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welcome to the big easy, a real life site based in the vibrant city of new orleans. please register your character's first and last name using uppercase letters. the skin is best viewed in chrome with the use of an ad blocker. upon acceptance ask a member/admin for our discord link!
new orleans, louisiana

February 9th february festivities plus a small scavenger hunt have started!

january 1st happy New Years! ringing it in with a new skin! we're welcoming back the new member spotlight and member birthdays this year! keep your eyes peeled for things old and new coming your way

november 20th sign up for secret santa by december 1st. send elle your e-mail.

november 15th new holiday skin!
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 Happy Three Years!, announcement 42.
Jun 14 2017, 11:01 PM

happy three years tbe!

the big easy is proud to announce that we've finally hit the three year mark and we have no intentions of stopping! thank you for your dedication and commitment to this site. we're only as great as our members - and we're convinced that tbe has the best members a site can ask for. thanks to your input on our survey, we are trying a lot of new things, and a new event has started!

the skin

we have another custom made skin to launch into our third year. we've been testing it over the past week, but if you find any issues, please contact ELLE. one thing we are aware of is that sometimes there is a brief moment where the skin when the skin is loading, but it should not be more than a second.

the event

there is a brand new event that you can read about here. due to high demand, we worked hard to create a unique in-character event with a lot of potential to affect plots, characters, and relationships! please direct event questions to NAT

the superlatives

thank you for voting in our superlatives, and thank you for spreading the love! you can see the results here!

the points system

we're test running a point system, and more information can be found here. as you can see, we're rewarding you for participating in TBE activities - so if you nominated in superlatives or if you completed tbe week, you can claim some points! you can view the number of points you have in your main profile (aka click your character's name). please feel free to recommend some prizes to claim but keep in mind we're not a premium board and we don't have a premium cbox!

enjoy the event!

Jun 18 2017, 03:23 PM

point system update

the points system

the points system seems to be running pretty well. please send us suggestions for more things that you can redeem points for! we have uncovered one problem with the system though. as of now, posts over 260 words give you points, to play with the 250 word count rule and adding about 10 words for your extra coding. we've noted that some people have made their own codes which add up to 100 or more extra words to their posts (because jcink reads coding AND the post, as words).

as a result, we're making board codes mandatory. i'll be adding more in the next little while to give you some variety. however, we really don't want to stifle your creativity so if you are using your own code - you can host the CSS externally or give me the code and I can incorporate it into the site. this way it won't be adding onto your word count too much. if none of this makes sense, please let me know! (finish off your threads with your old coding, but please make the change with new ones!)

if you'd rather just eliminate posts for points, please let us know! the points system is very much a trial and error thing right now!

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