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 ➸ Feeling That I'm Going Under, 27 ● voice actor ● elle
Dec 31 2015, 01:39 PM

voice actor
chris wood
➸ born and raised in New Orleans to NOLA royalty, a prominent lawyer and a top class businesswoman, he was the oldest of four children, attending private school until he graduated

➸ he used to be a triple threat, before a surgery went wrong and limited his singing capabilities. before this, he had been on broadway, winning two tony awards, being in three musicals, and was the voice of olaf in frozen

➸ he lived in New York city from when he was nineteen to twenty-three before coming back after his surgery where he was hired for a local talk show a year later

➸ he's cocky and self absorbed, but also fun loving and goofy. he travels a lot and is attached to the hip of his best friend noah west. you don't see one without the other most of the time.

➸ he would be a recognizable face in New Orleans right now as his talk show, the social has gone national. He is also a part of Frozen 2 and rather enjoys kids if they want him to do the olaf voice.


most of archer's friends would be people from private school. his best friends are filled up, but he is a friendly person generally. he's incredibly protective of the people that he cares about and he tends to be the life of the party. archer is young and he fully embodies this. he loves living his life to the fullest, no matter what that might entail.


archer is rich and he can be a snob, there is no denying that. he has the air of entitlement and despite being fairly down to earth its still apparent that he was bred well and has a lot of money to his name. there are probably a lot of people that he's pissed off for various reasons and one of the most insufferable things about archer is that he can control his emotions perfectly. he doesn't get riled up and that normally makes people more angry.


archer has dated three girls in his life. one was a high school girlfriend with a complicated history and i'm open to someone picking this up, she would have attended benjamin franklin high school. the second i am not interested in someone playing, she was a broadway star as well and is currently still on broadway and close friends with archer. finally archer is dating a girl right now too and he is perfectly happy with her. any flings in the past are completely open.

evan king ● archer's younger brother who doubles as his best friend. archer gets along the best with evan and would do anything for him.
noah west ● archer's other best friend who was born a day earlier than him. these two boys have not been separated a day in their life. the sirius to his james.
kyler carlisle ● the only girl that has ever been able to keep archer somewhat in line, he would have failed school if it wasn't for her. he's kind of scared of her too.
francsca king ● archer's younger sister who he feels a responsibility for even if she doesn't want it anymore. he looks out for her no matter what
sierra anderson ● archer's girlfriend and a girl he is very much smitten with. he was worried there was no spark because she seemed boring at first, but he realized he mistook boring for normal
cadence mitchell ● one of archer's co hosts. he's often torn between being amused by her and wondering if she is a real person
Dec 31 2015, 04:41 PM

meet sierra anderson born and raised in new orleans, she is twenty-four years old and graduated with a bs in nursing. she now works full-time at the tulane medical center, and throughout the week she'll teach a couple dance classes part time. as a child, sierra was heavily involved in pageants, dance and gymnastics. when she entered high school, that was when sierra became serious about her pageants and entered annually to be part of the miss teen usa organization. it wasn't until her junior year did she actually win the full competition. the best thing about this competition was that it paid her way through college. while it seemed like sierra had it all, girls were still girls, and jealousy got the best of those around her. a lot of girls left remarks on her instant fame anonymously on the internet or in the hallways at school. life for sierra in high school became tough, but she didn't give up. after high school and after going on to win miss louisiana, sierra took a stand against bullying and created a foundation to raise bullying awareness. with the help of miss america foundation, she is still able to participate in this growing organization. while in college, sierra received news that her mother had an early diagnosis of alzheimer's, and in june of 2015, sierra's father was killed in the bombing at the mall in nola. she is trying to pick up the pieces and move forward with her life.
*sings boyfriend by justin bieber* eyyyy, boyfriend. sierra likes this boy a lot, and someone should hit evan on the head for not introducing them sooner bc they are cute together. sierra would like to apologize for seeming like she was uninterested in him at first (maybe bc she kinda was - they met on TINDER, okay? give the girl a break). she did not think anything would come of it besides a hook up, tbh, which did not even happen till a few more weeks down the line (i can't remember the timeline that well). sierra promises to do more normal things with you in 2016 since he likes that about her now. <3
Dec 31 2015, 10:26 PM

archer has the supreme honor of being the only person that kristen has kissed in over a year. she is still wondering what the fuck he was thinking. however, she loves archer and has grown up around him and considers him to be a really good guy. however, she just can't watch frozen because he was a talking snowman and she knows that if she watched it, she'd start picturing a giant snowman when talking to archer.
Jan 1 2016, 04:17 PM

evan is twenty-three and a new orleans native. he is the bassist in a very well known band called the jetsons and also child stuck in a man's body. he likes to have fun, likes to make people laugh, stuff like that. he doesn't take life too seriously? he probably should, but he just doesn't. thinks life is too short for all of that! evan is incredibly friendly and doesn't exactly meet a stranger. he's a people person until he has been given a reason not to be, and he becomes a little bit like the hulk if you mess with his friends and family. all in all though he's really just a down to earth, fun, and funny dude to be around!

