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welcome to the big easy, a real life site based in the vibrant city of new orleans. please register your character's first and last name using uppercase letters. the skin is best viewed in chrome with the use of an ad blocker.
new orleans, louisiana

november 20th sign up for secret santa by december 1st. send elle your e-mail.

november 15th new holiday skin!

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july 15th nano and the event have been closed! congratulations to air for having the most points in the contest!

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word count : 300 - 500 generally, but i can match you!
rundown of character:
amelia king is a sophomore at tulane, studying political science and journalism, but was previously in sociology. she currently works at pluck it. growing up as the youngest of the kings, an old, rich, native to nola family, amelia grew up with money, but has never been bratty about it (at least not past the age of twelve). amelia (though she generally prefers ames) is open minded, exceptionally friendly, and always down for a good time. she can be argumentative and loud, and can be a lot, but she's fun.
reply time: usually within a day or two, but i'm usually good at making sure to let you know if something comes up and it's longer than that
notes: i remade her a bit when i reapplied so i really have no idea which plots i have with who? but i am happy to either continue on with old ones or make new ones.
we haven't officially plotted them again yet, but i'd love to do something with them!
Something with Noah/Amelia? Maybe a dinner?
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