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 Well Off, open face step-bro
with expensive taste ,
to make bee's life more difficult, or more fun, idk, we'll have to see how this all plays out, i'm requesting her brother. for the sake of it, i'm going to call him sebastian. (which please don't name him that, i'm literally naming him after my mom's cat from when she was a teenager.)

their story alright, so seb and bee's parents met when seb was failing bee's mom's spanish class, and he wrote some mean things about her in the bathroom stall. the parents meet and fall in love. bryan, his dad, is an aide in the mayor's office and has been working with the democratic party in the new orleans area for his entire career. bee's mom is a maid who became a teacher.

so bee and this kid become step-siblings by the time she's twelve. i even kinda included that maybe he's a little bit of a nerd or something because her go-to gift for him is comic books. it took them sometime, but they finally got along when she was older and he didn't feel as much resentment towards their relationship. maybe like bee, he was hoping his birth parents would some day get back together, but now both of his parents are happy with their lives or maybe his mom is a wreck. that's all up to you!

about him: any face is fine. he should be anywhere between the ages of 24 to 27 and his career and personality are up to you, but i'm thinking he's either doing something business-y or he's like still doing schooling like doctoral or grad school based on what age you pick. i just want him around.

if you make him, i'll give you threads and all the love i can muster. also i know i have jeremy allen white in the image, but don't feel obligated to use him. i'm just watching shameless.

please take him. it'll be fun and i'll give you all of the threads
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