing about her had come out in her brother's issues, she just didn't want to be out there as much. She didn't like to hear people talking about her brother and she had become paranoid. Which wasn't like her so instead she focused on school as much as possible. It was just easier than letting her imagination run wild. Especially since that wasn't like her. Normally she could be fairly diplomatic but to have her mind taking over had her going insane. Lyn just couldn't stop it so she wanted to focus on her studies as much as possible. Which is why she initially protested to going out with Kaesyn. Who seemed to want to hang out a lot lately. Lyn didn't really complain about it but she had a tendency to just look at her books and then back at her friend to make a point that she wanted to stay before she initially gave in. Then protesting stopped entirely. Now Lyn actually found herself having some fun when she went out but she knew that she was still quieter than normal. Which was also unusual but she was just going with the flow. Being flexible was at least part of who she was so she didn't feel like she was out of her normal parameters. As they walked through the carnival, she checked at her phone. Her brother and Archer had gone on a trip so she was messaging Noah like crazy. Lyn might be the little sister but she felt like a big one these days. She seemed more worried than her brother was which was frustrating. He kept saying their dad was trying to find a lawyer and that Noah was trying to figure it out but that wasn't enough for her. Neither was not having a message as she chewed on her lower lip. "So what did you want to do first?"
Sep 6 2017, 01:49 PM

kae was starting to get good at distracting people. it wasn't something she liked doing when she was younger and she was 90% sure that she still hated it to this day. however, it was necessary sometimes and it was great that she'd finally gotten the hang of it. when she was younger, she would always blurt out something about the very thing she was supposed to be distracting from. that was always kind of her parents' fault though. they couldn't ask her to distract someone, namely her sister, and tell her what was going on. she talked when she was nervous, especially to people she knew. and taking someone out when they clearly had something else on their mind was awkward.

no, if you wanted kaesyn to successfully distract someone then she had to be distracted herself. and that's what today was about. kae had been meaning to get lyn out of the house for weeks now but that just wasn't happening. so, instead, kae made her come to her new place and help her pull it together a little. then there was a lot of "studying" that happened. lyn was great at studying. kae, on the other hand, was easily distracted. it was boring. plus, she didn't have a lot to worry about yet and that scared her? it always made her think that she was over studying and t hen she might not have space for the important stuff that came in a few weeks.

so they were both freaking out. though, they were freaking out for two completely different reasons. kae had been checking in with noah or trying to because he was harder to get in touch with now. when she did actually get through to him, he always reminded her to distract lyn. all she could do was sigh and do what he'd asked of her. it was the least she could do. she shrugged her shoulders, "you know that question usually ends in me ruling in favor or food." kae had eaten before they'd left. she couldn't help it. it had taken her a really long time to find her swimsuit. "the slip-n-slide is always my favorite!" she added with a smile.

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Sep 8 2017, 10:49 PM

Lyn was focusing on school as much as possible. It was always something that worked for her. She wouldn’t call herself an academic but she certainly enjoyed it more than some people might? Mostly because she knew that she needed a degree. Actually, Lyn wanted one. She was excited to have a career one day and she could deal with the steps along the way. It also gave her mind something to focus on. Being eager to help Kae wasn’t out of the norm though. Lyn was strangely good at different study techniques so she liked to help people out. The fact that it got her out of the house was just a bonus to everything.

Going out was still a better option though.

Lyn was excited for this weekend. It was fun. After everything that had happened with the superpox, this was something that was desperately needed. She was even humming as they moved about. It helped her to feel like she was in a better mood for everything than she really was. “Mmmm food.” She had the urge for a giant pretzel, deep fried Jalapeños, and a Coke slushie. The thought was making her mouth water that she nearly agreed to something without really getting what she was agreeing to. Though it actually did sound like fun. “Only if we race each other.” because that sounded like even more fun. Lyn wasn't really competitive with anyone besides her brother. They both liked to try to beat each other. For here, it just seemed like an added level to keep things a little more exciting than just sliding on down one after another.

Sep 19 2017, 03:51 PM

when it came to friends, lyn had always kind of been her top friend? she knew there were times when they hadn't always seen eye to eye. and there were defintely times when kaesyn wanted to go to her and just didn't have the strength to. there had been a lot of times when they should have been there for each other and hadn't been able to. but that was how friendship worked and kaesyn was incredibly grateful for her. that's why she didn't mind having to distract her at all. sure, it was something kae had always found hard to do but lyn wasn't just someone she was trying to distract for something dumb (like a suprise party). this had really been weighing down on her. kae could see that because she could see how much it had been weighing down on ro. she knew how close the family was and it broke her heart. so today was about fun and it was about their friendship. it was about everything they'd done for each other and everything they'd do for each other in the future.

kaesyn laughed, "see?! that's where we should start!" she was joking, of course. okay, she kind of wasn't. but, if they started with food, they would get full and they wouldn't do as much stuff. there was a lot going on and kae wanted to do a little bit of everything. it was for a good cause. and she was just so excited because she loved fairs. she loved outdoor things that didn't particularly include exercise. "duh!" she told the brunette before taking off in that direction. "race you there!"

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