broski. archer is evan's best friend. i know that term gets thrown around loosely with the archies and whatnot, but evan would walk past any single one of them (as bad as that sounds) to get to his brother. he was his first best friend and his best best friend. for the longest time evan wanted to be archer. he's grown out of that and everything, but a lot of it stuck with him. the drive, the ambition, the dedication etc. tbh evan owes a lot of his success to his brother and archer probs doesn't even know it lmfao. evan is so proud of archer too though like you don't understand. he still thinks the sun shines out of archer's ass. can do no wrong. is a boss basically. evan loves him to bits.
Jan 1 2016, 10:53 PM

noelle is twenty-three years old and technically speaking a new orleans native, but she spent most of years 5-13 at a boarding school in boston then went to college in new york city. she was in new orleans for high school though, and she has been back since june of last year! noelle is a dancer for the new orleans ballet association right now. in her younger years, noelle had a reputation as a bitch, but getting away from home and growing up a little softened her personality. she's still kind of reserved and tends to stick to her own crowd, but she's not rude or mean to people haha. she's just a little hard to get to know. once you do get to know her though, she tends to stick by you for life.

they kind of fell to the wayside but i did always like their friendship. obviously noelle has outgrown thinking archer (and noah) are the creme de la creme and she stopped trying to get into those pants ages ago BUT i don't think she would have stopped enjoying his company. plus he was always a good buddy to dance with for fun. anyways i still roll with them hanging out and stuff in new york while they were there even though he's two years older now. maybe he helped show her the ropes when she got up there idk but theirs is a friendship i'd like to play with on a rainy day.
Jan 7 2016, 09:11 PM

archer & theo
i love the idea of this plot so i’m very glad you gave it to me! and i've got so much love for dylan<3 if sports is what archer wants then theo is definitely one of the go to guys for that. he would gladly come onto the show in a guest capacity to shoot the breeze about anything sports and add a bit more testosterone to the show. can’t leave poor archer to be outnumbered by the women!
Jan 7 2016, 10:09 PM

archer & theo
he is! i swear to god he’s the main reason i continued watching teen wolf! i’m looking forward to it and yay for more plotting!! those are two of his favourites sports too (i’m also bias with hockey so he’d like that anyway) and he can talk a lot about baseball and some soccer too those are the sports i know the most about but he can field questions about all the sports popular in the us of a.

Jan 8 2016, 07:12 PM

Feb 7 2017, 07:57 PM

deep down, where she would never admit it to anyone, mollie is one hundred and thirty percent afraid of archer. like she remembers how protective he is, and she would probably beg whatever higher power she can reach to keep her from ever getting on his bad side again. i totally want to work on them getting along better after she is back in his life (sorta) because she knows that at least trying with archer and hoping that she can get him on her side rather than not would be much better than avoiding him at all costs (even if that's what she wants to do.)
Apr 10 2017, 12:11 AM

rohan gupta
Rohan gupta, more commonly known as noah, is the oldest of two kids. There’s a seven year age gap between them but he’s pretty protective of his younger sibling. at this time, the gender is up in the air for the ad. he’s from new orleans royalty but his family was extremely grounded. The kids were taught about hard work and how to make it in this world. Growing up, noah rarely stuck with anything for more than a few months and that’s usually because he had no choice. It carried over until he was an adult. It took until he was well into adulthood before he finally figured out what he wanted to do with his life and that was to be a director. Noah is creative, fun loving, non-committal and isn’t afraid to be blunt. he doesn’t pretend to be the sharpest sword on the block but his mind works in better ways-usually with his films. He’s had a couple of things he’s directed at film festivals, and plenty of short stuff available online, after being discovered on vine. Going out is one of his favorite things and he’s willing to try nearly anything once. When it comes to dating, noah is pansexual and polyamorous. He knows that monogamy doesn’t work for him but he’s not a cheater. Noah’s open with his partners that he’s seeing other people and he won’t fluid-bond unless they’re a committed partner. As for anyone else, he’s open for casual relationships and some one night stands since he’s not looking for any committed partners right now.
you're getting the blurb because i want to use the blurb with at least one person. but seriously, they're pretty much married now. noah just lets sierra call archer hers